Nov 11, 2010

Pippi Dogstocking and SSG's Late Night Shopping Adventure.

Since I've moved to Sydney, I've adopted a few new traditions for Christmas.

For me, Christmas isn't Christmas without a visit to Ikea (even if it is a visit some 6 weeks before Christmas).  There's something about the cheap and chic Swedish design aesthetic that gets me every year.

This year, however, it wasn't just all about buying everything I could stuff into my very own Ikea re-useable shopping tote (yes, I'm a regular).

Ikea have a charity project this year where stuffed toys purchased can potentially contribute to 2 childrens' charities.  1 Euro will be donated for each stuffed toy purchase to help educate children in areas of need.  There was also the option of donating the stuffed toy to a local charity.  Which this year, for New South Wales, is Westmead Children's Hospital.  I don't have children of my own but I have a soft spot for kids' hospitals and all that they do for the children and their families.

Two for one charity.  Couldn't let that pass me by.  I chose a sock dog.  He's the Pippi Longstocking of the canine world - a funky striped sock at each leg.

There's my dog, Pippi Dogstocking (I don't know his cool Swedish Ikea name) belly up in the donation box at the checkout.  I hope that the child who gets Pippi D this Christmas gets all their Christmas wishes as well as good health, love and a discharge home to their families for Christmas lunch (even if it's only gate leave).

I'm also a member of Ikea Family, which entitles me to various offers.  Including free coffee.  I haven't gotten around to exploring this offer yet.  Mr SSG owes me dinner at Ikea Cafe.

One of the offers involved a discount on Ikea's organic blue cheese.

How could I say no to the combination of ginger snaps and blue cheese.  They appeared to be advertised in store as your typical Swedish cheese and crackers combination.  I've got snacks for drinkies sorted, I guess.  Will let you know how we fare.

It was indeed S-U-M-M-E-R in Sydney today.  Bright skies, sun and a genuine warmth to the air that lasted into the evening.

The perfect kind of day to wear my Elk necklace from Melbourne.  More specifically from shopping with Carly Findlay in Melbourne last month.  There was more from Ikea, kids.  Crab paste in a tube.  Another good drinks option.  I'll be feeling the early 80s when I squeeze a swirl on top of my Jatz crackers or perhaps a hard boiled egg?  How good would crab paste be in a devilled egg inspired dish?

There were bargains to be had at Coles.  $10 for 10 cans of John West flavoured tuna.

More  importantly, this is the left foot of my Hyper Prives.  Readers, it was horribly disfigured last weekend.  I scraped a chunk off the inner side of the toe box.  The irony of my obsessing with heel protectors and sole resurfacing.  The one part of the shoe I couldn't protect.  Anyway, the cobbler managed to do some kind of magic and the patch is repaired.

I had to retake the photo of my shoe.  Apparently, party shoes don't view cans of flavoured tuna as get well presents.  They are much happier with chocolate biscuits.  I wonder if Coles own brand cut the mustard?


  1. Ha ha .. this made me laugh - loving that your party shoes like choc. best....! Know what you mean about Ikea and christmas - more is more! Don't you just love Elk? - my favourite necklace csme from them. x

  2. I am super impressed that you can walk in those shoes SSG!
    Also - Sock dog is gorgeous and will definitely bring a smile and some happiness to a little child.

  3. Oh my God, how did you do that to your shoes?!
    Even though I'd love a pair of expensive heels I think to myself that I wear shoes rather heavily of foot so it would be too cruel to subject them to this everyday.

    Your charity donation was excellent. I always try to donate to a charity every two months or so if I can afford to :)

  4. The shoes are awesome! It takes a lot of practice to learn how to walk in them though... And for me they are only indoor shoes...

    Loving the Elk. My shipment arrived this morning and I am dancing around the house in the short cicada necklace. It's awesome.

  5. I haven't been to Ikea in the longest time! I should stop by and stock up on herring! :P

  6. I love fishy pastes. I have to try this one from ikea that you've blogged about.

    Glad to see your Elk necklace is getting a wear (thanks for the mention!).

    Those shoes are amazing, and I could never walk in them. You are talented :)


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