Oct 31, 2010

It Started To Rain. What I've Been Watching.

I was getting all excited about summer earlier today.

I drove home from my swim, drying off in the warm car with the sun on my face.  There was a summer afternoon vibe at the petrol station.  Customers were in shorts, casually waiting in line to pay with a few impulse purchases of cold drinks and ice creams.  I always impulse buy chocolate bars, by the way (spending in order to save that extra 2 cents per litre on those Coles docket coupons).  They don't melt or spill on the way home.  

There was the smell of barbecues firing up across the suburb.

Then it started to rain.

Really rain.  So hard the veranda flooded and we lost satellite signal for pay TV.

Even waving around the magic chocolate bars from the petrol station didn't help stop the deluge.

Fortunately, the satellite has reconnected with ground control at Foxtel HQ.  Unfortunately, I'm struggling to find something to watch until Offspring starts on (free to air) Channel 10.  I'm usually not fanatical about watching Australian television drama (gulp) but I'm hooked on Offspring.

It's basically a comedy/drama revolving around Asher Keddie's character, Nina who is an obstetrician in a teaching hospital.  Nina has a complicated past and a complex family.  Her love interest, Chris (played by Dan Hany) is a fellow doctor whose life is just as complicated.  It's quirky and the plot shifts between internal dialogues and real time action.  It's set in Melbourne and there are times when I laugh out loud in recognition of particular scenes and comments.

Things are getting pretty serious in tonight's episode.  Chris and Nina are finally (sort of) together.

By the way, you have to see The Social Network.

Image courtesy of www.80millionmoviesfree.com

It is the best film I've seen this year.  It was perfectly cast, tightly scripted and completely absorbing.  Even Margaret and David were effusive in their praise.  I had no idea that Justin Timberlake was even in the film.  The whole cast were excellent but I found an interview Justin gave about his role and it was rather eloquent so I'm linking it here.

There were several things I really enjoyed about the film:
  • the soundtrack - that's what you get for having Trent Reznor involved in creating the soundtrack
  • the characters - no one was completely 'good' or 'bad', 'innocent' or 'corrupt'.  It was genuinely funny at times, poignant, cynical and very much 'of the times'.
  • the plot - a clever and interesting shift between the back story and the present.  It could have been pretty boring legal stuff or frat house humour but the film skillfully treaded the territory between these 2 worst case scenarios. 
I've been chatting away and it's nearly 8.30pm.  Have to go wrestle the remote off Mr SSG....

Oct 30, 2010

Halloween On Pitt Street. In the Blackground.

I'm not a Halloween person.  I know those carved pumpkins look cute.  I like the black and orange colour theme but meh, it's not my kind of festive event.

So I wasn't dressed in costume when I made my first trip to the hallowed  halls of Westfield Pitt Street.

Westfield Pitt Street has been open for a total of 3 days and it's created a huge buzz in Sydney.  Even Mr SSG made the pilgrimage on Friday.  He wasn't overly excited.  There were too many people, many of the drawcard stores hadn't yet opened and the foodhall wasn't in a sensible place like the lower ground floor.  He'd seen it all before and to make matters worse?  There were too many people for him to make a quick detour back out from whence he came.

The cranes and construction site fences of recent months have disappeared.  However, many shops had yet to open. Including the Louboutin store, Miu Miu, Zara and the spa pedicure salon.

I was undeterred by his preliminary report.

I had to go where no member of the SSG household had gone before.  I had to find GAP, Pitt Street, Sydney.

Which I did, along with every pram riding baby fashionista in Sydney.  It's a scary world when children are further along the cutting edge of fashion than their parent....

I can't seem to escape charcoal grey skinny jeans at the shops these days.  Fortunately, these were in the toddler girl section of GAP and thus not my size.

There were crazy queues for the changerooms at 10am.  On a Saturday.

For some reason, GAP is following the northern hemisphere clothing retail timeline.  So the store was full of puffer jackets, woolen shorts and winter weight wraps.  The chinos in various leg lengths weren't in store.  There were however the range of tailored black work trousers.  Many had sold out.  My credit card and I left the store in good shape.

Something unique about the complex, at least for Sydney, is that the basement level is actually pretty funky.  The central area of the basement features market stalls for designers who are usually part of the 'market circuit'.  I liked that unique and reasonably priced fashion was able to mix it with the chain stores and the high end designers in a Westfield in the Sydney CBD.

Having made some reference to Halloween in the title of today's post, I suppose I should write about some aspect of Halloween.

How about Halloween makeup?

I love youTube makeup tutorials.  I find them very educational and much less threatening than fronting up to the makeup hall and surrendering a less than perfect, sweaty face to the hands of a makeup artist / sales assistant.

One of my favourite youTube make up legends is TiffanyD.  In the following video, she unlocks the secrets to a great smoky eye.  It's ostensibly a guide to Halloween makeup but it can be generalized to your standard big night out situation.

The thing about watching Tiffany's videos is that I come away realizing that I need one more item of MAC make up.  I already own the whole set of Sigma makeup brushes that Tiffany seems to love.  Sigma brushes are a great value alternative to MAC brushes in case you were curious.

Case in point, her use of a black MAC paint pot as a base for the black eyeshadow part of her eye makeup.

Fast forward a few hours and here we are at SSG Manor.  With a new MAC paint pot.  The shade is Blackground.  I would have bought it on the strength of the name alone.

Wouldn't you know it?  I have the same black sunglasses as Tiffany.  The ones she reached for when, mid make up tutorial, she had to answer to doorbell for the 'UPS guy'.  It's less strange to wear Chanel sunnies in the house than it is to walk around with one eye fully made up and the other au naturel.
Blackground is a soft dark grey.  I'm going to test it out tonight.  Mr SSG and I are doing date night.  We're off to see The Social Network - the late session.  To keep with tradition, we will be having kebabs beforehand.  Wearing full eye makeup for kebabs and a movie makes perfect sense on Halloween.

Here at SSG Manor, frugal health and beauty tips are greeted with great interest.

Say hello to my new dry body brushing brush.  Surrounded by shells I picked up at my local $2 store.  I'm trying to add interest to things I photograph at home.  It's a rather natural and aquatic scene, don't you think?   Almost takes you, the reader, to the beach rather than to the top of the SSG Manor coffee table.

The brush is long handled and cost around $10 at Priceline.

I'm mainly interested in dry body brushing as a quick alternative to using a body scrub in the shower.  It seems less messy and I can get to my back better with a long handled body brush.  Very important as we head into summer in Australia and I will obviously be spending much of the day in  backless outfits.  Not.  I will update you in a few weeks about the state of my lymphatics and cellulite post dry body brushing.

I'd best be off.  Have to get dressed for the movies.

Have a lovely evening wherever you may be.  Hope you get treated rather than tricked.

Oct 29, 2010

The Last Stella McCartney Love Bangle At Target Rhodes Was Meant To Be Mine.

It is a rather long title for a Friday blog entry but I feel that it clearly defines the key event of today.

As promised, please find attached herewith, the SSG take on Stella McCartney for Target Take 2.

This was the scene that greeted me at Target Rhodes, at 1708, Friday October 29, 2010.

This was 8 hours or so after the official launch.  Note the almost stripped naked accessories area toward the back of this photo.  Almost stripped are the operative words.  Readers, the bags of this collection were rather disappointing as were the mobile phone charms - which is why they are all still on display.  Notably absent were the elasticized belts, the LOVE acetate bangles and the headbands.....

Today was a historic moment for me.  It was the first time I've ever shopped a Designer for Target collection.  Something always seemed to come up with previous collections - work, not having a Target close by, a lack of adventure in my clothing choices, being overwhelmed by the long queues.  

This year however, the planets aligned.  A Target opened in a shopping centre on the way home from work, I got out of work today at a respectable hour and my local Target was rather tranquil when I visited.

Never one to let a full length mirror pass me by, I took a 'before' snap in the changeroom.

Black cardi and top: Cotton On, wrap: Oroton, jeans: Zara.
 I even got the chance to take a picture of my shoes.

Black and gold flats: Zensu.   100% synthetic and rather comfy.
Moving right along.  The Stella clothes.

Much has been said about how the clothes look a little 'cheap' in real life.  Especially in the silk look range of the collection.  I was pleasantly suprised. 

This is the white silk look blouse with the navy tulip skirt.

I was this close to buying the blouse - but $120 for Target.  Synthetic Target.  The blouses are rather long line so tuck in nicely.  Might have to go back for this blouse.  The tulip skirt made my bottom half look like it had air bags attached (from the side).  Enough reason to put it back on the rack.

What I was really interested in was the suit jacket and 3/4 tailored pants combination.

The fit wasn't right on me but I felt that the suiting items of the collection were pretty well made.  The prices were pretty steep though when compared with the non Stella items on the surrounding racks.  The round necked jackets weren't terribly flattering.  The fitted trench sold out in the smaller sizes so can't comment.

A feature of the collection was lace.  The black lace shell was very pretty in real life.  The 3/4 sleeve lace tops are have no lining.  Not good for work.

I bypassed the jeans - there were grey skinnies and faded denim flares at Rhodes.  Why tempt myself?

The biggest surprise for me were the dresses.  They were actually wearable and the fabrics a fairly decent weight.  It's hard to do silk look on the cheap-ish but I have to say, this collection worked.

My favourite dress was the tunic dress.  It came in a grey and a fuchsia.

I gravitated toward the grey.  I then realized I already own several dresses in the black to grey colour spectrum.  Then I remembered the wedding in Singapore and the unwritten rule of needing to wear Colour.  You can guess what happened next.

I'll keep you in suspense.  I drove  home from Target and got dinner started.  One of those arrange, place in the oven and forget affairs.  Always good for a Friday night.

So, while dinner is baking.  Let's get down to business.

There is a special Stella for Target shopping bag.  And it's free.  I even got to take home the Stella hanger.
I got the last black and gold LOVE bangle at my local Target.  I was just rifling through the hand bag area when my hand made contact with what felt like an acrylic bangle.  

I also came home with the fuchsia tunic dress.

The perfect dress for a location wedding.  Plenty of room in the waist area for the buffet breakfast and copious amounts of food that Singapore offers.

Faux Fuchsia, I salute your namesake colour.

My plan is to wear both the bangle and the dress to the wedding in Singapore.  It's a little SJP, I think. Will need to workshop hair options.

But not now.  Mr SSG is begging me to fix our broadband connection.  We've signed up to a new ADSL format and apparently I'm the technical support person in the relationship.  

So I'll have to leave you for now.  Wish me luck.  Telstra isn't the most user friendly telco in Australia.

Oct 28, 2010

No Stella. Scar Jo's Moet Hair. I Love My Kindle.

I had hoped to bring you advanced footage of Stella at a bricks and mortar Target but sadly it was not to be.

Target was not about to give anything away until the last possible  moment.

Target was not going to be outfoxed by the store opening in Sydney today.  Westfield Sydney on Pitt Street Mall opened today.  Could Sydney have handled both that and Stella M for Target?  Sadly, something called work prevented me from hot footing it to Pitt Street today but rest assured, I'll be there on Saturday to make sure SSG the blog lives up to its name.

It was also the(sydney)magazine day.  I have to admit, my favourite part of the magazine is usually the ads.

I wasn't disappointed today with regard to advertising eye candy.  That's Scar Jo with normal hair.  Thank you to reader Kate for the constructive comments regarding Scar Jo's hair from the other day (it did look a little 'awkward', I completely agree).  Crisis averted, I will now aspire to Scar Jo's Moet hair.  Time to dust off my curling iron and watch some youtube tutorials.  As a bonus, no hair length will be lost.  It is handy to just pull you hair back into a pony tail or bun when its all getting dire in the coiffure stakes.

Enough about hair.  Let's talk Kindle.

I like my Kindle very much.

I know that the act of opening a book and reading its pages is a beautiful one.  I know that books are one of humankind's greatest achievements.  I hope that books continue to be an essential element of human life forever.

But, e-readers have a unique role in helping keep the joy of reading paragraph after paragraph of pure black and white text relevant in this fast paced, multi media, interactive computerized world.

I chose the Kindle because of its price point and the wide range of books that are available for it.  A large range of old books are available for free.  However, there are a few modern authors who have free books to download too.  The Amazon site is very well organized and easy to navigate.

I only needed a device for reading and tablet PCs and the iPad seemed too complicated and expensive for my purpose.  The Kindle over other e-readers because of the free wireless internet (whispernet) on the 3G model.  You can access facebook and other popular websites from Kindle but they all look kind of weird in black and white.  Newspapers and magazines are also available.  I have yet to try any of these.  Am thinking of trying the NY Times as there is a free 2 month trial of this paper.  Subscriptions are around $28 USD a month.

The interface is very simple and easy to use.  It may look primitive compared to laptops and the smart phones but it is refreshing not looking at a computer screen during my down time.  The e-ink is very easy on the eye.  It's easy to modify the size of the print and also the line spacing.  You can save quotes and make notes as you read.

Pages 'turn' soundlessly and there is pixelation of the screen as the next page loads.

The Kindle itself is sturdy and there are page turning buttons on either side of the display.  I like having actual buttons for actions that are used often.  I do get sore thumbs just typing text messages on my iPhone.

Books really do load within a minute of purchasing.  It's so easy I don't think there is much need to connect your Kindle to a computer.  Unless you need to load PDFs.  I have no idea if this is complicated or not.  Will research this and write about it later.

There was an offer when I ordered where a charger specific to your country was available at a $10 discount.  Well worth buying in my opinion.

The Kindle case with pull out light.  The reading light is powered by the battery of the Kindle.  

There are these really quirky screen savers that rotate randomly every time you switch off your Kindle.  I don't know if you can personalize the selection of images.  They are touchingly old school.  To maintain the sense of history of the printed word, I guess.

By the way, Eat Pray Love (the book I am reading on my Kindle at the moment) is life changing.  Kate, give it another go some time.  I started reading it with the expectation that it would be a made for Hollywood, fluffy and have little bearing on my life.  It is true that I have never experienced much of what Elizabeth Gilbert writes about.  It is true that it is set in countries that are Hollywood movie worthy.  It is true that Julia Roberts would be so right for the role.

However, Gilbert writes with such humour, poise and intelligence.  As I read each chapter (there are 109  in total, the number of beads on a japa malas, the necklace used to aid focus in meditation), I laugh, I cry on the inside, I feel joy, I feel love, I feel peace.  It's a book that has asked my questions about my own faith and attitude to prayer in a non judgemental way.  I strangely haven't had the desire to eat.... though there are many mouth watering descriptions of food along the way.

To sum up my feelings, Eat Pray Love is a novel that has made me feel and engage in a way that the tricked up fountain of 'everything' that we call the electronic media doesn't always do.

Oct 26, 2010

Change and Kindles Are As Good As A Dramatic Haircut.

Yes, it's still me.  I just look a little... different.

A few posts back, I was ruminating about hair.  Scarlett Johansson's hair.  How I would look with Scar Jo's hair.  I'm still undecided as to whether I'm ready to go for the big chop.  

In the meantime, I've given the blog a complete makeover.  It's been as liberating as changing hairstyles.  It's also been as hard.  Not technically, but letting go of the way the blog used to look.  It's almost been as emotional as losing several inches of hair.

As it's 'Good Living' supplement Tuesday, I decided to bring good living to work in the shape of Lindt dark chocolate.For me, the chocolate equivalent of a dramatic haircut was buying ginger flavoured chocolate.  I had a square with lunch today (for the anti oxidant properties of the chocolate and the numerous other health benefits of the ginger).  It sounds a strange combination, but it works.  

The ginger proved to be very apt for Terry's restaurant review today.  Terry has been exploring new directions in Thai cooking in Sydney at the moment.  As opposed to the 'me too' suburban Thai restaurants.  Which I love to bits.  I have at least 8 Thai takeaway menus in my Kikki K menu organizer and I have a favourite dish or two at each restaurant.

But the biggest change of the day was waiting for me at home.

Opening the boxes was definitely frustration free but I encountered a few technical issues with the actual Kindle.  
My Kindle arrived from Amazon.  It seems I'm not the only person in Australia taking full advantage of the brilliant exchange rate.  Parcels arriving into Sydney have risen around 24% in the last 3 months.  Surely it couldn't all be explained by my recent shopping adventures?  I'm prolific but not that prolific.

I'm still in the 'New Toy' excitement phase at the moment.  I will do a post later discussing my first impressions of the Kindle and why I chose it over other e-readers.  If there is anything  you'd like me to address in the post, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.

Unauthorized Oprah and the Oprah endorsed Kindle.  I've put it in its red case with pull out reading light.  The light gets charged by the Kindle.
With my Kindle at my side, I feel one step closer to Oprah.  Speaking of whom - the ticket lottery for her Australian shows still hasn't opened.  That's going to be one more thing to happen in the last week of October.  Can the week handle all the excitement, I wonder?

In celebration of change, the first book I am reading on my Kindle is Eat Pray Love.

Take care and I hope to return soon, if I can tear myself away from my Kindle.

Oct 25, 2010

Pink Is Not Just A Colour.

This month, pink is not just a colour.  
It's a symbol of hope for the future and of treasured memories of sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends and colleagues.  
It's a wish and a prayer for a cure, of freedom from pain, of dignity.
It's a warm hug for those left behind.
It's courage for the doctors, nurses and therapists when they deliver a diagnosis, a prognosis and treatment.
This month, pink is about breast cancer.

Today was Pink Ribbon Day and it is traditionally commemorated by wearing a pink ribbon or an item of pink clothing as a symbol of the wearer's donation to breast cancer research.

Unfortunately, it was yet another soggy start to the day in Sydney and the only pink fashion item I got much use of today was my pink Oroton umbrella.  Note to self.  When going for a walk in the rain, umbrellas are great but so too are waterproof shoes.  The rain still seems to get under umbrellas.

I would have much rather had the chance to wear my Pink Pony T-shirt.  But I suspect that even if it had been sunny today, the T wouldn't have made the minimum dress requirement for work.  Even if the hand of Mr Ralph Lauren was (sort of) involved.

The whole city gets involved with Pink Ribbon Day.  We had a pink newspaper today and even the business pages abandoned their traditional banker blue for a splash of hot pink.

That's my pedicure in the corner.  Met On the Internet by OPI.  Which we are - hellooooo!!!  

It's not often the business pages mirror my life (though we do share a common fascination about adverts for fancy stores) but it seems the ASX loves Singapore as much as I do.  The Australian and Singapore stock exchanges are to merge to form some kind of Asia Pacific share trading super power .  Or perhaps it was trading hub.  I forget the correct financial term.  In any case, I will be in Singapore in exactly one month to personally assess the impact this will have on the Singaporean finance sector.  I intend to blog my findings live from the St Regis (possibly pool side, I am yet to find appropriate bathers/bather body to go with their deck chairs).  There will be live feeds from Ion, Ngee Ann City and selected food outlets along Orchard Road.  It will be an intense 2 days but I am more than up to the task.  I'm doing it for you, loyal readers of this blog.

Before I go, I would like to close with reference to what this post began with.  Breast cancer.

This year, Pink Ribbon Day has been more than a well orchestrated media awareness campaign to me.  It's wonderful that celebrities get behind the day and donate their time to hosting and publicizing the day and the whole month.  

This year, it got personal.  I found out a few weeks ago that a colleague of mine, K, got diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer a few months ago.  It came at a time when every else in her life was on the ascent.  K had triumphed over the challenges of our profession and did so with a warm and wise smile and endless supplies of humanity.  K, I'm struggling to find the courage to pick up the phone and call and talk to you and not about The Cancer.  

Until I find the right words to say, I've made a donation in your name to the Pink Ribbon Day Fund.  It was the right thing to do today.

Stay strong and I am thinking of you.

Oct 24, 2010

Rain Delayed Big Yum Cha. New Shanghai, Ashfield.

The skies of Sydney really turned on their water faucets today.  Which was highly unfortunate timing for the Big Yum Cha at Ashfield that was scheduled to start at 10 this morning.  

Big Yum Cha is one of the community events that was planned as part of this month's Sydney International Food Festival.  Its aim is to celebrate the mix of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Indian cultures that are just some of the culinary and social influence in Ashfield.

Work and travel seem to have eaten up most of my weekends this October but I was determined to attend at least one SIFF event this year and Big Yum Cha is was to be.

The intrepid Mr SSG and I made our way to Ashfield under grey skies to a soundtrack of steady rain pelting the windscreen and triple J (the perfect road trip radio station as far as I am concerned). We found  shelter at Ashfield Mall Shopping Centre and went forth armed with golf umbrellas, waterproof hiking shoes and my red backpack.

Our first stop was New Tasty Dim Sim on Hercules Street.  There is a poster on the front window offering two sets of prices for each item - wholesale (40 pieces) and retail (6 pieces).  

We joined the assembled crowd of guides and performers for the festival as they purchased late breakfast from the store.

As we waited (and ate), the grey skies refused to break for bluer hues.  The rain just got heavier.  The trestle tables and awnings remained empty.

Except for a lone fire for warmth and light.

Word got out that the start of Big Yum Cha was being postponed due to the weather.  Not to worry, there was plenty to look at and explore on that short stretch of Liverpool Road.

An aquarium mural on the wall of the seafood supplier.

The 'mother ship' New Shanghai dumpling house appeared in front of us as we skipped over puddles and dodged drops of rain.

You'll be relieved to know that Happy Meal Ashfield (blue sign) do not serve hamburgers with a side fries and a plastic toy.
Big Yum Cha would just have to move indoors and feature dumplings.

New Shanghai Ashfield isn't as glamorous as the Chatswood Chase restaurant but believe me, the dumplings are just as good if not better.  We managed to beat the Sunday yum cha crowd so our food arrived quickly.

An old favourite - xiao long bao.  This time, I did remember to puncture the dumplings before eating.  It really was less messy this way.

Chive pancakes.  Yum.

Chive and pork dumplings.

Fried pork buns.
We emerged from dumpling heaven and found the start of Big Yum Cha.  Stalls were erected on the sidewalk at the front of existing restaurants.

In case you were wondering, we did order too much at New Shanghai.  We left the restaurant with 2 takeaway containers full of dumplings.

It's been a crazy weekend of weather in Sydney, I bet a fair percentage of you in Sydney are indoors in track pants and possibly socks in ugg boots.  The only reminder of sun and summer for me is on a clothes drier in the spare bedroom.  I have found that white jeans are a high maintenance item of clothing.  My pair survived one day of wear before needing an overnight soak in Napi San.  As white denim seems to miraculously pick up stains from everything, I've decided to dry them indoors.

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Oct 23, 2010

Gait Analysis and Pedicures, It's All Feet To Me.

The rain has returned with a vengeance to Sydney this evening.

It wasn't always like this though.  The morning was filled with glorious sun and the weather distinctly beachy.

As if on cue, I stumbled upon this promotional display for Witchery Kids at La Strada in the Top Ryde Shopping Centre.  I don't know if you've seen the shoot promoting the range but it's been gaining a bit of controversy in the press at the moment.  It's not GAP kids.  Personally, I wonder why children have to look so worldly and knowing at such a tender age?  What's wrong with kids just being kids for a the first 8 or so years of their lives?  I wonder what the photographers and stylists had to say to their models to get those facial expressions?  The set caterers don't have Wagyu beef burgers for lunch and you'll have to make do with a McDonalds happy meal?

Thankfully, there were no pouts and adult posturing around the W KIDS VW van (very cute).  The idea is that children can pose in front of the green cloth and have their image edited into one of a range of summer holiday scenes as a souvenir.

I'll get off my soapbox now.  The real reason we were at the shopping centre was for Mr SSG's detailed gait and running analysis.  He had to walk and run up and down this track with and without running shoes on.  His gait was then analysed from a recording of his feet in the track.  From this, shoe recommendations were made and he got to run and up down the track in potential choices and review the video footage to see how much of an improvement each shoe made to his running.  His old trainers were also examined and deemed way past their use by date.

Fortunately, my shoes were in good working order.  The store, Foot Point Shoe Clinic also offers more in depth analysis of running styles in the form of a programme that can be taken to your personal trainer to direct your fitness sessions to improve the way you run.  It all sounds too hard to me...

So I took my ungroomed feet to a nail bar in the mall and had a pedicure with OPI's Met On The Internet.  An electric hot pink.  It's too late to photograph it properly tonight, will try to do so for tomorrow's post.  I think this is the nail bar for me, readers.  They were friendly, professional and reasonably priced.

I grabbed a coffee and cookie on the way and admired the open air arcade that is the feature of La Strada (besides the great shops).  

Thank you to Blanche, for her heads up regarding Gap and it's opening in Sydney.  Sounds like it's really going to happen and in a matter of days....

I had to go into the city for an emergency Kiehl's restock.  The major shopping arcades are all under wraps and there were drills and cranes everywhere.

Unfazed by the noise and dust I explored the depths of Sydney Central and can now confirm the following.

As seen on an actual construction site in the middle of Sydney.

I'm off to enjoy the sound of rain pattering on the roof as I read my novel (one of the last paperbacks I may every buy in my life....) and watch a fascinating documentary about the construction of the shopping malls of Dubai.


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