Nov 6, 2010

Tears On Toast. Canberra't Without You.

They were tears over a novel and not any real life events, fortunately.  Apologies to Emma Ayres for borrowing the title of a segment on her morning radio programme over on ABC Classic FM.

My favourite genre for a relaxing read is Irish Chick Lit.  I have never been to Ireland but I find myself drawn to the work of many Irish woman authors.  The mixture of common sense, humour, the colloquialisms and the broad picture of Irish life across generations are the reasons that are easiest to define.  But there is also a sense of comfort as I get drawn into the plot and get to know the characters.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my love of Maeve Binchy novels earlier in this blog.  I was a little anxious when Maeve announced a few years ago that she was going to retire as an author.  Thankfully, she seems to have changed her mind because I found Minding Frankie in e-book form on Amazon last week.

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Reading 'Minding Frankie' was like rediscovering old friends.  My favourite characters from 'Scarlet Feather', 'Evening Class', 'Quentins', 'Nights of Rain and Stars' and 'Heart and Soul' were reunited in this novel.  This isn't meant to be a comprehensive review of the novel but I feel that it is one of Maeve's best novels.  Wry observations of human nature were woven in with the more familiar loving and touching portrayals of engaging characters.

I got to the final chapters of 'Minding Frankie' on my Kindle whilst in bed this morning.  It was yet another wintry morning in what should have been solid spring for Sydney.  I'm not going to give too much away but it was a sad, poignant end.  There was a death and I think it was possibly more moving than the death of a young cast member on Packed to the Rafters the other week.  It wasn't just a few tears in the corners of my eyes this morning, I had a good cry for most of the final chapter.  I'm going to give mum and dad a call tonight.

OPI nail polishes can always be relied upon for catchy blog post titles.  Today's pedicure choice was no exception.
Canberra't Without You - OPI.
Canberra't Without You is the nude pink. Applies like a dream and is quite opaque.  It's perfect for all this wintry weather in the height of spring that Sydney can't seem to shake at the moment.

Ironically, go slow weekends end up being quite productive.  Mr SSG and I have rectified the mop bucket situation at SSG Manor.

We now have the right bucket for our mop.  Symmetry is restored, the old mop bucket was for mops with a different kind of cleaning surface.  Apparently the round bucket attachment is the optimal device for wringing the mop head dry.  Bit like twirling spaghetti on a fork.  It does work so I'm not going to think too hard about it.

It's going to be just as restful tomorrow.  I'm going to start the day with some home made baked beans.  They're going to be cooking overnight in my slow cooker.

But first, after a day of rest and cleansing (yoga this afternoon and homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner), I'm going to watch Get Him to the Greek.

That does sound a bit wrong.


  1. Glad you enjoying Minding Frankie- I finished it last week. Hmm, I'm trying to think of how to write this without giving the plot, the departure of a previously written in another book character was so sad! I loved Emily; Noel I found a bit boring.

  2. Dear SG
    I can thoroughly recommend Ireland we spent a blissful week there in August motoring around this beautiful island. Highlights were Dublin, Galway Dingle and the journeys in between it was truly magical and Mr KB and I so 'got' the Irish even though my great grandparents come from County Tipperary but he Mr DB has no ancestral connection.
    I saw 'Get me to the Greek' on my mercy dash to daughter in the Chelsea Westminster hospital. (Tell me do we send someone with Septicaemia home at 11 at night after 2 days in on IV antibiotics with a temp of 40.5 because they need the bed?)
    Anyway she home in Oz recovering and I felt the movie was a little too in your face (Scene with the hiding of the opiate up assistant back passage was a bit too much information!)

  3. Oh I do love Mr. Brand. Quite shameful, really.

  4. I'm a big fan of the Irish Chic Lit writers, and I am not surprised that you like them too! We like so many of the same things. My favourite is Marian Keyes. I'll have to take a look at more of Maeve - I've read a few but not a lot of her recent stuff...


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