Dec 21, 2010

Ready To Rum Ball.

My inner flannel shirt wearing rock chick was just waiting to be unleashed when I got home from work today.

I was singing Jimmy Barnes circa Khe Sanh (as opposed to River Deep, Mountain High) and doing my best mosh pit stage dives over my home practice  yoga mat.

Unfortunately I was dressed like this.  I am exploring non necklaces at the neck.  Starting with this old faithful vintage H scarf off ebay.  Tied slightly differently today to get more of the detail in the middle (and also to prevent it from slipping uninvited into my lunchtime salad).

Cardi - Kate Moss for Top Shop back in the day, scarf- Ceres by Hermes,  white bracelet a cool Christmas gift from work. Worn with GAP chinos and sensible brown Ecco loafers.
Jimmy and Jane.
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Jimmy, you're a legend of Australian rock.  I grew up listening to you and Cold Chisel in uni.  I wish you good health and a long life with Jane and the kids but I just can't bring myself to emulate your hair or clothes.  No hard feelings.

Well, after a bit of classic Australian rock and a bit of vintage Hermes scarf in this post, can we get any more retro this evening?

It was Rum Ball evening in the SSG Manor kitchen tonight.  I'm planning to bring my baking to Perth this year as opposed to baking in Perth because I'm getting particular in my old age and seem only able to bake calmly in 'my' kitchen'.  Technically Rum Balls aren't baking but I did do another batch of those Melting Moments from the weekend and they did involve the oven.

The Rum Ball recipe I have chosen is from one of my favourite Australian cooking blogs, Exclusively Food.  Somewhere in one of Amanda and Debbie's posts is a very useful table that converts cups of ingredients to weights in grams.  Very useful when trying to follow recipes that are intent on using grams of flour rather than cups (which used to put me off trying them).  This is the link to Debbie and Amanda's Rum Balls.

I like this recipe because it uses crushed biscuits rather than cake and dessicated coconut rather than chocolate sprinkles.  It also contains sultanas.  These would have to be my holy trinity for Rum Balls (besides the rum).  Speaking of rum, I know why the Rum Balls I bought from the Coles bakery tasted so strange last year - they were full of rum essence rather than the real thing.

It's basically a food processor recipe.  The biscuits and cocoa get blitzed together first.  I love my Kitchenaid food processor.  It's got such a heavy base and powerful motor.

Then you add the condensed milk (great caramel recipe slice on the back, by the way, have to give it a try), dessicated coconut, vanilla essence and the rum.  I'm not a rum drinker but gee Bundaberg rum smells delicious.  In the spirit of Christmas I added a generous 'more than 1 and a half 20ml tablespoons'.   Sorry Amanda and Debbie.

Finally the sultanas.  My M Cups even have a 2/3 cup measure!  I was generous with these as well.  As an aside, there are M Spoons which are calling my name at the kitchenware store at the moment.....

Then the mixture (that you haven't 'tested' while mixing) goes in the fridge for half an hour.

I then got carried away with using my measuring cups and my 1/3 cup measure found itself full of breadcrumbs.  Dinners at the moment involve creative uses of odds and ends in the freezer and pantry as SSG Manor gears up for the Annual Defrosting of the Freezer and Decluttering of the Pantry.  I think it's going to be painless this year, the freezer is getting emptier my the day and D-day is January 3 2011.  The defrost is traditionally celebrated with a stiff drink a trip to the Pyrmont fish market afterward, to stock up again on fish.

Then I had a look at Mr SSG's Christmas shopping.  He braved the pre lunch queue at Haigh's today to get some gifts to take back to Perth with us.  Apparently there were intense crowd control measures being practiced.  For his efforts, Mr SSG was given 2 free chocolate buttons, got everything gift wrapped, with gift tags and in true Mr SSG form, got each gift labelled with the type of chocolate inside.

Then we started to pack for the trip on Thursday.  By now, I'm sure you know the way I roll and how 'starting' is the operative word.  There will be an update on the special challenges of packing presents, food and a 'Perthy/beachy/what if it's cold' wardrobe under 23kg tomorrow.

The Rum Ball mix was finally nicely chilled.

Time to roll, drop and coat.

It was very soothing.

Tomorrow morning, instead of opening the fridge in search of cold pizza (under the influence of a Bundie and Coke induced hangover), I will be greeted by my trays  of perfectly chilled Rum Balls.


  1. Kate - no, I mean anonymous!December 21, 2010 at 10:52 PM

    Oh dear! I like rum balls (especially without the rum, - rumless balls I suppose) and I love Haigh's chocolate, but I'm sorry to say, *whispers very quietly*, I can't stand Jimmy Barnes singing. Sorry, I know it's unAustralian. Please don't tell anyone. I'm so ashamed.

  2. It won't be cold - Christmas and Boxing Day forecast is for 38C. Cold and rainy day was Monday.
    Those rumballs look lovely - different from my recipe (no biscuit in mine- but more melty and perhaps suited for non-Perthian climates).
    Have a good flight!

  3. Kate .... anonymous: It's Okay. Your secret is safe with the SSG blog. We don't judge here. Though I have to admit that I was singing very loudly and doing some dodgy dance moves whilst typing last night...

    samstillreading: thank you for the weather update. Can't wait for The Beach.

    hostess: HAPPY HOLIDAYS too!!

    SSG xxx

  4. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Now following you and have linked your blog to mine xx

  5. Oh yum, rum balls - such a favourite.

    I saw Bundy Rum in a bottle-o today and thought of Khe Sanh. Such strong connotations...


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