Dec 2, 2010

Food For Thought. Poolside at the St Regis.

With North Korea on the brink of collapse, Wikileaks' constant stream of embarrassing / damaging / politically sensitive revealations (minus the zoom lens photos and 'unamed source' comments of the glossip mags) and those gloomy Australian growth figures - the world of politics is not the most comforting place to be in at the moment.

It's time to escape for a few minutes, I think.  To the calming images of hotel breakfast buffets and swimming pools.  Subjects I could and do, photograph tirelessly.

Times like these call for carbs.  Refined carbs.  With butter.

Dear readers, may I present breakfast, St Regis style.

I do like an edible buffet table decoration.  The donuts were chocolate frosted and the dough slightly sour.  Krispy Kremes these were not.
There was a decidedly cosmpolitan flavour to the baked goods.  Muffins and buttery french pastries as well as traditional Malaysian kueh.  Butter or butter and coconut, the choice is yours.  I took both.

I like hot breakfasts in South East Asia.  Fried noodles, fried rice and roti all in the one spot.

Lots of tropical fruit.  The pineapple is sweeter here and a richer yellow.

Peeking out from behind a pot of tea and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice were Mr SSG's omelet and hash browns.  All that golden yellow has to be good for you, doesn't it?

Stepping out to the pool, I found a sculpture that reflected my exact thoughts.

There were cabanas to nap in.

To ponder life and your pedicure too.

And deck chairs in shallow water.  Ingenious really because it kept the area really cool.

It was such a well planned space that it was hard to believe that the hotel was in amongst several glittering office towers.  The green areas really did break up the rigid lines of concrete and glass.

You can't be poolside in Singapore without a Singapore sling.

Are you still with me?  Just a few more photos.

From the foyer of the hotel - a pair of Frank Gehry carp.

Tasteful Christmas floral arrangements.  I couldn't fit the whole Christmas tree into a photo so this will have to do.

Toiletries from the hotel - Remede.  I don't know too much about the brand but there is a helpful link if you're curious.

Can you see in the background?  SSG Manor has seen its first Christmas decorations of 2010!!  A modest start, I'm building up slowly.

Turn down chocolates are from Laurent Bernard.  Too pretty to eat, for the moment.

I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow.  It's been a busy week and that jet lag hasn't quite worn off yet.  I was too fatigued to even venture out to the pre Christmas sales.  Have you noticed that everything is around 30% off at the moment - $50 off for every $150 spent?  I wonder what will happen post Christmas?  Will there be anything left to discount?

I like ending posts with the big questions....


  1. Girl!!!!!!! I am so jealous of you right now. I want your holiday!!! :)

  2. What an amazing holiday! Nothing better than a fantastic hotel buffet.... Am trying to convince Mr Kitty to take me there...

  3. My daughter's are at daycare today, so I can (in the words of Faux Fuchsia) action some domestic tasks. Your post today took me away from all of that and into a world that I vaguely remember from my pre-children days. Ahhhh, so lovely. Looks like your holiday was perfect.


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