Dec 28, 2010

Christmas Morning At Cottesloe Beach. The Colours of Christmas.

It's not too late to talk about Christmas Day, is it?  Actually, I don't know if I'm sure exactly what day of the week it is today.  Between flying in and out of Sydney for Christmas and work yesterday, I'm just a little disorientated.  It is a public holiday for sure.  I did get a sleep in this morning.

I don't get to the beach as often as I'd like.  Ironically, when I lived in Perth, it was only a 15 minute drive to my local beach and I only managed to get there once a year at the most.

On Christmas Day, Mr SSG and I were up at the crack of dawn to beat the predicted 38C heat to head to Cottesloe Beach for a swim and a run.

My favourite part of the beach is near the groin, which is to the right in the photo above.  On the left is the Indiana Tea Rooms.  I remember going there for brunch and coffee several times in uni.  I think it is still operating as a cafe / restaurant.

Cottesloe Beach is magic early in the morning.  There's a breeze, there's shade if you want it and the sand it cool under your feet.
It was a little early for beach cricket but the bats were out and ready.

A small crowd started to build around 6.15 am.  People fishing, swimming, walking and in the case of the toddlers, walking up to strangers and saying hello (me) or hugging their legs thinking they were their dad's (Mr SSG).

Christmas Day 2010 marked the first day I've ever swum at the beach.  I swam out to the pylon and then chucked  left to the groin.  The perfect weather and water temperature convinced me to face my fears of being shark bait, getting stung by jellyfish, seeing what's at the bottom of the ocean and most scarily, inhaling large amounts of salt water whilst getting dumped by a wave.

If you can't have a Pamela Anderson in Baywatch moment on the beach on Christmas Day, then when can you?  I went for a run on the beach and cheated a little by running on the hard, wet sand.  I love that feel of the sand firm under your toes and then that splat as your foot hits the sand.  I ended up looking more like a seagull (but less noisy) than Pammy as I made my track up and down the beach.

Then I had a little rest on the beach, watching the sun rise up through the famous Cottesloe pines.

Before heading to the General Store for a coffee, where I shared the queue with a couple of French visitors keen to get both coffee and croissants (which they intended to take home to have with their leftover ham).  I couldn't stop eavesdropping and hearing all their plans for Christmas breakfast, their accents were captivating.

After church with mum and dad, we had lunch.

I love Christmas in Australia because there's room on the table for everyone's cultural roots.

Mum decided that steamboat would be our Chinese meal for Christmas.  It's a perfect choice because it is light with clean flavours and an antidote to the richer foods I tend to load up on at this time of the year.

Condiments are crucial.

Fried shallots and garlic.

My personal favourite, Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce.  Mum wasn't convinced.

The meat, seafood and vegies simmering in home made chicken stock.

Mum checking that everything's cooked.

Mum found this steam boat stove in Singapore, the black grill area is for teppanyaki.  Enabling people to have a combined steam boat and teppanyaki meal with the one stove.

Dad distributing the noodles.

I did help out, though the photos may not suggest this!

My bowl of noodles and steam boat, before it got doused in garlic oil and sweet chilli sauce.

Fresh fruit for dessert.  Oh the cherries were good, and cheap.

That's my Ikea tin of Melting Moments in the background.

We also had grapes and the things I baked in Sydney.

I've unpacked my things from Perth and I found some sand from the beach in my bag.  Looks like I'll have a little bit of Cottesloe with me wherever I go this summer in Sydney.


  1. Gorgeous photos. I am so glad the SSGs had such a wonderful Christmas. You deserve it!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Day. Love the fact that you were up so early too! And the sand in your case reminds me of that song "Last Summer" or whatever it was actually called, you know the one?!! Can't remember who it was by though, fairly recent - sorry!XX

  3. Looks like you had a lovely break! The Indiana Tea Rooms are such a beautiful piece of architecture, aren't they? You were right about the ION, thanks, did some damage yesterday! X

  4. Happy Christmas! I am going to email you xxxxxxxxx

  5. I love your photos of Cottesloe, they make me yearn for my childhood. I live by the beach at Avalon here in Sydney, as much as I love it, Cottesloe runs rings around it!

  6. Mmmm those noodles look so good! Hope you're enjoying your holidays xx

  7. Awww Cottesloe beach, I used to love the Indian Tea Rooms too, such a pretty building.

    Hope you are enjoying all the sunshine over there!

  8. Hi girl...
    Love the photos as usual...
    I will try and visit more in the future:)

    Have a great new year...

  9. Ahh Perth! How I hope to get there soon one day! I've never visited! Happy New Year to you and all at the manor! :D

  10. Your Christmas day looked great!
    You are committed to fitness by going for a run and swim on Christmas day!
    I love the church pic.
    And the food. How wonderful to have a homeland dish :)
    I will post my Christmas pics soon.
    Thanks for sharing yours.

  11. Don't know how I missed that post, but I did. It really took me back. We lived in Subi from 2002 - 2004 and loved perth. I've never been a beach girl, but in Perth I spend every Saturday morning at North Cott with the wonderful group of friends we made, and loved every minute (well not in Winter, obviously). Mostly followed by lunch at the Blue Duck. Ah memories!!

    Now that I think about it, we were there on Christmas morning too.

  12. This Mid 30s Life: that's so cool! I know Subi very well. Perth is magic in the summer.

    SSG xxx


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