Dec 4, 2010

8 Things About Me That (Were) Secrets And (Are Still) Not Lies.

With such a threatening statue staring at me, I  dare not write a single lie in this post.

In response to being tagged by Jaded Vixen on her Secrets and Lies post and also to Leslie Anne, the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow and her Stylish Blogger award.  Anne has thrown an open challenge to her readers to share 8 things about themselves on their blog.

The title to this post is all complicated and full of brackets to accommodate both challenges.

  1. I'm 35 years old.  Mr SSG is 6 months younger than me but he's way more mature, together and responsible with money than I am.
  2. At work, I eat the same lunch every day from Monday to Thursday (same thing on Monday and Tuesday and then something else on Tuesday and Wednesday).  On Fridays, I liberate myself and take pot luck from the freezer at SSG Manor or else the cafe at work.
  3. I am unable to buy just one pair of shoes at a time.  You may have noticed this already but I've just formally acknowledged it today.
  4. I am frightened by small, hairless dogs.
  5. I once got food poisoning from a pretzel in NYC.  It was my first day there and the closest toilet was in the World Trade Centre, 15 minutes away.  I have never gone anywhere without my own packet of tissue paper ever since.
  6. When I was 10, I had my hair cut rather short.  I was mistaken for the 3rd son in our family.  I've always been dubious of my ability to carry of a bob / Pob (the Victoria Beckham version, circa 2008) ever since.
  7. I've never had a manicure last longer than 2 hours on me.  
  8. I have 2 pen pals that I have maintained contact with since high school.  At least 20 years of snail mail letters and parcels have passed between us.  One lives in London and the other in Germany.  I have met both girls too!


  1. Hooray for taking the challenge!
    I know you even better now...and a girl after my own heart in the shoe department!


  2. Dear Sydneys Shop Girl,
    that is a very interesting way to communicate about oneself! I love it - and the shoe-shopping, but also the deep wisdom about paper tissues, the lovely way to keep friends - and the fear of hairless dogs (I only saw those on pictures - from cats too - and have to say: poor creatures, especially as we have minus 13° Celsius in Berlin now)

  3. Hi girl...
    Great list, and 8 things about me:
    1. I am blond
    2. I love Jazz music
    3. I love photography
    4. I love books
    5. I love my new coat
    6. I love Earl Grey tea
    7. I am right now in bed...I love my bed:)
    8. I love the cold in Norway at the moment.

    Have a great day.

  4. Britta: you poor thing, try to stay warm in Berlin. It must be beautiful to see all the snow though.

    SP: I love your list!

    SSG xxx


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