Oct 2, 2010

Good Morning One and All and To All A Good Morning. The Nature Walk at the Westin Kyoto.

Good morning one and all and to all a good morning.  How are we all this morning?  Can you see the huge smile on my face from where you are?
Ir's so much easier waking up to an alarm when your final destination is the Qantas Business Lounge (becuase business tickets were the only ones left to get to Melbourne today) and not your car and the commute to work.  I've had breakfast, walked around the terminal stores, bought my magazines for the flight (what does it say about my attention span that I need 3 magazines to get through a 1 hour flight) and now here I am in the computer lounge blogging live.

There is a relaxed vibe to the airport this morning that I've not felt here previously.  It's a long weekend, most people here are flying for pleasure.  It's the school holidays and the lounge is full of children sneaking  in an eye opening cup of Coke for breakfast.  The guilty pleasures of childhood are so different to those of the adult world.  The bar doesn't open until 12 noon.  Though there are Coco Pops on offer....

In the spirit of relaxation and rejuventation, the photographic component of this morning's post are from Kyoto.  We're down to the last couple of hundred photos from Japan, I promise!!  So sit back and relax.  I'm trying to as well but the young boy who just sat down at the computer in front of me looks disturbingly like Justin Bieber.

The Westin Kyoto feautures a nature and bird watching trail as part of the property.  The trail is behind the hotel proper.  It's a fairly easy walk with well built paths.

After seeing buildings, bridges and train lines virtually everywhere else in Japan, this little escape to nature was a refreshing contrast.

I think the heat must have gotten to the birds because they was a noticeable absence of chirping and wing beating as we walked up the mountain.

These wooden structures are where some of the hotel's mushrooms are harvested.

There was a little shrine a third of the way along the trail.

We got to the top of the mountain and 'breathed seasonal fresh air and soothed our body and soul' - as per the helpful sign. 
Wish I could read the legend on the map because then I'd be able to tell you what we're looking at in the next photo.
Looking out at the city, it was interesting to see the combination of Eastern and Western architecture sprawling out in front of us.  None of the buildings were particularly tall.  Is it possible for a view of a bustling city to be this peaceful?  Few other cities I've visited feature gleaming red wooden arches as part of their skyline.

A pond the reflect upon.

Further along is a little clearing with wooden benches dotted amongst the arching trees.

At the end of the walk, a path leads you to the hotel's own Chapel.

Have a fantastic weekend wherever you may be and take care.


  1. You have wonderful pictures! So different. This type of traveling and seeing sights is relaxing. Thank you!


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