Dec 1, 2010

Soggy Sydney. Stealth Business Class. Singapore Snaps - Part 1.

From what I can gather from the national weather forecasts. most of Australia is soggy at the moment.  Which is pretty disappointing for the first day of summer.  Rumour (well weatherzone actually) has it that it will be raining in Sydney right up until Christmas. Just as well I'll be in Perth for Christmas this year.

There's a huge backlog of laundry attempting to dry in houses all over the country or is that a shortage of underwear and shirts?  It was all taken off the line on Monday and is yet to show any signs of dryness.  On the up side, there were rain drop illuminated cobwebs to be gazed at in the backyard as you took said laundry off the line.

There's an art to taking cobweb photos that I am yet to master.  I would have had to google this after taking this photo...

With weather that's alternating between 'showers' and 'rain' all week, it's no wonder I'm getting a little cabin fever.  What better time than to start sifting through my holiday snaps?  Right from the very beginning.  Don't worry, how many photos can there be from a mere 2 days away?

I left Sydney on a sunny and warm Friday.  I had a burger in the outdoor courtyard at the airport and then wandered around the observation deck upstairs.

The planets must have been aligned because Mr SSG and I got Business Class seats in a pseudo upgrade situation (to use 'situation' in a phrase like that sounds very Jersey Shore, apologies).  Actually, I think it had more to do with the QANTAS A380 problems of recent weeks.  The whole fleet were out of action right until the day we flew so because we were now flying on a smaller plane, Mr SSG and I somehow got lucky with our seat numbers and got to sit in the pointy end of the plane.

There was so much space.

Even our shoes had a place to park themselves.

The restorative powers of a seat that goes horizontal on an 8 hour flight can never be underestimated.

I had plenty of reading material with me.  Great Britain, one of your finest exports is the weekly glossip (glossy gossip magazines).  The captions (both witty and informative, brands and names of fashion items worn by celebs are all included), the headlines, the tongue in cheekiness.  Not to mention the range of celebrities featured (all my favourites - Coleen Rooney, Katie 'Jordan' Price, Cat Deeley and those Hollywood types) and the range of high street fashion.

Plus I had my noise cancelling headphones on.  They really make watching movies, sleeping and listening to the radio that much more enjoyable on the plane.  I think they also cut out some of the more whiny tones when a distressed toddler makes his or her feelings felt.  However, even the infants sitting in our row responded well to business class.  There was barely a peep out of them for the whole flight.

Mr SSG in his own little world thanks to those Bose noise cancelling headphones.
After the flight, it was almost a let down to land and get to our hotel.

The first thing I did when we got to our room at the St Regis was to draw a bath and soak whilst having a cranberry juice for the Vitamin C.

The next morning was the day of the wedding.

My preparations for the day were intense. The first thing I did was order a morning coffee from our room.

Which was delivered by the butler on a silver tray.  I mean to say that it was the coffee on the silver tray.

Then to get dressed.  This is going to be one of those 3 photos to get the 1 outfit affairs.

Starting with the shoes.

Christian Louboutin Decolletes in caramel.
The headband and clutch.  You remember the black headband from Melbourne Cup day?  This is its pure as the driven snow twin.
Clutch - Louis Vuitton, headband - Alannah Hill, fruit - the St Regis fruit bowl.

Mr SSG & I at the church.  Dress - Alannah Hill.

Looking back on my outfit made me realize how good Alannah Hill would be in Singapore.  I'm amazed that she hasn't opened there.  She would fill a gap in the market there.  Did you know Witchery, Mimco and kikki K have beaten her to the punch?  They were all in the Orchard Road malls.  It will be interesting to see how they fair in a very competitive market that has access to many UK, US and Japanese high street brands already.

I'll be back with more soon.  Need to show you some food photos in lieu of shopping.



  1. Love it ALL. business class, the room, THE OUTFIT, THOSE SHOES! Sigh. Perfect. May I just transform into you now? Pleeease.

  2. hi there SSG, you look lovely in your dress, you are such slinky chick! I need to get those magic headphones that cut out whining of kids!! That would show Boys 1 and 2 and would greatly increase their chances of surviving to adulthood. And I need a man on a silver tray, now! Bxx

  3. Gorgeous dress. Looks like you had a great flight!

  4. What a beautiful dress SSG. Love how you got upgraded to Business class and happier still that you didn't have any Qantas issues :) x

  5. Sounds perfectly heavenly.

  6. UPGRADE! So jealous! I love the Alannah Hill dress, just perfect for a wedding. Yes, Brisbane is soaking wet as well... not ideal conditions for babysitting a 3 year old!



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