Nov 10, 2010

A Bird in the Bird Park and A New Stila Eyeshadow. Nigella, Nigella, Nigella.

Nature has always been a rich source of inspiration for fashion and cosmetic houses.

The Rihanna bird at KL Bird Park in Malaysia.  I may have gotten its name wrong....
I don't need convincing that my fine feathered friend's hair do won't quite work with my face shape and hair texture (hair dresser speak for letting a girl down gently when asking for 'Jennifer Aniston hair') but those eyes.  That bold sweep of black.  Dramatically exotic.

With my bird photo in mind, I went to Mecca for the elusive jet black eyeshadow.  You know the one that's soft yet not too smudgy, that doesn't flake under your eyes and isn't too glittery?  Neither did I.

It's been so long since I bought a Stila eyeshadow, the packaging has changed!

I do think Stila's black cat is pretty close to the mark.

I don't know if you've bought any Stila eyeshadow recently, but the packaging has changed.  In a counter intuitive move, Stila have gone from eco friendly cardboard holders to these more practical and robust metal containers with clear tops.  Don't tell me this happened 5 years ago, it will make me feel even more cosmetically irrelevant than I feel now.

Yesterday's outfit was more exciting than today's.  So here it is.  In the customary 2 photos in front of the streaky mirror.

As you can see, the experiment with sleeping in wet hair didn't work.  There are no beach hair curls to be seen.  It's what you get for having Japanese hair straightening.  No matter what you do to your hair, it always follows gravity - in a perpendicular line.

There's no bad hair day too bad for a Twilly to rescue.

So it looked a pretty standard issue from the waist up.

Thankfully the shoe option was black flats.  No lace ups or long grey socks with the school colours at the knee were co-opted into this outfit.  Shirt and shorts - Ralph Lauren, belt - Esprit.

Then we get to my work shorts.  In hindsight, a little more school boy than preppy.  Work proceeded without incident and I wasn't told to wait in the corridor or asked to stop playing with the computers and making the machines beep.

It was a special night around the television at SSG Manor last night.  Our fancy new contract with Foxtel was running smoothly and Nigella Lawson's new series was premiering.

It was also noodle night.  I used Kylie Kwong's  mother's recipe for Hokkien noodles.  Here's the link.  The story Kylie tells of her busy parents teaching the kids the recipe so that they could help out with the running of the household brought back memories of mum doing the same with my brothers and I.

One of the secret is to marinate the chicken an hour or so in advance.

It was a great success.  Mr SSG volunteered to take some leftovers to work for lunch.  I think that officially makes me a good wife.

And then it was Nigella time.  I love this series, Nigella's Kitchen already.  So much so that I think I have to buy the book.  I intend to make the peanut butter cheesecake in a black silk dressing gown, just like Nigella.

Speaking of good wives, (Nigella and I), it's been another good night of television.  I've recorded The Good Wife and Glee (was at yoga tonight) and ... Mr SSG just found the new series of Rachel Zoe.  He's calling out the good bits for me - Taylor, Demi Moore and the Louboutins.  And he's recording it for me.  Definitely a good husband.


  1. What a great blog you have here! Love the ribbon. Love the combo of my favorite things - shopping, food, makeup, fitness. And your self-portrait is adorable!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it SO much!

  2. I really like Nigella. I find her recipes work well too -it may be something to do with the lashings of butter and pints of double cream that make them yummy. Great for dinner parties.

    Enjoy your day. Please keep us informed of how any baking in a black silk dressing gown goes. I see the potential for a laundry dilemma though. Cream cheese + black silk = ?

  3. Glad you enjoyed Nigella - did you catch Kirsty's Home Made Home last night too? Love the stila eyeshadow - and no, think that they have only just changed their packaging! Very cute outfit by the way. x

  4. I love Nigella. When I was about to move out of home, my parents bought me her Nigella Bites book.

    You stories about makeup have me wanting to try it! Ok, so you and FF have influenced my OPI purchase.

    Did I tell you how much I love your new blog background?


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