Nov 4, 2010

Parity Party and Power Pufflinks. Of Matters Mascara.

Sorry for the lame title, it was all in the name of alliteration.

The AUD has hit parity with the USD and it looks like we're there for the long term.  I'm being good readers so there will be no reckless NAP purchase confessions on the blog - for at least the rest of this month.  I'm saving it for Singapore.  Actually, that was meant to be I'm saving.  Full stop.  That sounds more definitive than period.

I always like a clever viral ad campaign.  This was posted on youTube in response to that CBA interest rate hike Australian readers will no doubt be familiar with.  

Forget the Democrats' moment of crisis in the US, forget the recent renewal of the Anglo-French military alliance (I wonder what Carla Bruni was wearing in London as her husband delivered his speech about togetherness into the future).  What's really getting front page news here in Australia is rogue banks and interest rates.  Moving right along.

That was pretty lame alliteration in today's title, sorry.  But it was indeed power puff links day.  I had an important interview for work today so power dressing was mandatory.  I think it went well and I hope I came across more power than powder puff.

I bought these cufflinks on my first trip to Sydney with Mr SSG.  Way back when I was Perth Shop Girl.  We came to Sydney to see U2 and well, shop.  I also bought several shirts from Herringbone.  U2, the Herringbone apparel and the SSGs are all still going strong some 4 years later.

So I thought I had the whole professional look going.  Suit, shirt (with cufflinks), polished shoes and tidy hair.  The idea was that just before the 5pm interview, I'd have a chance to tidy up my face to match my outfit.

Remembered my eyelash curler but somehow forgot both my mascaras.  Doesn't everyone have two mascaras in use at any given time?  One for volume and one to lengthen and for your lower lashes?  Those volumizing mascaras have huge brushes that don't really do well on the lower lash line.  Especially when you're in a rush and at an awkward angle at the mirror in the work bathroom.

So there at the mirror in the bathroom at work.  With my nifty eyelash curler but no mascaras.  I did have my vaseline though.  I can vouch for that rumour that vaseline is a good substitute for clear mascara in times of need.  Just curl your lashes and and apply a little vaseline to them.

I did remember my faithful pink lipstick (Chanel's Magnolia Rose) and some cream blush (Clinique's Shy Blush - so good as a GWP, I'm just going to have to buy the full size product when this sample runs out).

Tomorrow's my last day working with S.  She's the junior on the team and extremely competent.  We've only worked together for a week but she's made a busy week very reasonable.  I'm getting to that age when I remember wistfully what it was like being the junior on the team.  I like to think I was a little like S way back when.

I haven't had time to buy a gift so I am gifting one bar of my favourite soap.  I'm not sure if she's a coffee person (otherwise I would have bought a surprise coffee for her tomorrow morning).  Whenever we start the day, I arrive armed with a large mug of coffee whilst S is calmly ready for the day's dramas without any visible source of caffeine.  Well played, S!

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