Oct 10, 2010

Grey Trackpants Prove To Be Elusive In Chatswood. Domestic Duties With Frank.

The weather and I took most of the morning to get warmed up today.  It's been a long week and I guess my brain (and the sun) just wanted to have a really long sleep in.

Fortunately, we both got it together by late afternoon.  Mr SSG and I took advantage of the long sunny break and went out for lunch in Chatswood.

I chose to channel Euro-prep with a fitted red polo shirt.  I like its vivid and rich shade of red.  It's the casual Sunday equivalent of wearing lipstick in that shade of red that does wonders for your hair, skin tone and teeth.  I must remember to wear my red lipstick when it's time to tackle the issue of New Clothes For Summer.  If I'm at peace with me from the neck up, I make better choices in regard to dressing me from the neck down.  I read somewhere that a salon blow dry is also key to swim suit shopping.  Personally, I find flattering mirrors, soft lighting and a change room with a door as opposed to a curtain more important.  There I go showing my age again.

You know how I've been in the pursuit of good flats and skinny jeans (why kid myself and the blog readership by using the singular) lately?  Well, Mr SSG has his own area of unmet need. Grey trackpants.  You may remember how we did find a pair the last time we were in Chatswood together but Mr SSG is yet to find that elusive perfect pair.  He's been online researching and hasn't had much luck.  This could be because Mr Porter hasn't debuted yet or that Shopbop and Revolve don't do men's sweats.  

Whatever the reason, we went in search again today.  If you or someone you know is in need of men's grey trackpants, the updated report from the SSG Consumer Commission (a special interest subsidiary of the ACCC) is brief.  DJs have not expanded their range since our last review - there is a choice of Bonds (legs too short but price okay) and Gant ('$189 for grey fleece, they have got to be kidding').  For some reason, Country Road and Witchery Man don't do men's 'lounge wear'.  I think Mr SSG and I are up for a shopping date when GAP opens in Sydney later this month.  Stay tuned.

I sometimes wonder about the concept of Witchery Man.  Is the target market women shopping for the men in their lives as opposed to men who shop for themselves?   It's just that there was nothing I could say or do to persuade Mr SSG to even walk into the store.  So, if anyone reading is a man who shops for himself at Witchery Man or you know a man who does, this blog would love to hear from you.

I could talk about shopping for hours.

But it's time to move on.

It was a great day for harnessing the restorative powers of both slow cooking and baking.  

In the spirit of minimal stress and fuss, shortcuts were taken.  It was also an opportunity to give some of the more senior residents of the fridge a new lease of life. 

Pre sliced mushrooms and two lonely zuchhini I rescued from the vegetable drawer in the fridge.

Satisfaction is seeing spotty bananas mashed and used in banana cake.
The slow cooker Beef Casserole was a great success with the addition of the last of a bottle of red wine, some chopped bacon and a few fresh tomatoes.

I made this banana cake recipe from allrecipes.com.  A cup of sour cream (equivalent to one 300g cup) was used instead of milk and made the cake very moist.  I also added vanilla essence, ground cinnamon and mixed spice.
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Did you know that cooling a cake in its tin on top of a damp tea towel helps the cake to retain moisture?

We've had one of those top 100 countdowns on max playing as a soundtrack to an afternoon of packing and cleaning.  I'll be upfront.  I'm to lazy to ebay.  I've got 5 carrier bags of clothes and shoes to donate to Vinnies and they're heading there next weekend.

I do believe Frank singing 'New York, New York' helped my iron those shirts just a little more precisely (and quickly).

Unfortunately, progress has not been as rapid with regard to packing for Melbourne this weekend.  It's going to be a wet 13C on Friday, as a maximum!!!  Won't be packing the fancy heels, I guess.  Is a fauxpard jacket overkill though?


  1. I've got a bunch of bananas that are not ripening quickly enough! I want to bake banana bread too! Have a great week xo

  2. Damp tea towel trick works for tea sandwiches too.

    You have been incredibly busy SSG...I am dizzy after reading your post...go and rest now!

  3. So frustrating about the grey trackies, hope Gap will come good for you! You are a brilliant cook. I recognise the Cabernet Merlot Bin 888 - is that a bad sign??xx

  4. If I lived in Sydney and if I was as gorgeous and slim as you, I would be hot footing it to your local Vinnies in the hope of scooping up some of your cast-offs!

  5. "More senior residents of the fridge"

    Love it. Made my day.

  6. Few things:

    1. American Apparel for trackies?
    2. Witchery Man is average at best. Witchery is sliding in the same direction.
    3. Absolutely stellar cake!

  7. Witchery Lady is overpriced (sorry to my little sis who is a store manager for said store!) Witchery Man is very much liked by my husband, and also one of his friends that I know of...though in my husband's case I buy it for him. Ladies, step away from Witchery, with a little imagination (and less cash) you can do so much better!

  8. toni: sound advice indeed.

    Anonymous: thanks for the American Apparel tip, I think I found the trackies Mr SSG was after.

    A Farmer's Wife: I'm still getting through Homecoming. It's very poignant and I don't want the book to end.

    Kate: there are some shockers in those bags of clothes.

    Blighty: nothing like an auspicious number or three for a cooking wine...

    Hostess: you are right, I'm tired re reading the post. Hope you are well, Thanksgiving looked divine at your house.

    She Wore It Well: the sour cream makes a huge difference.

    SSG xxx


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