Dec 7, 2010

For the Love of Orange. Mr SSG To the Rescue.

Hellllooooo everyone,

It's me, SSG.  In body if not in spirit.  This isn't called the silly season for nothing.  To paraphrase Andy Warhol, everyone will be both famous for 15 minutes and blog at least once incoherently.

I've just come home from a rather big night out on the town.  More details to follow.  In a future post.  When I've edited the photos.  When Mr SSG has reminded me of what we got up to tonight prior to the taxi ride home to SSG Manor.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting.  I will be going to yoga after work on Wednesday and I am sure I will be all the better for it.  I think my Wednesday teacher is on to me and my non-yogic indiscretions.  The other week she discussed the consequences on the body of wearing high heels and the need to make conscious life decisions to redress the balance.  I feel that tomorrow she may choose to discuss social alcohol ingestion and its consequences.

It must have been the law of the universe because many discerning bloggers have been feeling the colour orange.

Faux Fuchsia blogged earlier today, about her adventures with the colour orange here, as did Semi Expat here.

Coincidentally, I explored orange today as well.  A burnt orange to be precise.  I think it is a colour that the late Mr Warhol would have approved of.

Blouse and skirt - Veronika Maine circa 2009, cream bangle - Forever 21, Malaysia again from 2009 (when the AUD was rocking it against the ringgit).

With this ensemble, I wore the pair of shoes Mr SSG bought me in Singapore.

Readers, I have come to respect Mr SSG's taste in shoes.  These Ecco heeled loafers were just what my feet needed after spending yesterday painfully prancing around in my new red patent ballet flats.

It's the law of Imelda Marcos. Patent leather shoes that fit like a glove in the carpetted environs of a fancy CBD store are going to show their true colours when worn for a day on the lino coated floors of one place of employment.  I have the blisters to prove it and today most of both feet are coated in tough fabric bandaids.

Mr SSG was very supportive when I dragged my sore feet home from work last night.

He had dinner on the table.

My beloved Coles rotisserie chicken.

With greens.

And a dessert of creamed rice.  It was mocha flavoured and so delicious that I finished it before thinking to take a photo of it.

Which brings us tonight.  I'd better get to bed now.  I've been responsible and had lots of water, removed my make up properly and hung up my clothes on hangers in the wardrobe.  I've also had a piece of fresh fruit.  Everything feels very real now.

We will talk again tomorrow, with the benefit of at least one cup of coffee and a run in the morning.


  1. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    that is very kind and considerate of your husband to spoil you with such a delicious meal!
    As you are speaking of Imelda Marcos Law: when I once quoted her in a blog about shoes, I had on the blog stats 2 weeks every week 15 "visitors" from Korea.
    And I am convinced that they "do" something in the shoe shops: there my shoes fit, and afterwards: blisters. I now try to listen to my inner body voice - and if there is the very very slightest doubt, I abstain (almost ever)

  2. Britta: that is funny about Imelda.

    SSG xxx


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