Nov 15, 2010

Nigella's Kitchen Arrives At SSG Manor.

It didn't take long....

I've enjoyed Nigella's Kitchen series so much on Foxtel, I had to buy the book.  This weekend.  It's actually the first Nigella book I've bought.  I think it's the realism and practicality of this series that got me.  Also, Nigella seems to have gone semi-healthy in 2010.  

Nigella Lawson and Donna Hay are  my favourite 'food writers'.  I'm not sure what I should call them or they should both be pigeon holed into the same category.  In the introduction to this latest book, Nigella reinforces the point that she is not a chef but rather someone who cooks because she wants too.  The chapters before the recipes begin are a fascinating read.  Especially the rogues gallery of cooking contraptions that never worked as they were meant to in the Lawson kitchen.  How can Nigella NOT love her slow cooker though?!?!

I wonder if Nigella and Donna have ever met?  To workshop the direction of their respective writing careers?  I wonder what that would have been like? Perhaps it was in a city mutually convenient to the pair - Paris?  Macarons and eclairs at Laduree?  Or perhaps New York?  At Whole Foods?  Over cartons of the do it yourself lunch selections in the prepared food section?  With heads bowed over foods rather than looking at image or inspiration boards they think and try to decide where it is they wish to direct the appetites and kitchens of their loyal readers for season 2010/2011 and beyond.

I think I saw a new Donna Hay cookbook at Dymock's the other day.  I am very tempted to buy it too.  As much as I enjoy reading Donna Hay magazine, I find it much easier to collect (and use) cookbooks rather than magazines.

It was a hot and humid day when Kitchen (the book) arrived in kitchen (the area of SSG Manor).  As indicated by the ritzy lemon, lime and bitters being imbibed.  It was before noon on a Saturday, in case you were wondering why it wasn't a glass of sparkling.

The first recipe I wanted to try was Nigella's Japanese Prawns.  This is the video for the recipe if you were keen.

I love a recipe that involves frozen, peeled and deveined prawns.

I got mine from Coles ($10 for 400g which serves 2 very hungry people for dinner, or one SSG and a slightly under the weather Mr SSG).

Some other key players in the dish.  Sake, wasabi, lime and iceberg lettuce.  I know icebergs aren't fashionable but the firmness of their leaves and their subtle fresh taste really make this recipe.

I love this.  The excitement of tossing frozen food directly into a wok of sizzling oil, garlic and spring onions.

I was re-enacting Nigella's Japanese Prawns video clip faithfully.  Except that I'm not in London.  I did eat mine near my laptop though....

It really was that simple.  Wok fried prawns and the sauce on top of lettuce and topped with coriander.

I'm going to making this for dinner many, many times this summer.


  1. Was it yummy? It looks yummy.

    I love the way Nigella doesn't get all po faced about frozen food. She just throws it in.

    Enjoy, hope all is well in your world SSG.


  2. Love how easy Nigella makes dinner look and cook!
    Those prawns look scrumptious!

  3. I was just reading that comment Nigella made about her lack of love for her slow cooker, yesterday...v.strange as I'm really quite fond of mine. Oh well I guess that's where our similarities end Nigella!

  4. I too saw this recipe while watching Nigella's latest series and have now made it many, many times.  It is very quick, and low in fat which I prefer, and very, very tasty.  The quantities Nigella used are really for 1 person so I increase the quantities per person for the number of diners.  I did make the mistake of using cooked frozen prawns as opposed to raw frozen prawns, and it definitely did not work - the prawns overcooked.  I also add finely sliced red capsicum and steamed asparagus with the spring onions to add some bulk, flavours and colour to the dish and these ingredients seem to work well.


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