Oct 13, 2010

The Lanvins Have Landed.

I'm just a little excitable this evening.  Even the pleasant tortures of yoga tonight were unable to fade the glint in my eye to a more soothing glow.  It's my last day of a challenging period at work tomorrow and most of us survived to the bitter end.  Then it's Melbourne on Friday and the homeward run to the end of the year and an epoch of my life.

This post is dedicated to the Lanvin devotees amongst you.  Special thanks to reader Kate B for her wisdom and enablement in all things Designer Flat (as in the shoes and not apartments though Kate B may also have impeccable taste in home decor too).  

My latest Net-A-Porter order continues the tireless work of the SSG Manor School of Economics (it can only be called Chic-onomics if The Outnet was involved and darn it, I never get there in time for my size to be left in anything...).  Since its origins in April 2010, the School has endeavoured to provide you, the readers of this blog, with a sort of first hand, real time look see into random purchases wise investments you may been considering.

Mr DHL and I usually have this great thing going on.  One of his DHL drivers arrives in his red and yellow uniform in his red and yellow van on the driveway of SSG Manor at around 10.23 am weekdays (because that's when the large majority of the full time employed are obviously able to sign for their parcels in person) and deposits my box at the designated spot.  My signature is on file.  It is an arrangement with mutual benefits.  Things went awry this time possibly because the box was smaller than usual?!?  Flats take up less space, perhaps.  The box was meant to find me at work today and I spent a frantic lunch hour harrassing the ladies at reception, the cashier and the switchboard about whether they'd seen my DHL parcel.  Turned out it was re-directed home again.  Phew.

The signature blue box with black ribbon tie.

Cotton calico shoe bag with black ribbon tie and stitched label on the front.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical with regard to how different these flats would be to those at lower price points.  The most comfortable flats I have had include Supersofts by Diana Ferrari and those Cotton On ones from a few weeks ago.

The Lanvin ballerinas are a completely different beast.  They are completely leather lined and have a 20mm raise in the sole.  I have wide and big feet.  I followed the advice of NAP and ordered a half size up from what I usually wear in heels.  Kate B has suggested that flats of different leathers may be sized differently too.  Fortunately, I was fine with both these pairs.
These shoes had the colour gris/grey on the box. They looked more nude in the photo.  However, I think grey is probably a better bet for me.

The shoe leather is thick and has a slight grain.  The elastic is firm without biting into your ankles.

In the photo above, I was trying to give you an idea of how thick the soles of the shoes are.  They are leather with rubber areas at the toe and heel.

Why wear boring brown shoes when you can get your brown in a leopard print?

Where would a reckless shoe purchase from NAP be without at least one leopard print item?  Not just any kind of leopard, but tactile leopard print of grey with dark brown dots and black patent leather trim.

I love the copy on Net-A-Porter.  There is heaps of useful information about fit and heel height but also helpful lifestyle tips.  The Lanvin flats have been suggested as the perfect shoe to slip on when you tire of your heels on a day out (lunching with like minded A-listers, avoiding the paparazzi or being driven by your beefy security man).  I couldn't agree more due to the comfort factor but when it comes to price factor and roll-ability, I have to say those 2 pairs for $19.95 100% pure synthetic flats from Cotton On would be my choice.

I realize that this is a rather frivolous and indulgent post to be writing on the day when the Chilean miners have finally come to the surface but I hope you enjoyed it as the mindless diversion it is meant to be.  I am dedicating my next post misty water coloured memories I have had recently.  Why do I keep referencing the same Barbra Streisand song?  It must be that Duck Sauce Barbra Streisand song.

Speaking of which, it's the perfect night for a bit of Youtube embedding.

Have a good one.


  1. I adore those flats...the 2 tone ones would go so well with my Lanvin scarf...let's see them with some of your outfits now SSG!

    You do know how to shop...totally chic alicious!

  2. What delicious shoes, partic like the leopard ones, i am big into leopard at the moment!

  3. Pretty shoes! The way you described the anticipation of the parcel arrival and the unwrapping of the box made me feel like I was there with you!

  4. Dear SSG thrilled that you love your Lanvins and happy to enable! I particularly like the leopards ones as Blighty does they will be an enduring classic for you.
    Speaking of enabling did you see The Outnet had Alaia's out for a steal? Sadly I missed out on the satin ballet flats as I wasn't sure of the sizing. I need to do some research over on the purse forum to find out.
    I am waiting for mu Tory Burch flats to arrive but my very own Lanvins will have to wait for my tax check!
    Kate Bx

  5. Love the flats! I bought a pair of Chanel ones a few weeks ago that are soft leather and elastic around the top - very, very comfortable - I can almost justify the price. But with the AUD doing such great things we have an obligation to help our economically-challenged friends across the pond however we may be able! Go AUD and go resources sector! [PS - LOVE your blog]

  6. These are just GORGEOUS especially the lovely leopard ones - thanks for this post SSG...p.s. you really wouldn't want to swap them for Cotton On ones would you??!! x

  7. Ooooh - love the leopard Lanvins! They are too cute for words. And the packaging! It would be worth the cost of the shoes for the box alone. So gorgeous.

    I did my bit for the economy by purchasing some Mimco items from the UK store this evening. a bracelet that is $220 in Australia is on sale for 48 pounds - insanely good bargain. Viva la AUD!

  8. Glad we are all loving the flats.

    Hostess: Hmm, I think I'm getting a little too good at this online shopping business...

    Blighty: YES, loving leopard at the moment too.

    Kate B: I think it was a good thing I missed out on the Alaias... A new brand to research though. Always good.

    Anonymous: thank you :-) Am intrigued about Chanel flats too.

    Semi-Expat: glad to have helped.

    Kitty: can't wait to see photos of the new bracelet.

    SSG xxx


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