Oct 16, 2010


It has often been said that the friendships you make in childhood are the ones that last a lifetime.  I've been friends with the 2 S's for at least 20 years.  We met at school and have that special bond that comes from experiencing those formative teenage years in an all girl high school (more correctly known as a  Ladies' College) in the 80s.  

Life has conspired in the nicest possible way to give me the privilege of catching up with both girls in the past week.  Outwardly, we are no longer those school girls in braces and apple green summer uniforms and biscuit coloured ankle socks (colour descriptions courtesy of the school handbook).  Careers have been established, men (suitable and otherwise) come and gone, countries travelled and self identities established.

Conversation comes easily despite the years and life experiences that have passed between us.  We catch ourselves repeating sentiments our mothers expressed decades ago.  We actually see the sense of them now.  We wonder at the world girls and young women find themselves in now.  There seem to be even fewer mysteries and self discoveries to unlock on the current generation's journey to adulthood.  We suspect our mothers thought the same of us.

There is much laughter and that familiar, comforting sense of belonging and acceptance.  Life and careers have taken us to exciting places but somehow we are never lead to new friends as special as those we found all those years ago.

Thank you, girls.  For the memories and the friendship that carries us into the future together.

Down the road from school.


  1. I agree SSG! this sort of friendship lasts forever... my besties are from highschool and my college!

  2. I have the good fortune of meeting and maintaining friendships with seeveral gals from school and honour and cherish these fine women.
    One I see weekly the others on a scheduled monthly coffee date!

    We can be apart for awhile but when we get together it's as if no time has passed.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love it!



  4. Which ladies college was that SSG? I, too, now reside in Sydney but also spent my years from 10-16 boarding in a "ladies"(!?!) college in Perth.

  5. Absolutely agree SSG... I have friends from my schooldays and one,my closest friend C, on the first day I was there aged 11. As you say, you take up where you just left off and its all so easy and familiar. x

  6. I agree - good friendship lasts forever. And here's to a new, and hopefully long lasting friendship.


  7. SSG I also group up in Perth and went to one of those ladies colleges (in the 1990s), my uniform was maroon with white socks and a white hat in Summer. I remember going to the IGSSA (I hope you know what that is!) sports carnivals and marveling at all the other uniforms. I hope you had a great time in Melbourne, for some reason, even though I don't know either of you in real life, it makes me happy that you and Carly met up.

  8. toni: it was the Methodist one.

    Handfootwoman: thank you for your lovely comment.

    everyone: here's to good girlfriends and priceless memories!

    SSG xxx


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