Oct 23, 2010

Gait Analysis and Pedicures, It's All Feet To Me.

The rain has returned with a vengeance to Sydney this evening.

It wasn't always like this though.  The morning was filled with glorious sun and the weather distinctly beachy.

As if on cue, I stumbled upon this promotional display for Witchery Kids at La Strada in the Top Ryde Shopping Centre.  I don't know if you've seen the shoot promoting the range but it's been gaining a bit of controversy in the press at the moment.  It's not GAP kids.  Personally, I wonder why children have to look so worldly and knowing at such a tender age?  What's wrong with kids just being kids for a the first 8 or so years of their lives?  I wonder what the photographers and stylists had to say to their models to get those facial expressions?  The set caterers don't have Wagyu beef burgers for lunch and you'll have to make do with a McDonalds happy meal?

Thankfully, there were no pouts and adult posturing around the W KIDS VW van (very cute).  The idea is that children can pose in front of the green cloth and have their image edited into one of a range of summer holiday scenes as a souvenir.

I'll get off my soapbox now.  The real reason we were at the shopping centre was for Mr SSG's detailed gait and running analysis.  He had to walk and run up and down this track with and without running shoes on.  His gait was then analysed from a recording of his feet in the track.  From this, shoe recommendations were made and he got to run and up down the track in potential choices and review the video footage to see how much of an improvement each shoe made to his running.  His old trainers were also examined and deemed way past their use by date.

Fortunately, my shoes were in good working order.  The store, Foot Point Shoe Clinic also offers more in depth analysis of running styles in the form of a programme that can be taken to your personal trainer to direct your fitness sessions to improve the way you run.  It all sounds too hard to me...

So I took my ungroomed feet to a nail bar in the mall and had a pedicure with OPI's Met On The Internet.  An electric hot pink.  It's too late to photograph it properly tonight, will try to do so for tomorrow's post.  I think this is the nail bar for me, readers.  They were friendly, professional and reasonably priced.

I grabbed a coffee and cookie on the way and admired the open air arcade that is the feature of La Strada (besides the great shops).  

Thank you to Blanche, for her heads up regarding Gap and it's opening in Sydney.  Sounds like it's really going to happen and in a matter of days....

I had to go into the city for an emergency Kiehl's restock.  The major shopping arcades are all under wraps and there were drills and cranes everywhere.

Unfazed by the noise and dust I explored the depths of Sydney Central and can now confirm the following.

As seen on an actual construction site in the middle of Sydney.

I'm off to enjoy the sound of rain pattering on the roof as I read my novel (one of the last paperbacks I may every buy in my life....) and watch a fascinating documentary about the construction of the shopping malls of Dubai.


  1. I asked my friend when they are opening up, so I will let you know when she responds! That Zara sign sure is exciting, though I didn't think they were opening til next year.

    Having only visited Top Ryde once - my favourite thing about it was the carpark!!

    P.S http://www.kissandmakeupny.com/ This site stocks Kiehls at US prices (alongside my fave Mario Badescu) :-)

  2. I love Zara, when I finally can fit into their clothes...they will be the first shop I go to. They are so cheap and stylish!

  3. Do you think Zara will come to Melbourne?
    I love that the SSG blog is the provider of breaking fashion news.

    And I just want to say, that is the smallest cookie I've ever seen - or possibly the largest coffee cup???

  4. Opens Thursday SSG. Not sure about other stores - she said the place still looks like a contruction site!


  5. I love Zara but my sources in Europe tell me their current autumnal range is awful. x

  6. And will the new Zara mean we get their last seasons spring collection? Because they're based in the north and the reverse of the seasons in the south? Hmm... thanks for le updates!


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