Nov 23, 2010

Caffeine As Jewelry. Kaftans As Workwear.

If wearing the molecular structure of caffeine around your neck doesn't keep you away all day, then I don't know what will.

There's only so much coffee and coke zero a girl can drink in a day.  The alternative of wearing your caffeine fix is a very attractive one.  Especially when it is made from sterling silver.  I bought this from etsy, and the seller's name is molecularmuse .  Personally, I find wearing this necklace more convenient than having to spray myself periodically with coffee or coke zero.

Well the necklace worked.  I stayed awake all day.  Pretty good effort on 4 hours sleep.

My caffeine levels replete, it was time to whip out this dress.

Dress - Country Road.
I'm classifying it as a kaftan.  On account of the neckline.  And the vivid red paisley print.  Oh I am suffering in this weather that occasionally promises summer but then gives me nights where I need to drag out my flannel pyjamas (and bed socks) again.  Wearing something kaftan-ish to work in November is almost as good as wearing a kaftan to the beach.  Not really.  It's the caffeine talking.

Anyway, I went to work looking like this.

Bag - Witchery.
 But sadly, without these shoes.

Heels - Mimco.
I bought them because they looked a bit edgy and have what I hoped was a sensible platform sole and a sturdy heel.  Those magic features in a pair of heels that speak to your (okay might just be my) left brain and say 'yes, SSG, what a perfect example of flattering and work appropriate heels, proceed out the door to your car'.

Except your canny left brain takes a look from above at the back of those heels.

Serotonin, the molecule of happiness.

That's my serotonin molecule semi permanent tattoo on the floor.  It came with my necklace.  It's going to take a lot more than one molecule of serotonin to get me through a day of work in heels.  Not even the caffeine around my neck is going to cut it.

I put the heels back into their pink dustbags.  Well played, left brain.  My feet thank you.

After all the molecular excitement of the day, whole foods were the go for dinner.

I'm going to have an early night with a murder mystery or two and BBC News Radio, I think.  I'm hooked on Ruth Rendell and Agatha Christie all over again.  My Kindle makes it all so easy.

I have been trying to watch Secret Diary of a Callgirl.  Billie Piper is perfectly cast and she nails the role (oh the puns).  The dialogue is very funny but gee is it graphic.  I'm only on episode one and there's a whole lot of fast forwarding and gazing at the dust on my vertical blinds going on....  I am finding it all too confronting.  SATC is like The Simpsons in comparison.

It's nearly Wednesday!  Two more days of school work before the trip.  Packing is going to plan.  Everything I'm taking is spread out on the spare bed.  Where I can see it.

Have a lovely evening, talk to you soon.


  1. The dress is gorgeous, and the heels are just beautiful!

    I've been watching Secret Diary of a Callgirl too, and I'd only ever be able to watch it by myself. I get too embarrassed too. Waaay too full on (although I'll watch the next ep, I'm also a fan of Billie Piper in the role!)

  2. So happy that you were inspired by the necklace! I *love* it with that dress!

  3. Wow love the dress and the shoes, so so pretty.

    What a cute idea for necklaces

  4. I love the outfit. Good decis with the shoes - pretty yet painful.
    Ooooh your trip is so close. Enjoy! Can't wait to see what you have packed/seen/bought.

  5. That dinner looks delicious and so healthy, It is so hot here that we are all just looking at each other wishing someone else would prepare a healthy meal. There is talk of pizza......


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