Nov 16, 2010

Le Paris-Go Cafe, Bondi.

After enjoying the sun rising over Bondi at the crack of dawn on Sunday and doing the full circuit of around 100 sculptures in the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, Mr SSG and I were thirsty, hot and famished.  In no particular order.

It was time for us to do brunch in Bondi.

After strolling Hall Street for inspiration, we decided on Le Paris-Go.  Details in the Urban Spoon widget at the end of this post.

It's a Bondi institution.  We chose a table inside (but with a breeze blowing through our window) and helped ourselves to water from the dispenser.  As we tried to decide on what to eat, heaped plates sailed around us to neighbouring tables.  Locals dropped in for their regular coffees.  The staff were relaxed but efficient. 

The standard SSG order of a large skinny cap.
They were GOOD coffees.
Mr SSG's usual machiato.

The decor was garage chic with a touch of beach.  The walls are painted a wonderful sky blue with clouds blended in.

The freshly squeezed juices are a must try. 

We ordered 'whatever you suggest that's not too fruity' (in the words of Mr SSG) and were rewarded with the enormous stainless steel milkshake tumbler full of frothy fresh juice.  There was a hint of ginger, a rainbow on top and goodness all the way through.

The kitchen and service area takes up half the small space inside.  It was a ruthlessly efficient set up.  Juicing, frying, barista-ing and muffin baking all happening simultaneously.

It was hot and humid but not to the point that I could say no to half a buttery croissant with fresh jam.

There was still room for a cooked breakfast after all of the above (it's the seaside, it always makes me hungry.

Mr SSG ordered a Big (massive) breakfast.  Fresh, simple flavours.  Couldn't ask for more.

I was feeling Mexican and ordered the breakfast burrito.  It contained refried beans, scrambled eggs, avocado and sour cream on the side.  Plus salad.  I like to think that it really wasn't such a massive breakfast on account of half the plate being occupied by salad. 

Gee, Sunday really was magic here in Sydney, wasn't it?  Hope the weather improves again for the weekend.  I have no idea what's going on outdoors today.  Been indoors at work all day....

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  1. The 2nd to last picture looks a lot like an English breakfast: mushrooms, potatoes, sausage, tomato. Is that what I'm seeing or is that what most Aussie's eat?

  2. christine: we love all sorts of different breakfasts in Australia. We borrow alot from other countries. Going out for breakfast always equals eating things I never make for my breakfast at home. They are also often on the less healthy end of the spectrum, but oh so tasty.

    SSG xxx

  3. Looks like the perfect morning to me!

  4. Now that looks like my kind of morning!! Perfect way to start the day :-)


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