Dec 18, 2010

Reliving Leopard Printed Louboutin Love and NYC. Charlie & Co Burgers.

Team SSG did good this morning.  All our Christmas presents are done!!  We hit the CBD just before 10am this morning, armed with a detailed gift list and steely resolve to Stick To The Plan.

There was only one unplanned diversion.

We were in Westfields and on our way to an early lunch.  In the spirit of Christmas and my ability to stick to the itinerary, Mr SSG let me go in (previous negotations allowed only for glancing through the front window).  One lap of the store and no trying anything on.  There's definitely a wider range in store than at David Jones.  Also, it seemed better stocked than the local Jimmy Choo store up the road.

There is a large selection of the more classic Louboutin styles including the Simples at various heel heights.  I spotted a selection of leopard print heels including the Dorepis I got from NAP in May.  After currency conversion, the prices are maybe 10% more than the European prices.  Sydney, the power of choice has been restored to the people.

Let's relive some leopard printed Louboutin love, shall we?  It's Christmas, it's the time to reminisce.  This was possibly meant in relation to people and shared experiences but in the blogosphere, I think we can be more liberal in our interpretation of the sentiment.

The Dorepis in Melbourne for the AFL Grand Final 2.0 earlier this year.

As a reward for fulfilling the KPI for Christmas present shopping, Mr SSG and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch on the fifth floor of Westfields, at Charlie & Co Burgers, Justin North's (of Becasse fame) latest and much anticipated eating venture. It's one of the lastest 'it' places in Sydney which means that the 'no booking' policy is met with good grace as Sydney-siders learn to become at one with the queue.

To get to Charlie & Co, Mr SSG and I negotiated the escalators to the fifth floor.  As well as the maze of stalls in the food court.  It's quite unusual having a food court on a floor this high in an Australian shopping centre.  It's also quite dark and moodily lit, again a rarity in Australia.  It is also quite small, see previous comment.  Actually, as an explanation, the fifth floor food court is the high end eating area / food court.  There is a basement food court as well.  I did walk through it the other day and I have to say, those comments earlier in this paragraph still hold mostly true.

Some highlights of the walk through the fifth floor.

They're always sweet and calorific when I'm in charge.

Anyhow, because Mr SSG refuses to queue for anything (especially for the doors at Ikea to open), we had lunch at 11.30am.  We were rewarded with direct entry to the dining room area.  Just under where the sign is a waiting area for those getting takeaway.

The menu paying homage to Hamburger Charlie of Seymour Wisconsin.
 At last, a burger place in the CBD with free flow tomato sauce on the table.

With an upmarket gold label and a salt bowl.

Mr SSG and I had a celebratory 11.38am drink.  

And enjoyed the space before the lunchtime crowd descended.

I ordered the Wagyu burger.

A few confessions.  Even after cutting my burger into eights, I couldn't fit a whole segment in my mouth.  So I ate it 'Jennifer Aniston when she was doing the Zone' style - the beef patty and condiments (fancily sliced beetroot and home made gherkins) first and left most of the home made bread bun behind.  It was perfectly fine but I think the best burger I had was still at Goodburger in New York City.

If you're in New York and you're not vegetarian, get yourself to Goodburger.  Tell them SSG sent you.

The onion rings were excellent.  Not too battered or greasy.  Very generous serve.

Mr SSG's Rustic Burger - with chorizo, egg and cheese.

As we finished our lunch, the crowd started gathering at the front of Charlie & Co.

Mr SSG and I left feeling very well fed and relieved that while we've had to queue up everywhere else in the city today, at least we didn't have to line up to get a table for lunch.

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  1. The new Westfield looks amazing, thanks for the mini tour!
    I am so proud of you for not trying on, or purchasing in a "certain" shoe shop, that's dedicated willpower!
    You can never go wrong with a burger and onion rings (and a drink before noon!)

  2. Yes. Loved the tour SSG and well done for getting all your shopping done in one hit. And thanks for the review of C.L shoe shop too! Burger place looks fab! Mmmmm xxx

  3. It looks like you had a fantastic day. I adore those leopard print Louboutins but think they may be a tad OTT for life on The Farm....

    Take good care.

  4. Oh SSG, it's 1:38am and I'm reading your delicious burger post. AHHHHHHH.

    Good work on the Christmas shopping, you and Mr SSG are very brave.

  5. Ooh.. those burgers and onions rings look so damn good. Congrats on getting all the Christmas shopping done!

  6. I need to make sure I have a full stomach before i start checking out food posts :p My mouth is still watering... And those onion rings look like the stuff that dreams are made of!!! :p

    I haven't been to the CL Boutique yet, I think I am just going to live vicariously through your pics or I may end up having to add 15 more pairs of shoes to my endless shoe wishlist...


  7. Unfortunately, Brisbane only has the tacky, brightly lit, queue up to get your food and then sit at a sticky plastic table version of the food court. That one looks much nicer!



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