Oct 17, 2010

Saving My Soles (and Soul). Sundays in the Melbourne CBD.

Oh Melbourne, you are Sydney's sensible but elegant cousin who spent their gap year in Europe.  You are always impeccably groomed and hold great faith in manicured greenery to liven up your flowerboxes.  Your rooves are almost that European blue grey.

Your takeaway coffees cost around $5 (just like in Paris) but they come with a fresh and crisp biscuit.

There's no Starbucks in the CBD for you - it's Brunetti's at the Paris End of Collins St (just down from Chanel).

People walking your tree lined, granite tiled sidewalks on the weekend don't wear Havs or Birkis, they wear Proper Shoes.

I considered myself forewarned and arrived with plenty of support for my feet.  Heel pads with blister reducing properties, heel pads that help one walk in heels......

In the end, the good old bandaid tough strips did the best job.

Determined to go to dinner wearing heels, I had one more trick up my black knitted sleeve.....

Two sizes are available, dependent on the width of your heel  The pair cost a total of $27 USD including shipping.  Got mine from Ebay.

Sole Mates.  They fit over the existing heel of your stilleto and rescue it from being caught in pavement cracks or (allegedly) getting staked into things like lawn.

I never quite got around to using these though.

Walking down the road from your hotel for that eye opening cup of coffee requires you to have had your eyes well opened for at least half an hour before hand in order to make yourself presentable for Swanston Street.

Red lipstick is obligatory.  It draws attention away from lacklustre hair.

And don't forget the scarf casually draped over your shoulders.

The biggest secret to pulling off Sunday in Melbourne?  A luxurious bath in the morning before going out to face the day.
A French Kiss Bubble Bar

I'm now back home in Sydney, later than planned and watching one of my favourite programmes, Offspring - filmed in Melbourne, of course.  I had a lovely day with Carly Findlay who has beaten me to the post in her blog about our day of power shopping.  Carly, it was lovely meeting you and you were a very gracious shopping partner in Melbourne today.

More details to follow.


  1. I miss Melbourne even more now:)

    Great outfit...you look great girl.

    Have a great week!


  2. SP: you just have to visit again soon.

    SSG xxx

  3. Oh, so pleased you had such a wonderful time in this gorgeous city and a great meet up with Carly. In fact I have to say when I got back from UK recently and we touched down at Melbourne Airport the chief steward at Qantas Airways said "Welcome to Melbourne Ladies and Gentlemen - the most beautiful city in the world". I believe him. x

  4. Thanks for meeting me - it was lovely to meet you. You are awesome xx


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