Oct 3, 2010

The 2010 AFL Grand Final Replay. From the Pies End of the G.

Of all the blogs and all the bloggers.  Who would have thought that I'd be presenting you with my thoughts and photos from the AFL Grand Final Replay 2010.  So an advanced warning, readers.  This is going to be a blog entry sort of about sport and a whole lot about the scenes and people I found fascinating.

I had the best afternoon at the MCG.  The atmosphere was all embracing.  Melbourne, you really do know how to make a sporting event fun and engaging.  Even for those of us ignorant of the finer points of the game.  There were kindly loud speaker announcements patiently repeating key messages about leave passes, the directions for the gates and other useful information.  It was like having your dad doing public surface announcements.

At the gates of the 'G (I'm allowed to call it that now, I was part of the historic once in 33 year GF Replay), loyal supporters were all dressed up and ready for a battle to the death.   According to the AFL, no one was going to leave the ground without a winning team being decided.

There were suits of all kinds.  Those dressed for corporate duties and those loudly and proudly dressed in team colours.
I hate to say this, but I hadn't actually decided who I was going to support.  Both teams are Victorian and neither have won the flag for decades.  They also fought hard in that nail biting non Grand Final last week.

As a Perth girl and Eagles fan, I'll always have a soft spot for Mick Malthouse.    His time in Perth coaching West Coast symbolized a period of time when all was AFL in WA was all about dignity.  

Fortunately, I was given this supporter's placard.  The decision was made for me.

I got one "Good work, love!" from a stranger whilst posing for this photo!  I love GF Day.

We had fantastic seats in amongst the Magpies' cheer squad, just behind the goal posts.  It was a unique chance for me to see all the little things that need to be done on the day.

The AFL Premiership Cup all polished and happy snapped, ready for the big day.  It's in the centre of the field and I think the red banners have the players names on them.
The weather was glorious.

It wasn't 99 red love balloons, but 1 red, 1 black and 1 white - St Kilda's colours.

Yes, that really is Lionel Richie.  And yes, he really did get the crowd singing along to his greatest hits.  The crowd loved him.  We sang along way too loud and out of tune to "All Night Long"....

Lionel on stage, to the right of where we were sitting.   The lady I was sitting next to pointed him out to me.  See what I mean about Melbourne being so friendly?

Lionel was also on the big screen.

Each team's song was played twice - the official recorded version and also a live instrumental version.

Joe Camilleri played the Magpies' song.
 There were fireworks, sorry I only caught the post show smog.

And then it was time for the mighty Pies to run out through their banner.

Then there was goal kicking practice.  We were sitting up in the stands but were still able to hear the sounds of boots contacting with the sides of leather footballs.

I don't know if you can see it in the photo at this size but someone just kicked a goal and a football into the crowd.  There's  a rush to catch the ball and it has to be thrown back into the field.

Count down to bounce down.
It was a unique experience sitting in the crowd.  I usually watch games on television accompanied by the measured commentary of the commentators.  Yesterday, I got the earthy, Magpie-centric call of the game.
A sea of black and white beneath us.
I was happy that the Magpies won but sad that it was such a large margin.  It must have been torment trying to prepare to play the Grand Final again and sadly there could only be one winner.

For the medal presentation, each player is given their medal by an under 10 player who is given a commemorative cap in exchange.

There was a surge of suits, camera men, police and security onto the ground.  It was time for the official proceedings.

Defeated St Kilda could only look on from a distance and hope for a better outcome next year.

The shower of black and white confetti.

One of the more flamboyant fans really got into the spirit of the day.  There were some fantastic costumes.

The lap of honour with the Premiership Cup.

Congratulations, Collingwood!!


  1. I was supporting Collingwood too (same as you, Perthie and Eagles fan, particularly of the Malthouse years)- sounds like you had a great time!

  2. Looks like you had a great time :)

  3. Oh my husband would have done anything to have been there. After so many years of waiting. What a day.

  4. Yes, an unexpected post from SSG - but what a beauty! I love that you hadn't even decided who to support!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!


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