Oct 28, 2010

No Stella. Scar Jo's Moet Hair. I Love My Kindle.

I had hoped to bring you advanced footage of Stella at a bricks and mortar Target but sadly it was not to be.

Target was not about to give anything away until the last possible  moment.

Target was not going to be outfoxed by the store opening in Sydney today.  Westfield Sydney on Pitt Street Mall opened today.  Could Sydney have handled both that and Stella M for Target?  Sadly, something called work prevented me from hot footing it to Pitt Street today but rest assured, I'll be there on Saturday to make sure SSG the blog lives up to its name.

It was also the(sydney)magazine day.  I have to admit, my favourite part of the magazine is usually the ads.

I wasn't disappointed today with regard to advertising eye candy.  That's Scar Jo with normal hair.  Thank you to reader Kate for the constructive comments regarding Scar Jo's hair from the other day (it did look a little 'awkward', I completely agree).  Crisis averted, I will now aspire to Scar Jo's Moet hair.  Time to dust off my curling iron and watch some youtube tutorials.  As a bonus, no hair length will be lost.  It is handy to just pull you hair back into a pony tail or bun when its all getting dire in the coiffure stakes.

Enough about hair.  Let's talk Kindle.

I like my Kindle very much.

I know that the act of opening a book and reading its pages is a beautiful one.  I know that books are one of humankind's greatest achievements.  I hope that books continue to be an essential element of human life forever.

But, e-readers have a unique role in helping keep the joy of reading paragraph after paragraph of pure black and white text relevant in this fast paced, multi media, interactive computerized world.

I chose the Kindle because of its price point and the wide range of books that are available for it.  A large range of old books are available for free.  However, there are a few modern authors who have free books to download too.  The Amazon site is very well organized and easy to navigate.

I only needed a device for reading and tablet PCs and the iPad seemed too complicated and expensive for my purpose.  The Kindle over other e-readers because of the free wireless internet (whispernet) on the 3G model.  You can access facebook and other popular websites from Kindle but they all look kind of weird in black and white.  Newspapers and magazines are also available.  I have yet to try any of these.  Am thinking of trying the NY Times as there is a free 2 month trial of this paper.  Subscriptions are around $28 USD a month.

The interface is very simple and easy to use.  It may look primitive compared to laptops and the smart phones but it is refreshing not looking at a computer screen during my down time.  The e-ink is very easy on the eye.  It's easy to modify the size of the print and also the line spacing.  You can save quotes and make notes as you read.

Pages 'turn' soundlessly and there is pixelation of the screen as the next page loads.

The Kindle itself is sturdy and there are page turning buttons on either side of the display.  I like having actual buttons for actions that are used often.  I do get sore thumbs just typing text messages on my iPhone.

Books really do load within a minute of purchasing.  It's so easy I don't think there is much need to connect your Kindle to a computer.  Unless you need to load PDFs.  I have no idea if this is complicated or not.  Will research this and write about it later.

There was an offer when I ordered where a charger specific to your country was available at a $10 discount.  Well worth buying in my opinion.

The Kindle case with pull out light.  The reading light is powered by the battery of the Kindle.  

There are these really quirky screen savers that rotate randomly every time you switch off your Kindle.  I don't know if you can personalize the selection of images.  They are touchingly old school.  To maintain the sense of history of the printed word, I guess.

By the way, Eat Pray Love (the book I am reading on my Kindle at the moment) is life changing.  Kate, give it another go some time.  I started reading it with the expectation that it would be a made for Hollywood, fluffy and have little bearing on my life.  It is true that I have never experienced much of what Elizabeth Gilbert writes about.  It is true that it is set in countries that are Hollywood movie worthy.  It is true that Julia Roberts would be so right for the role.

However, Gilbert writes with such humour, poise and intelligence.  As I read each chapter (there are 109  in total, the number of beads on a japa malas, the necklace used to aid focus in meditation), I laugh, I cry on the inside, I feel joy, I feel love, I feel peace.  It's a book that has asked my questions about my own faith and attitude to prayer in a non judgemental way.  I strangely haven't had the desire to eat.... though there are many mouth watering descriptions of food along the way.

To sum up my feelings, Eat Pray Love is a novel that has made me feel and engage in a way that the tricked up fountain of 'everything' that we call the electronic media doesn't always do.


  1. Glad you are enjoying your Kindle - think I may have to invest...! Wonder if Stella is at my local Target yet - will investigate tomorrow!! x

  2. Ooh, love the folding light and the fact the Kindle powers it. I have ereader jealousy :)
    Don't think I'll make the lunchtime trek from Stella tomorrow- will wait until the weekend.

  3. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    I also think of buying a Kindle - for longer journeys with the tube where I now have a pocket book with me. Your hint at being able to get newspapers convinces me - not longer those big gestures when one unfolds one's paper. But I am still hesitant because of its weight - it will not save any compared to a pocket book. As far as I know you can mark sentences and make quotes? As always my son advises me to wait a year - something better they are making now - but honestly: if I had followed that advice, I stll would be technically in the Middle Ages, because there is always developped something better and new. :-) Britta

  4. Your Kindle is revolutionary. Tell me if it reduces the sore wrists you get from reading actual books.

    Meanwhile, I need an eat pray love journey right now, but can't bring myself to attempt to read it again.

    Good luck with Stella. I see there is no layby :(

  5. I still haven't decided if I want a Kindle yet... but your recommendation is definitely helping to push me in the yes direction! By the way, I love your new layout. =)

  6. Great post SSG. I got bored by Eat Pray Love.
    I LOVED the Italy bit, liked the India bit mostly but sadly got bored with Bali. She was far too lucky for every thing to turn out just so. I like the travelogueness of it all but I felt she didn't share enough with me as to what were the dark dark time that led her on her journey. If she had I may have liked her better and have been glad for all the joy that came into her life.
    Any hoo maybe like Carly I'll give it another whirl. I won't be seeing the movie though as am not of fan of Julia R although seeing Javier in a romantic lead just might make me watch it one Sunday arvo!
    I am off now to look at the Kindle. Hey I am a follower (FF 2010).
    Kate Bx

  7. Hi there, Great review of the Kindle. I was going to post a question about how you charge it up in Australia, but you've answered that for me. That was the only thing I was worried about. I want one now too. I do love the smell and texture of books, but I am excited by the idea of 1) Less clutter - my other half will thank the gods for less books in the bedroom, and 2) That I can read at night in bed without a itty bitty book light while he is trying to sleep. And that I'm not noisy turning pages. No sore wrist either.

    Wow, I think I've just sold myself on one. I do love the idea of reading newspapers online too. Beats trying to squint at the text on my blackberry half the time.

    Do you take yours everywhere with you. Are they compact? My sister has the ipad but I think they are too big for a handbag.

    Love you new blog too! The design is great. My little man just walked in and asked me "how did those fish get into the computer". He's 6 and I have no idea how to explain that one! LOL


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