Nov 17, 2010

Love From Red Phoenix Emporium. I'm Just Like My Mum Over A Royal Engagement.

You know how I was all maudlin over the Outnet sale?  I knew those dollars saved would come in handy. I had hoped that the rainy day situation would involve a dream list handbag purchase but unfortunately, the funds were required for more mundane matters.  My car.  What started as one light blinking out of turn has snowballed into a pretty frightening list of repairs - I must have an angel at my steering wheel because I've been driving serious kilometeres without noticing any of the faults.   It'll be out of action for 2 days.

But there were so many things to smile about today.

Starting from this morning.  Mr SSG has made a miracle recovery from the lurgy that was going around his office.  It started with someone's toddler, maimed his mother for weeks and then mutated into a lethal adults only kind of head cold with a bonus sore throat.  It's kind of bittersweet saying goodbye (and good riddance) to Mr SSG's Godfather voice.

My wonderful colleagues worked out a roster to give me lifts.  Quite a few people live near me and though it's less than an hour's drive to work, public transport is sole destroying.

My order from Red Phoenix Emporium arrived.  Days that begin with pink parcels are always good days indeed.

As seen on the front page of the SMH - travel with the strong dollar.  At least, that's what I got out of that coverline.
There was a wonderful surprise inside my parcel.

A very sweet note from Lotus and Willow and a gift.

Marquisite Lariat Necklace, part of Lotus' collection at Red Phoenix Emporium
Thank you so much, Lotus and Willow.  It was very kind of you.  I am spreading the word about RPE.  There is great interest at work in regards to my collection of necklaces.

I am finding homes for the newest additions.

The white Coco necklace from Red Phoenix Emporium, new colour for the season.

The Audrey necklace from Red Phoenix Emporium.  

Adding a little Hepburn chic to the view from the lounge room.

I'm just like my mum over Royal Engagements.  I remember poring over the women's magazines with mum back in 1981 for news about Diana and then in 1986 for Sarah.  We were allowed to have dinner in front of the television so that we could watch the wedding ceremonies.

Will marry next year ... Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Photo from - credited to AP.
I love this photo.  Those big smiles that practically burst from your face when you've just gotten engaged.  They both look radiant and just like any other young couple over the moon at their future lives together.  I think the Royal Family has moved on in a good way with regard to trying to find their role in the pubic eye in a world where fame and celebrity once threatened royalty with tragic consequences.  In this photo I see a pair of mature people who've gotten to know each other pretty well in many different situations and who have grown up together in as normal a way as they could in their circumstances.  I hope they have a wonderful engagement and married life together.

I might just start buying New Idea and Women's Day ......

I have to admit to feeling a little weird when I first heard that the engagement ring was Diana's own but this is the decision and concern purely of the family and really not mine to judge.  I saw a clip of William and Kate's first official interview and hearing them both talk about the late Princess and the symbolism of her engagement ring being part of this wedding was pretty moving stuff.

The Faux Fucshia Leo necklace, every bit as vibrant as its namesake.  Even my hair had bounce and body today.  Owe you one, FF.
Outfit deets: cardi by Cotton On, white T by Target.

Feet of the day: those 100% synthetic $20 flats from Cotton On, so comfy.  Black cuffed 3/4 pants by GAP (Tokyo).

A bit of colour was in order for today's work outfit.  For the kindness of wonderful people around me, for the Royal Engagement (that sapphire ring really is growing on me) and just because.


  1. Mmmmm Love the Audrey necklace. Have just done a large necklace purchase for Christmas presents. Those necklaces make me happy. I may need to sort an Audrey out for my own stocking. What did farmer's wives do when they couldn't internet shop?

    I was excited about the ring. Maybe it makes up, just a tiny bit, for not having your Mum around to help celebrate your engagement. I still just love the fact that Princess Diana chose "the biggest" It is a choice I understand!

    Hope all is going well for you. Go stun the world with your necklaces.


  2. Love the new Coco necklace! And where have I been? They got engaged? :o

  3. HI SSG I am a longtime lurker... first time commenter!! I have been meaning to ask what you think of the quality of Cotton On clothes??? I have been put off the "cheap and cheerful" cardigans because I am very concerned about pilling and pulls and basically them looking trashed after a few wears... can you care to comment??? Thanks!! OZJANE

  4. OZJANE: cotton on is a mixed bag. I like the cardigans because I just put them in the wash and they come through it with minimal trauma. Good for wearing to work.

    SSG xxx

  5. love your new necklaces!! do they have a website to order things?

    i think diana's ring is a lot of pressure, especially as it was a failed marriage, but it's a very moving gesture, no doubt.

    M xx

  6. The Audrey and the FF Leo necklaces are beautiful!!! I'm going to check our Red Phoenix Emporium now.

  7. So I bought a Tiffany necklace with a sapphire in it just DAYS before the Royal Engagement. I think Wills read my blog to get an idea of what was on trend before he popped the question.
    Kate is really very beautiful.
    And your necklace collection is beautiful too. Your FF one looks wonderful on you.


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