Dec 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010. And A Very Fine Year You Were.

I had high hopes that this last post of the year, on New Year's Eve would be illuminating, insightful and inspirational.

As luck would have it, I'm not feeling particularly illuminating, insightful or inpsirational.  I think a long day at work might have had something to do with it.

In the spirit of it being a State Public Holiday, I went for comfort  and a Casual Friday look.

Top - Cotton On, jeans - Top Shop, necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium, Audrey and Coco in white
I might be better tomorrow, New Year's Day, with the benefit of some champagne and vaguely healthy brunch time beverages (bellinis and / or champagne punch, can't decide).

Mr SSG and I are having a quiet one in tonight.  Pottering around in our pyjamas (or after work clothes for Mr SSG who isn't a PJ kind of man) and drinking our choice of beverages from glassware as opposed to plastic cups (if we'd been out in one of Sydney's NYE hot spots).  The most glamorous part of my outfit tonight is my pedicure, Opi's Big Apple Red.

2010 has been a fantastic year for me.  As the years have passed (and are doing so now quicker than ever), I've decided that I have no room in my life for anything less.  Yes, there have been difficult times and disappointments.  But I decided to think positively about them and focus really, really, really hard on the light at the end of those seemingly endless dark tunnels. 

I worried myself sick about parts of my life that didn't go exactly to plan but then found that the situations that some situations worked themselves out first in order that I could focus on trying to manage the others.  Life would be certainly easier if there were no situations at all but then there wouldn't be that feeling of resolution, relief and accomplishment when you've worked your way through something with all the spiritual and emotional guidance at your disposal.

I'm dithering about whether to make 'lists' in this post.  A list of things I'm grateful for, things I want to accomplish next year, things I accomplished this year.  Haven't thought too hard about any of it, I'm afraid.  Looking back on the year with the benefit of hindsight and the kindness of time having passed and healed any wounds, I think I've accomplished the more important things I set out to achieve this year.

I have changed my popular posts box to include the most read posts of all time which equates to 2010 anyway. A cheat's way of nominating the 10 greatest days of the year from a blog perspective.  When I read random posts from the last year, I'm amazed at how much I've managed to squeeze into 'another year'.

Writing this blog has given me things I had never anticipated when I started out tentatively with some self absorbed posts that started as tumblr and then moved on to blogger.  Perhaps this could be my 'NYE list':

  • I have made many new friendships with people I never would have had the opportunity to meet in real life
  • We've provided each other a virtual shoulder to lean on in times of need and a sense of 'I'm glad I'm not the only one' when confronted with one of life's unpredictable moments
  • We've shared personal achievements, proud moments and just plain good times
  • Through or perhaps because of the blogs, we've paused and reflected on the little things each day that made that day special.  Good or bad, happy or sad, I think that reflection has made us all live life just that little bit more
  • Not one of us just have a normal day!  The things we write and photograph are of interest to people somewhere out there.

One thing I am definite about for 2011 is that I have every intention of steering Sydney Shop Girl into its second year.  I may be a little busier next year and this has been playing on my mind.  However, I resolve to spend a little time each week to write at least one entry per week.  My blogging time is 'me time' and it is one of many things I know I can rely on to cheer me up if things aren't going as planned.

Happy New Year, readers who are also friends!  I hope 2010 gave you everything you needed and that 2011 will provide the same.  Thank you all for your comments and commitment to the blog.  I hope that you've been amused over the months if nothing else.

See you in the New Year!

New Years Eve should not be wasted on ordinary bubbles.  Pop open your favourite drop!!  SSG said so.

Dec 30, 2010

Have You Heard About the Beige Coloured Polo Shirt Catastrophe At SSG Manor? What I've Been Up To Recently.

Hello everyone!

How's life in your neck of the woods?  Just enjoying some time off?  Or, if you're at work, is it kind of slack?  Isn't it nice leaving later for work and not having to contend with traffic and being able to find a good parking spot?  Almost makes being at work in the middle of the festive season... fun.

I haven't been up to much exciting since my last post.

Though, there was the incident where my pink polo shirt had a nasty run in with my khaki tie dyed dress in the wash.  The dress is still khaki and the shirt is now beige with a khaki coloured horse.  Mr SSG felt sorry for me because he was in charge of the washing that day.  He googled the search terms 'husband + doing the laundry + brownie points (hmmm) + colour running + pink polo shirt + distraught wife" without much luck.  We've rewashed the shirt 3 times now and I've been peering into the window of our front loader hopefully saying 'it's a girl' but nope, it's still beige.  I've been too distraught to photograph it, even for the sake of the blog.

So then Mr SSG volunteered to buy me a replacement.  So we went online and agreed that the Ralph Lauren ladies sure know how to make a humble polo shirt look glam.  We disagreed on the utility of design your own baby Ralph Lauren gear.  I have some baby gifts I need to buy and I was sorely tempted.  (Un)fortunately, the US site still doesn't ship direct to Australia.  The current proposal is that Mr SSG high tails it to the the store in the QVB tomorrow after work and buys the replacement from there.  Watch this space.

Not everything beige is in my bad books at the moment though. After a year of serious consumption of Max Brenner's dark chocolate mochas (skim and large), I finally filled in all 10 squares of my frequent sipper's card and scored a 4 pack of Max Brenner Pralines.

Here we are outside DJs, in the Westfield.  Where I was researching the price of the Mulberry Bayswater.  It's highway robbery, readers.  Highway robbery.  The Australian price is twice the price of that on NAP and that's including shipping through NAP.  It's even a tax exempt purchase because it comes in at under $1000 AUD.  Gerry Harvey, I am finding it hard to be sympathetic to your cause at the moment.  Goods are already so over priced here and our local online shopping sites are not great (with a few exceptions) in comparison to what overseas retails routinely offer.

The pralines went down a treat whilst I read my new cook book from my brother and sister in law.  It's the new AWW cooking bible.  Called The Complete Book of Modern Entertaining, the chapters are creatively divided into different kinds of meals (including Girls Night In with sub topics like 'detox') with clear instructions, prep times and nutritional information.  I've picked out a chapter for when H (my little brother) comes to town.

What else have I been up to?

Oh yes, I've been to my local KFC twice this year.  Both times in my pyjamas, and the same pyjamas at that.  In both cases, I have been the oldest (and only) person in the restaurant wearing pyjamas.  Perhaps I need to head in a little later, like 11pm or so, to not feel so... under dressed.  Still, at least flannel PJ bottoms are more apropriate than say legging or jegging as pants.

Here I am with Mr SSG on December 28 2010.  It was a weird summer evening, rather cool.  Hence the flannel PJs and Birkis.

The wonders of having a photographic archive on my laptop.  Here we were on June 15 2010.

Same PJs because it actually was winter.  Only this time with explorer socks and Crocs.

Oh heavens, those are woeful sartorial decisions.  I need to put more thought into buying that Bayswater in oak off NAP.  With attention drawn to the bag, perhaps my clothing indiscretions may be overlooked?

Dec 28, 2010

Christmas Morning At Cottesloe Beach. The Colours of Christmas.

It's not too late to talk about Christmas Day, is it?  Actually, I don't know if I'm sure exactly what day of the week it is today.  Between flying in and out of Sydney for Christmas and work yesterday, I'm just a little disorientated.  It is a public holiday for sure.  I did get a sleep in this morning.

I don't get to the beach as often as I'd like.  Ironically, when I lived in Perth, it was only a 15 minute drive to my local beach and I only managed to get there once a year at the most.

On Christmas Day, Mr SSG and I were up at the crack of dawn to beat the predicted 38C heat to head to Cottesloe Beach for a swim and a run.

My favourite part of the beach is near the groin, which is to the right in the photo above.  On the left is the Indiana Tea Rooms.  I remember going there for brunch and coffee several times in uni.  I think it is still operating as a cafe / restaurant.

Cottesloe Beach is magic early in the morning.  There's a breeze, there's shade if you want it and the sand it cool under your feet.
It was a little early for beach cricket but the bats were out and ready.

A small crowd started to build around 6.15 am.  People fishing, swimming, walking and in the case of the toddlers, walking up to strangers and saying hello (me) or hugging their legs thinking they were their dad's (Mr SSG).

Christmas Day 2010 marked the first day I've ever swum at the beach.  I swam out to the pylon and then chucked  left to the groin.  The perfect weather and water temperature convinced me to face my fears of being shark bait, getting stung by jellyfish, seeing what's at the bottom of the ocean and most scarily, inhaling large amounts of salt water whilst getting dumped by a wave.

If you can't have a Pamela Anderson in Baywatch moment on the beach on Christmas Day, then when can you?  I went for a run on the beach and cheated a little by running on the hard, wet sand.  I love that feel of the sand firm under your toes and then that splat as your foot hits the sand.  I ended up looking more like a seagull (but less noisy) than Pammy as I made my track up and down the beach.

Then I had a little rest on the beach, watching the sun rise up through the famous Cottesloe pines.

Before heading to the General Store for a coffee, where I shared the queue with a couple of French visitors keen to get both coffee and croissants (which they intended to take home to have with their leftover ham).  I couldn't stop eavesdropping and hearing all their plans for Christmas breakfast, their accents were captivating.

After church with mum and dad, we had lunch.

I love Christmas in Australia because there's room on the table for everyone's cultural roots.

Mum decided that steamboat would be our Chinese meal for Christmas.  It's a perfect choice because it is light with clean flavours and an antidote to the richer foods I tend to load up on at this time of the year.

Condiments are crucial.

Fried shallots and garlic.

My personal favourite, Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce.  Mum wasn't convinced.

The meat, seafood and vegies simmering in home made chicken stock.

Mum checking that everything's cooked.

Mum found this steam boat stove in Singapore, the black grill area is for teppanyaki.  Enabling people to have a combined steam boat and teppanyaki meal with the one stove.

Dad distributing the noodles.

I did help out, though the photos may not suggest this!

My bowl of noodles and steam boat, before it got doused in garlic oil and sweet chilli sauce.

Fresh fruit for dessert.  Oh the cherries were good, and cheap.

That's my Ikea tin of Melting Moments in the background.

We also had grapes and the things I baked in Sydney.

I've unpacked my things from Perth and I found some sand from the beach in my bag.  Looks like I'll have a little bit of Cottesloe with me wherever I go this summer in Sydney.

Dec 27, 2010

The Weeknight Book Club: Room. Read It.

Besides eating Christmas foods and munching on my body weight in ice cubes each day I was in Perth, I curled up in this chair in the TV room and read.

It was quiet, cool and the perfect place to spend a few hours lost in the printed word.  One of the many things I love about reading personal blogs is finding out what people are reading.  I like the personal accounts of why a book was chosen, how the book affected the blogger and it has resulted in me finding authors I normally wouldn't have had a chance to read.  I hope my posts affect you the same way.

The book I wanted to share today is Room.  Here is a link to some reviews and an author interview.  I got Room on my Kindle a few months ago but never quite got around to reading it until the Christmas break.

It's almost impossible to review this book without giving too much away.  Which is why many of the reviews I have read focus on the unique point of view of the novel (5 year old Jack) and how authentic it is as well as how the novel affected the life of the reviewer. 
Room is the story of Jack and his mother, Ma.  They have been living in a single room for all of Jack's life and 7 years of his mother's.  There are parallels to the recent horrifying Fritzl case and I understand that this was the 'inspiration' for Donoghue's novel.  Room is not graphic, so if you were as revolted by the Fritzl case as I was, don't let that fear put you off Room.  It's a brilliantly written novel that you just have to finish in 1 (or at most 2) sittings.  It's possibly the first novel I have read that was short listed for the Man Booker Prize, a relfection on my literary tatses, if nothing else.

I finished Room yesterday and I find my mind occasionally drifting back to Jack and Ma's world in their single room.  I marvel in the strength of their love for each other and their will to improve their lives (often so creatively) with the little that they have been given.  I then look around me, breathe in the air, wriggle a little in the space, feel the light on my skin and cherish it all with new perspective.

If you're bored and looking for something to read these holidays, Room will not disappoint you.

The Letter for My Letters. Remembering the Sun in Perth for Christmas.

Hasn't the festive season weather been crazy?  I was dessicated in Perth and eating ice cubes all day, parts of Australia are flooded, people through Europe and the East Coast of the US are snowed under.  I am hoping that the weather in Australia puts the bush fire risk at close to zero this summer.

Wherever  you are, and however many layers of clothing you are wearing at the moment, I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Mr SSG and I got back to Sydney last night and a glorious downpour greeted us like we were old friends.  Which I suppopse we are given the amount of rain that's poured from the heavens over Sydney in the last few weeks.

Rain in the summer seems to me like God's way of giving us both rest and long soothing drink of water.  As the rain pattered on the roof, Mr SSG and I set about unpacking and easing back into the smell and feel of SSG Manor.  My skin was also grateful for the rain and relative humidity.  After 3 days of the dry heat in Perth, coming back to Sydney felt like walking around in a full body steam bath.

As Mr SSG caught up on the 'highlights' (inverted commas if you're Australian, no need if you're British) of the first day of The Boxing Day Test (the Australian press is out for blood today), I sifted through our soggy mail.

I have some news.  My letter for My Letters arrived.  I have been formally invited by The College to 'append the letters FRACP after my name'.  The paperwork is drying out on the spare sofa at the moment.  There will be a formal ceremony next year.  It's never too early to souce potential outfits so I'm going to start researching online today.  There's lots of paperwork ... which can wait.

I jumped around the house for quite a while and then Mr SSG did the only thing he could to settle me down, we got drive through Maccas.

Mr SSG lost in thought at the drive through.  Note the rain pelting down.
Well, that's enough about me - for the moment.

Back to earth with a thud today.  I've got a long shift at work.  Hopefully, the last one I'll ever have to do.  I've got a bit of a break at the moment.  So let's get stuck into my holiday snaps, shall we?

From the very beginning.

As if air travel could get any more impersonal, we now have fully electronic check in.

I miss the check in staff.  They were mostly good humoured when things get really chaotic and it was nice to have someone to have a chat to.  Now, the best I can hope for is a courteous message on the bag drop screen.  Not even an electronic voice!

Touching down in the city of your childhood can only mean two things - food and quality time with your mum and dad.  The dynamic is just a little different talking adult child to 'seen it all, they grew up okay in the end, why did I get so stressed with them' parent.  There's the benefit of maturity and time in 'the real world with real people' experience on the part of the child.  For a parent, I can only suppose that having less physical responsibility toward your adult child and having more time to yourself gives you a different perspective on what is important when you do meet up again.  So it was for my parents and I in Perth.  We talked as adults, but a few tears were shed on the way to the airport.....

Back to the photos.

The first family meal on touching down? 

Dim sum.  These are my favourite barbecued pork and pastry dim sum.  The pastry is a little sweek and very buttery.

Perth turned on its usual glorious sun and clear blue skies on Christmas Eve.  Yes, it was unspeakably hot but it was nearly Christmas and everyone was coping well and determined not to wilt before Christmas Day.  Family feasts and last minute food shopping depended upon it.

Some things haven't changed.

The Tudor design of London Court in the city.
London Court, Perth.  Built in 1937 with a Tudor influence.
The Commonwealth Bank building opposite Forrest Chase Shopping Centre.

There's been a number of new developments in the city.  I especially liked this food court and its quirky bird cages.  There are so many new shops, lots of the national chains have multiple outlets out west these days, too.

Oh yes, here I am in Perth mode.
Maxi dress - SES ($35 I think!), beads - Forever 21 in Malaysia ($5), hat from Tokyo, white bracelet - Christmas gift, flushed face and clammy skin - 36C of Perth summer heat.
Mum and I went to Woolworths for the last of the Christmas shopping.  Mum was impressed with my bok choy selection skills (looking closely at leaves for signs of yellowing and toughness).

Fruit salad was being served.  Weren't the cherry prices excellent this year?  $12 a kilo as opposed to $20 or so.
We had dinner at Mr SSG's parents' house.  Mr SSG's mum made this delicious Christmas cake.

For a post Christmas blog entry on my blog, I've been rather quiet about shopping and sales, haven't I?  Especially with the AUD being at parity with the USD.  I think my pre Christmas bargains are the reason.  And Peters of Kensington isn't starting their sale until January 9 or so.  I'm after a baking tray and a new salt and pepper mill set.  I wonder if the sandwich press / toaster is going to mysteriously short circuit sometime in the next few weeks.  I have my eye on a shiny red statement one like the dualits or kitchenaids.  Mr SSG need never know the truth behind the need for a new toaster......

Dec 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From Perth, With Photographs From Singapore.

The Christmas tree in the lobby of the Shangri-La, Singapore.  The star nearly touched the roof.

Hellllloooooo from Perth!!

Where the weather is humid.  Much like Singapore, hence the photos
I also don't have terribly much to do except to spend time with my family, catch up with friends and revisit places that were so familiar in my mind but have changed so much in the last few years.  I've only been back for a day but the combination of Perth's famously laid back lifestyle and the presence of family and friends has already had its desired effect on me.
Christmas decorations outside the Ion on Orchard Road in Singapore.

I am living languidly at present.  Trying to lower my body temperature by any means possible.  Sleeveless maxi dresses, hair up and off my face, endless cold drinks with lots of ice and staying in air conditioning wherever possible. 

The weather forecast for Christmas Day is 38C.  I'm melting just thinking about it.  Mr SSG and I are planning to hit the beach at the crack of dawn.
I'm going to end today's post right about there. It's Christmas. A time to make a quick escape from the computer, get yourself home to be with your family and loved ones (if you're not already there) and to get cracking with the festivities.

There will be many people for whom this will be a Christmas of extraordinary cirmcumstances. Joyfully, it will be the first almost miraculous Christmas with a new baby to welcome into the family. Sadly, this will also be the first Christmas for some without a mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin. There will also be those for whom Christmas brings no reprieve from loneliness, pain or suffering.

Whatever Christmas brings you this year, I hope that at some point of the day, you will be touched by the messages of love, hope, joy and peace.  And once you've been touched by these, in the spirit of Christmas, may you then give to others what you have received.

Merry Christmas!!

Dec 22, 2010

Homeward Bound Just Before Christmas.

It's a Snoop Dogg kind of day.  If 'Drop It Like It's Hot' is not your favourite (or close to favourite) song from the Doggfather then there's no real need for you to click on the clip.

In honour of Snoop, I went for wild colour and animal print today.

Flats - Lanvin, necklaces - Fuchsia City and Jade City by Red Phoenix Emporium.

I left the dreadlocks, gold chains and jaunty head gear to the professionals.  I know my limits.

The holidays are finally here.  It's pretty tragic to admit this, but I'm amongst friendly readers (and we've started tonight with Snoop Dogg) but I've been barely hanging on at work for the last week or so.  These last few days have positively dragged.  All the shopping and baking and gifting at the Sydney end of things has happened and now it's finally time to sit back and relax for a few days.

I'm really looking forward to seeing my family, friends and heck even the family house.  Chats with mum, keeping dad company in the earlier hours of the morning (mum is not a morning person) and going for a run down those same streets I paced in those angst ridden teenage and early adult years.  Being home is a state of mind that I've somehow managed to achieve in both Perth and Sydney.  It's just time for me to recharge and reconnect with my Perth life.

There was another reason I had the lyrics of Snoop in my head.  I was communicating by email with my brother H this morning.  Despite living in Oxford for the last 3 years and spending his formative years in Australia, H's grammar and spelling are decidedly gangsta.  There are no capitals, lots of apostrophes within prepositions and missing letters in participles and gerunds.  H was replying my emails appropriately but all I could see was Snoop Dogg lyrics.  Hence the clip at the beginning of tonight's post.

We were trying to lock down plans for when H arrives in Sydney.  We sent about 12 emails between us and then his final one totally confused me.  I couldn't figure out whether we were or were not going to Newcastle together on a zany  brother and sister road trip.  I was saved by the thoughtful attachment H sent from his new employer.

There was also a brief interlude where H was talking about how good a steak and frites would be when he visits.  The Dogg would not say the word 'frites'.  I'm planning to take H to one of the steak houses in the CBD where simple things are done prefectly in sleek and darkly decorated 'bar and grills'.  Mr SSG is feigning indifference to having to eat at yet another 'steak place'....

In more mundane matters (so mundane there is neither a youTube clip or photo for these paragraphs), I am packed for Perth.  I'm under 23 kg, most of it is gifts and I've got my hand luggage sorted (2 tins each of Rum Balls and Melting Moment biscuits).  My clothing options range from 'animal' (so categorized for the fauna embroidered on the shirts) to 'beach' (bathers, maxi dresses and white straw hat).  They will be anchored by a pair of white birkis.

I'm all set.  I don't know whether I'll be able to blog from Perth.  This could be it for a while (though I hope  not).

If I'm not around again soon, I'd like to take the chance in this post to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year.  I hope you have a lovely break with family and loved ones, to take time and reflect, to just relax.

Dec 21, 2010

Ready To Rum Ball.

My inner flannel shirt wearing rock chick was just waiting to be unleashed when I got home from work today.

I was singing Jimmy Barnes circa Khe Sanh (as opposed to River Deep, Mountain High) and doing my best mosh pit stage dives over my home practice  yoga mat.

Unfortunately I was dressed like this.  I am exploring non necklaces at the neck.  Starting with this old faithful vintage H scarf off ebay.  Tied slightly differently today to get more of the detail in the middle (and also to prevent it from slipping uninvited into my lunchtime salad).

Cardi - Kate Moss for Top Shop back in the day, scarf- Ceres by Hermes,  white bracelet a cool Christmas gift from work. Worn with GAP chinos and sensible brown Ecco loafers.
Jimmy and Jane.
Image courtesy of

Jimmy, you're a legend of Australian rock.  I grew up listening to you and Cold Chisel in uni.  I wish you good health and a long life with Jane and the kids but I just can't bring myself to emulate your hair or clothes.  No hard feelings.

Well, after a bit of classic Australian rock and a bit of vintage Hermes scarf in this post, can we get any more retro this evening?

It was Rum Ball evening in the SSG Manor kitchen tonight.  I'm planning to bring my baking to Perth this year as opposed to baking in Perth because I'm getting particular in my old age and seem only able to bake calmly in 'my' kitchen'.  Technically Rum Balls aren't baking but I did do another batch of those Melting Moments from the weekend and they did involve the oven.

The Rum Ball recipe I have chosen is from one of my favourite Australian cooking blogs, Exclusively Food.  Somewhere in one of Amanda and Debbie's posts is a very useful table that converts cups of ingredients to weights in grams.  Very useful when trying to follow recipes that are intent on using grams of flour rather than cups (which used to put me off trying them).  This is the link to Debbie and Amanda's Rum Balls.

I like this recipe because it uses crushed biscuits rather than cake and dessicated coconut rather than chocolate sprinkles.  It also contains sultanas.  These would have to be my holy trinity for Rum Balls (besides the rum).  Speaking of rum, I know why the Rum Balls I bought from the Coles bakery tasted so strange last year - they were full of rum essence rather than the real thing.

It's basically a food processor recipe.  The biscuits and cocoa get blitzed together first.  I love my Kitchenaid food processor.  It's got such a heavy base and powerful motor.

Then you add the condensed milk (great caramel recipe slice on the back, by the way, have to give it a try), dessicated coconut, vanilla essence and the rum.  I'm not a rum drinker but gee Bundaberg rum smells delicious.  In the spirit of Christmas I added a generous 'more than 1 and a half 20ml tablespoons'.   Sorry Amanda and Debbie.

Finally the sultanas.  My M Cups even have a 2/3 cup measure!  I was generous with these as well.  As an aside, there are M Spoons which are calling my name at the kitchenware store at the moment.....

Then the mixture (that you haven't 'tested' while mixing) goes in the fridge for half an hour.

I then got carried away with using my measuring cups and my 1/3 cup measure found itself full of breadcrumbs.  Dinners at the moment involve creative uses of odds and ends in the freezer and pantry as SSG Manor gears up for the Annual Defrosting of the Freezer and Decluttering of the Pantry.  I think it's going to be painless this year, the freezer is getting emptier my the day and D-day is January 3 2011.  The defrost is traditionally celebrated with a stiff drink a trip to the Pyrmont fish market afterward, to stock up again on fish.

Then I had a look at Mr SSG's Christmas shopping.  He braved the pre lunch queue at Haigh's today to get some gifts to take back to Perth with us.  Apparently there were intense crowd control measures being practiced.  For his efforts, Mr SSG was given 2 free chocolate buttons, got everything gift wrapped, with gift tags and in true Mr SSG form, got each gift labelled with the type of chocolate inside.

Then we started to pack for the trip on Thursday.  By now, I'm sure you know the way I roll and how 'starting' is the operative word.  There will be an update on the special challenges of packing presents, food and a 'Perthy/beachy/what if it's cold' wardrobe under 23kg tomorrow.

The Rum Ball mix was finally nicely chilled.

Time to roll, drop and coat.

It was very soothing.

Tomorrow morning, instead of opening the fridge in search of cold pizza (under the influence of a Bundie and Coke induced hangover), I will be greeted by my trays  of perfectly chilled Rum Balls.


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