Dec 27, 2010

The Letter for My Letters. Remembering the Sun in Perth for Christmas.

Hasn't the festive season weather been crazy?  I was dessicated in Perth and eating ice cubes all day, parts of Australia are flooded, people through Europe and the East Coast of the US are snowed under.  I am hoping that the weather in Australia puts the bush fire risk at close to zero this summer.

Wherever  you are, and however many layers of clothing you are wearing at the moment, I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Mr SSG and I got back to Sydney last night and a glorious downpour greeted us like we were old friends.  Which I suppopse we are given the amount of rain that's poured from the heavens over Sydney in the last few weeks.

Rain in the summer seems to me like God's way of giving us both rest and long soothing drink of water.  As the rain pattered on the roof, Mr SSG and I set about unpacking and easing back into the smell and feel of SSG Manor.  My skin was also grateful for the rain and relative humidity.  After 3 days of the dry heat in Perth, coming back to Sydney felt like walking around in a full body steam bath.

As Mr SSG caught up on the 'highlights' (inverted commas if you're Australian, no need if you're British) of the first day of The Boxing Day Test (the Australian press is out for blood today), I sifted through our soggy mail.

I have some news.  My letter for My Letters arrived.  I have been formally invited by The College to 'append the letters FRACP after my name'.  The paperwork is drying out on the spare sofa at the moment.  There will be a formal ceremony next year.  It's never too early to souce potential outfits so I'm going to start researching online today.  There's lots of paperwork ... which can wait.

I jumped around the house for quite a while and then Mr SSG did the only thing he could to settle me down, we got drive through Maccas.

Mr SSG lost in thought at the drive through.  Note the rain pelting down.
Well, that's enough about me - for the moment.

Back to earth with a thud today.  I've got a long shift at work.  Hopefully, the last one I'll ever have to do.  I've got a bit of a break at the moment.  So let's get stuck into my holiday snaps, shall we?

From the very beginning.

As if air travel could get any more impersonal, we now have fully electronic check in.

I miss the check in staff.  They were mostly good humoured when things get really chaotic and it was nice to have someone to have a chat to.  Now, the best I can hope for is a courteous message on the bag drop screen.  Not even an electronic voice!

Touching down in the city of your childhood can only mean two things - food and quality time with your mum and dad.  The dynamic is just a little different talking adult child to 'seen it all, they grew up okay in the end, why did I get so stressed with them' parent.  There's the benefit of maturity and time in 'the real world with real people' experience on the part of the child.  For a parent, I can only suppose that having less physical responsibility toward your adult child and having more time to yourself gives you a different perspective on what is important when you do meet up again.  So it was for my parents and I in Perth.  We talked as adults, but a few tears were shed on the way to the airport.....

Back to the photos.

The first family meal on touching down? 

Dim sum.  These are my favourite barbecued pork and pastry dim sum.  The pastry is a little sweek and very buttery.

Perth turned on its usual glorious sun and clear blue skies on Christmas Eve.  Yes, it was unspeakably hot but it was nearly Christmas and everyone was coping well and determined not to wilt before Christmas Day.  Family feasts and last minute food shopping depended upon it.

Some things haven't changed.

The Tudor design of London Court in the city.
London Court, Perth.  Built in 1937 with a Tudor influence.
The Commonwealth Bank building opposite Forrest Chase Shopping Centre.

There's been a number of new developments in the city.  I especially liked this food court and its quirky bird cages.  There are so many new shops, lots of the national chains have multiple outlets out west these days, too.

Oh yes, here I am in Perth mode.
Maxi dress - SES ($35 I think!), beads - Forever 21 in Malaysia ($5), hat from Tokyo, white bracelet - Christmas gift, flushed face and clammy skin - 36C of Perth summer heat.
Mum and I went to Woolworths for the last of the Christmas shopping.  Mum was impressed with my bok choy selection skills (looking closely at leaves for signs of yellowing and toughness).

Fruit salad was being served.  Weren't the cherry prices excellent this year?  $12 a kilo as opposed to $20 or so.
We had dinner at Mr SSG's parents' house.  Mr SSG's mum made this delicious Christmas cake.

For a post Christmas blog entry on my blog, I've been rather quiet about shopping and sales, haven't I?  Especially with the AUD being at parity with the USD.  I think my pre Christmas bargains are the reason.  And Peters of Kensington isn't starting their sale until January 9 or so.  I'm after a baking tray and a new salt and pepper mill set.  I wonder if the sandwich press / toaster is going to mysteriously short circuit sometime in the next few weeks.  I have my eye on a shiny red statement one like the dualits or kitchenaids.  Mr SSG need never know the truth behind the need for a new toaster......


  1. Congratulations on your letters, that's fantastic!
    We are still attempting not to wilt here, today's forecast is 40C, so please offset with post-Christmas sales (which I did- successful until the ATM ran out of money).
    I swear I've forgotten what rain feels like!

  2. I am so proud of you SSG! Those letters represent so many years of dedicated study and long hours of work, and what they say to me is - SSG is a very smart girl! Not just a pretty face! Your husband and family must be so proud of your achievement, and I hope you are too! Well done.

  3. loved everything about this post- Congrats on your fellowship!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. congrats on the letters! the ceremony should be a hoot-several of my close friends will be part of the shebang as well...suspect we prob are the same vintage and have many friends/colleagues in common but its more fun to keep up with the sounds like youre a geriAT, which is what im hoping to get into(!)

    happy new yr in advance-keep your fingers crossed for me on Feb 28th...
    cheers ++

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments and well wishes.

    Kate: I was a bit teary on the way to work today.

    galactic: phew, my cover is not blown, after all. Here's to mystery and best of luck for Feb 28!!

    SSG xxx

  6. Biggest congratulations on the Fellowship. You deserve to relish every bit of your achievement....

    Take good care.

  7. What a brilliant day - you're so clever! Have you been to the ceremony wearing the appropriate outfit yet? Fantastic.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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