Oct 8, 2010

An Epiphany and Riviera Chic.

Bonsoir, my faithful blog family.

Today I woke up and tried not to think too hard about how today really isn't my Friday.  It's more of the Thursday before a very long Friday and 50% less weekend.  Forget about 'more of', that's what it is.

How easy to forget that it was only a matter of a few blog posts ago (last weekend) that Mr SSG and I were in Melbourne at the Sofitel.  I think the Sofitel is a French chain.  I had this epiphany after making the connection between being greeted with 'Bonjour' by the staff and finding Hermes soap in the bathroom.  I'm not just a headless and legless torso in a blog, after all.

Jacket: CR, top: cotton on, jeans: SFAM, belt: GAP

That's me again.  Slightly off centre but I think I'm starting to get the hang of my new camera tripod.  I just need to twist the camera around to the right a little and I think we'll be in business. If it's not spotty photos from taking reflected images of me it's non spotty but off centre images of me.  Your patience in this area is greatly appreciated.

After all that reflection this morning over what I was up to last weekend, today's outfit was inspired by Riviera Chic.  It took me exactly 14 minutes and 28 seconds to assemble.  That was 1 minute 3 seconds to find the navy blazer (so hard to differentiate between black and navy suit jackets when you're too lazy to turn on the overhead lights), 25 seconds to get the top and belt and well.... 13 whole minutes to find the right pair  of jeans.

After 13 minutes, we got there in the end, the pink A pockets were at the bottom of the fourth pile I attacked this morning.

Again, my quest was hampered by my stubborn resistance to turn on the overhead light.  My jeans presently occupy the bottom half of Mr SSG's shirt section of the built in wardrobe.  I think we're heading into intimate confessions territory when I say that I fished out 8 pairs of jeans to find the pair I wanted and there was still stacks of blue denim untouched in the wardrobe.

There are several logical solutions to this problem.  I choose to see this as a sign that I shouldn't buy any more blue denim to further complicate matters.  In addition, I will scout the Manor for suitable additional storage sites for my jeans.  I don't think either of these revelations qualify as my second epiphany of the month.

After all the excitement of finding the only pair of jeans I could wear out of the house today, it ended up being a rather quiet day of work.  It was a little anti-climactic (gee, I am coming up with good words today, is there room in this post for the word 'halcyon' - it's been intriguing me of late).  It turns out that after the convenient 4pm black out yesterday, the computer in our office died.  It was very old world having lunch just reading the paper and having real conversations with each other.

The evening has continued in much the same vein.  Mr SSG and I have had Chinese takeaway for dinner.  He is now watching the cricket and I'm going to have a bit of a read.

We did throw caution to the wind when we ate the whole bag of prawn crackers washed down with cans of coke zero.  Even more shockingly (is that a word?  It is now),  I didn't even Blot Each Prawn Cracker With A Paper Towel.  Another thing we're not supposed to tell my mother.

I've recovered from the debauchery with the prawn crackers.  I've officially completed my last bit of paperwork for training.  I am hoping that the lovely lady at the Deanery office will appreciate my effort with the stamps.  I hope I've covered postage and attached a school of fish in vain.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

By the way, is anyone familiar with Lanvin flats?  I'm being contrary and buying in GBP over at NAP when all around me, excitement over the USD continues to escalate.  I've gone up a half size as per the sizing notes.  I do have large and wide feet though.  Should I have gone a whole size up?  Will update when they arrive. 


  1. I was thinking of you and jeans the other day when I completely wore out my J Brand skinnies.... They were beyond repair. It was a sad, sad day at the farm house. I considered a funeral but decided instead to peruse replacement pairs on the internet.

    I have also purchased a pair of white jeans recently but have decided they are not practical for someone with two small children, two border collies and a red gravel driveway. I like them though. Impracticality has never really stood in my way before (my shoe cupboard being the perfect example)

    Hope your Saturday at work is not too terrible. Biggest congratulations for posting off the paperwork for the completion of your training. That is something to be very proud of.

    Take care.

  2. Oooooh! Lanvin Flats! Trest chic! Please do update - I too have large and wide feet so I'd love to know how you get on!

    Love the Frenchy so Chic outfit for today - it was all I could do to get dressed in real clothes... Am envious of your creativity!

  3. SSG what a great post... Am sitting here at just gone 6.30 am on a Sat morning with a little (ok a lot of) jet lag and your post has amused me no end!! First off though, I think you do need to do a denim declutter! Loving the word Halcyon (as in days of Summer perhaps?) and cannot WAIT to hear about the Lanvin flats. I really, really fancy a pair myself so am extremely pleased you are going to be the guinea pig tester! xx p.s. laughed re the blotting of the prawn crackers!

  4. A Farmer's Wife: sorry to hear about the demise of the Js. Hope a suitable replacement has been found online.

    Miss Kitty: I am happy to be of service in the area of Lanvin flats.

    Smei Expat: thank you :-) Hope you are de jet lagged now.

    SSG xxx

  5. SS great post and smart outfit.
    Lanvin's run very small IMO and they vary depending upon the material so almost a try on thing but Netaporter a great with returns.
    Do you like Tory Burch Flats? I love them and they are true to size and Shopbop have 20% this week *Squeal* with this code'INTHEFAMILY20'
    Run don't walk (Thanks FF)
    KateBx The Enabler

  6. Kate B: thank for the heads up.

    I have just phoned NAP and they may be able to change the size I ordered. Thanks again for the tip.

    I am off to Shopbop.

    I love a good enable:-P

    Take care,

    SSG xxx


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