Nov 24, 2010

Bad Traffic and Routine Disruption. For Those Left Behind At Pike River, New Zealand.

"Lego, imagine it's Lego."

About once a week, the calm presence of a pair of cuff linked wrists descend up on the kitchen at SSG Manor accompanied by a voice encouraging me to think of Lego and the benefits of stacking by shape and size. 

Unfortunately, it is usually at 7 am on a weekday when I've eaten my breakfast / read the front page of the paper / need to get into the shower really quickly / remember to put my phone in my bag / get my lunch out of the fridge.  I've got places to be, things to do.

I can't load a dishwasher efficiently.  So long as a rinsed dish fits somewhere in either of the 2 drawers, I consider my duty done.  Not so for Mr SSG.  He has an uncanny knack for being able to create space where I only saw a pair of plastic lunchboxes uneasily balancing on top of each other.  Surely the water can get in between the two and clean effectively?

The dishwasher filled, the cycle started, Mr SSG's work is done.  He glides serenely out the door to catch his  bus.

And I pull together an outfit for the day.  I have a soft spot for white T shirts from Target.  They come down well below the waist (something to actually tuck into a waistband rather than have the hem ride up your waist as the day progresses) and have survived many, many rounds in the front loader.

White T - Target, navy skirt - Ralph Lauren, necklace - you know it, the FF Leo necklace by Red Phoenix Emporium.
The traffic on the way home tonight was crazy.  It took half an hour to get 50 m down the main road that feeds into the final stretch home for me.  About the only good thing about this was that the stand still allowed the sombrero clad promoters of a new Mexican restaurant to stroll between the cars and hand out menus.

Which means I finally have a Mexican menu for my kikki K takeaway menu folder.  I've got every other nationality covered.

You  know how I was having trouble watching Secret Diary of a Callgirl?  I found a way around it. I'm just going to read the book.  The dialogue may be less confronting this way.

Perhaps my local Subway wasn't the best place to start reading.
Yes, I had dinner at Subway tonight.  I got home so late, I missed yoga and my whole Wednesday routine got seriously out of whack.  On the up side, my bag is packed and the outfits sorted out.  I had a chat to mum and I know where we have to be and when in Singapore this Saturday.  Thank goodness it is such a visitor friendly country.  Everywhere we need to be is easy to get to from our hotels.

It was a tough call - takeaway or prosecco and blue cheese from the fridge.  Eventually, I decided on the healthier option.  Effort was required to get back into the car (after that horror traffic jam) to drive the 5 minutes to our local fast food Bermuda Triangle.  May I just warn those who were hoping that the seafood extender sub with marinara sauce would taste like spaghetti marinara?  Don't go there.

I don't think there are words left for the 29 miners who have died in the Pike River mine in New Zealand.  Everyone, most importantly the families, hoped that this disaster would have the same jubilant ending to that of the Chilean disaster a few months ago.  Tragically, this has proven to be a far more cruel beast.

It must have been so painful for the families to have heard the early announcement of the rescue mission looking more like a retrieval mission.  We heard the news of the second and certainly fatal mine explosion this afternoon in Australia.  Julia Gillard offered condolences on behalf of all Australians and flags will be flown at half mast in New South Wales tomorrow.

For those that have been left behind, the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key delivered this speech.  It is the most moving peace time political speech I have heard.


  1. The Farmer has a similar ability to pack the back of our car. I think it is completely full and then he pulls all the stuff out, repacks it and fits in heaps more stuff... Handy.

    The events at Pike River today made me so sad.

  2. Why is it so hard to find a decent white t-shirt? I went to Myer and Target the other day and every single white tshirt under size 16 had sold out. I eventually got one from Best and Less, but it is kinda inferior. Yours looks good with the FF Leo!



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