Nov 9, 2010

An Award From Lady Oslo

Who will always be Soul Princess as well, to me :-)

Today, I received the Cherry On Top Award from The Lady of Oslo.  Go check out her blog.  It's wonderfully diverse, informative and full of good music, clothes and coffee.

Thank you so much, SP.  I was just craving a glace cherry myself.  On top of either an ice cream sundae or a cupcake.

Now the rules are as follows...

  1. Thank the person you got it from 
  2. Copy the award 
  3. Tell us three things you like to do
  4. Send the award onto 5 other blogs that you think are deserving...

Three things I like to do!

  1. Shopping - no brainer
  2. Chilling out with Mr SSG
  3. Keeping as healthy and fit as I can - food, exercise, attitude to life

5 other blogs that ought to get this award:

  1. A Farmer's Wife at Life In the Country  - a humorous  but always warm blog about life on the farm with the Mr and children
  2. Champagne and Bubbles - fun, great shopping the countdown to a new life in Singapore!  Best of luck, Bubbles!
  3. Blighty - seeing the often hilarious side of life with 2 sons, a husband and an enviable collection of nail polish
  4. Suger Coat It - Melissa always manages to humorously tell it like it is and gives me something to think about
  5. Motherhood, Career, Fashion - Brasilian_Babe, you have the most drool worthy accessories and accessible chic.


  1. Congratulations SSG - you deserve the cherry award. Enjoy! x

  2. Loved the answers:)

    And such a nice post!

  3. Congrats! you have a great blog, well earned!

  4. SSG, congratulations on a much deserved award. And thank you so much for spreading the love!!! I really really appreciate it! Hope you have the loveliest of weekends! :)


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