Nov 8, 2010

N-Oprah. Monsoonal Monday.

This was my left wrist at the computer this morning checking for that magical email from Oprah / Harpo.

Sadly, it was not to be.  I didn't get tickets to either taping on December 14.  I'm not sure exactly how many tickets were available and how many were allocated to Australian fans.  All I can hope for is a second round offer.

I don't think there's a person in Sydney who didn't manage to get drowned at least once today.

It has truly been a monsoon worthy Monday.  Driving today felt like a sequence from a 'natural disaster' film.  Thick streaks of silver lighting flashed through ominous pinky grey skies.  There was a sinister hue to the evening sun.  I wish I could have taken photos but these are not times for reckless driving.

I felt like a cast member from Cloverfield, the very clever film from 2008 about a monster attack in New York City.

My all time favourite suspense, horror, natural disaster film.  I am really excited to hear that there will be a sequel.

The rain caught up with me after yoga though.  It was a class that focussed on bird poses.

I may have had more luck with carrying my body weight through my hands if I'd stuck to a fruit only diet before class tonight.  

By which I mean we were meant to balance our body weight on two limbs that weren't our feet.  Which made it our arms.  There was folding of arms under bent knees, suspending legs off the ground with our hands on the ground and then the shoulder stand that ended up being a back bend onto the floor.

I ended up being a bit of an ostrich when we got to the even more complicated poses.  Instead of my burying my head in the sand, I ended up lying on my back in a pose I like to call 'Surrender'.  At which point the heavens opened and I had to walk back to the car in Birkis that had taken up a fair bit of water.

Here's hoping that the rain stops soon.  I would really like to get to Sculpture by the Sea this weekend.  It's the final weekend of the exhibition in Sydney and it's a great opportunity to hit the beach and surrounds for an invigorating walk and a bit of art.

Take care and stay dry wherever you may be.  I think I'm going to stay up for a while to wait for my hair to dry because I'm too lazy to whip out my Parlux.  The optimist within me is saying that I will wake up with soft waves through my hair on account of sleeping with damp hair coiled around my head.  I'll let you know how it pans out tomorrow.


  1. Hi
    Just gave you an award!
    Have a nice day - LO

  2. I was lucky enough to stay dry as I stayed at home! That was the only way :P

  3. Oh, Lady! I feel your "N'Oprah" pain! Devastating. As such I have just blogged on said devastation. Boo hoo!


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