Oct 22, 2010

A Friday 3/4 of the Way Through October.

It's Friday the 22nd of October and for some reason I thought this qualified as the 'end of October'.  I'm being so pedantic today because the 'end of October 2010' heralds the arrival of a few releases of interest for the high street fashion follower in Sydney.  It felt like the right day for Gap to open here and also for Stella McCartney for Target to hit the racks.  The Target link gets a bit creepy at times.  When looking at each item of clothing, there is a panel to the left where the model turns about wordlessly showing the various angles of the garments.  Almost daring you to look as edgy as she when you try the clothes on in your local Target change room box.

Sadly, it was not to be.  I have heard October 29 for Stella M and nothing concrete for Gap.  I don't know what my chances are next Friday, but I'll try and get to my local Target for a bit of a look see and surreptitious picture taking in the change rooms.  Don't tell anyone at Target Rhodes.  There can't be security cameras in the change rooms can there?  Everything has security tags firmly attached - usually in a spot that seriously impinges on the drape and fit of the garment you're trying on, I might add.

I hope everyone has been keeping well.  I really have nothing exciting to report except that I managed to lose my 15 hour shift on Sunday.  While this translates to a full weekend with Mr SSG it also implies that financial restraint needs to be applied in the immediate term.

The Stella M for Target range seemed to be all about the grey, blue and white.  To further convince myself that I really don't need to buy anything from the collection, I found this navy tunic dress from Country Road circa 2010 (April, that's 6 months ago, that's almost vintage in our fast paced fashion world, I think).

Here I am striking a pose almost as intimidating as the Target model.  Believe me, my face was also fixed in a stern expression, with cheekbones and an angular jaw.

Navy shift: Country Road, multi strand necklace: Elk (another Melbourne 'find' as Not Quite Nigella calls them), grey tights Supre.
There is a shoe shot too!  If only I could find where my feet went.

Here we are.  The Lanvin flats.  I like a flat with sturdy all leather structure.

Grey flats: Lanvin, NAP.

Away from high street fashion, 'late October Friday' was definitely the word on the street.  It was sunny at 6 this morning and the neighbourhood birds were flying with chip packets in their beaks.  Which worked out well for me because it saved me from getting dive bombed by the L-Plate fliers who usually test out their wings between trees at this time of the year.

Elsewhere, the sunshine and preview to summer's magical weather seemed to entice our most recent Liberal PM for yet another (Lazarus) moment in the sun.  There is much to be said for ex Heads Of State graciously retiring to a life of speaking engagements, championing causes close to their hearts and appearing on Sesame Street or slimming down for their daughter's wedding.  I don't see how John Howard's attack / constructive personality assessment of Peter Costello does anything for anyone at this stage of Australia's political life but then so many things in politics are never what they seem at first glance.

Much easier to think about future direction of my hair.  I've been thinking about a major change in length.  I just love Scar Jo's hair here.  She's rocking that drapy, Grecian, silk dress that was in the Target  campaign.  She just looks less scary than the model.

Image courtesy of www.gofugyourself.celebuzz.com

Oh dear, I am sounding rather scarred by the whole Target thing.  Might have to step away from web browsing for a little while.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  I've got a few adventures planned.  Hope things go to plan.  Talk soon.


  1. I remember being at Target at the first Stella Mc launch. Bogans everywhere. My friend stripped a mannequin so I could get the navy dress. I love this dress. Never wear it though. Should do more often. It's flattering.
    I wish you luck in your Stella pursuit. You look lovely in your CR dress.
    In other shopping news: I put a black and cream Ltd Editions Target dress on layby today - it was $33 (from $39, from $80?) because the sash seemed to be missing, but it may not have had a sash...). I put this on layby with some bedding. I also found a lovely dress at Harris Scarfe. I was shocked. Harris Scarfe is not my ideal shopping destination.

  2. Carly: new purchases sound fab! And thank you :-)

    SSG xxx

  3. Hi sweety:)
    Love the flats, and you look fab in the top.

    Are things happening with the blog is that the big adventure?

    Happy Friday girl, and wonderful weekend...the snow finally came to Norway last night:)

    Its getting colder by the minute:)


  4. A girlfriend of mine is going to be working at the new GAP and has been in there heaps this week setting the new store up... so it won't be long at all!

  5. 3/4 way through October?! No way. Hey, SSG, I love Target straight leg jeans. Love them. They fit me in every way. But I went in there to get them in white and they don't seem to exist. Ok, am I like 10 years behind the fashion and white jeans is now a big no no? I love white jeans for summer. Please don't tell me they are a fashion faux pa ... I value your fashion advice oh guru of the shops ... (and fellow Target supporter) ...


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