Dec 12, 2010

The Three Bruised 'Nanas. In Pursuit Of Bathers.

With apologies to the Three Wise Men (work with me on the Christmas theme), these are my Three Bruised 'Nanas in the freezer.

I know thrift and economy are not themes that are particularly well explored in this blog but there are times when I like to think I try.  I had read somewhere that bruised bananas freeze well when peeled and placed in zip lock bags.  They are then ready to go for smoothies or for baking.

Today I defrosted my first batch to make some Banana Coconut Muffins.

Be warned, the bananas look a little worse for wear when they've defrosted but they mash well and once you give them a stir, are ready to incorporate into your recipe of choice.  Muffins were yummy. I added a tablespoon of honey and used 1/2 cup of vegetable oil instead of the butter for one batch.  Annoyingly, the recipe only makes around 7 muffins and I wanted to take a dozen or so to work tomorrow.  So I had to make them twice.

It's been baking central here at SSG Manor.

This is stage one of my contribution to our work Christmas lunch.  I'm working towards a chocolate mocha trifle and excitement is building already.

The chocolate brownie layer needed to be baked today so that it could develop flavour (all will be revealed later)  before the Final Assembly.

I've never used Betty Crocker's brownie mixes before but I'm a convert.  All you need is water, eggs and some oil and after a quick stir and a bake, some pretty rich brownies await.

Unfortunately, there was a run on the triple chocolate fudge flavour and I had to make a batch of the regular brownies too.

So I improvised the chocolate bits with some chopped dark chocolate.  Did you see it?  Did you see it?  the secret ingredient?  Kahlua.

Chocolate brownie mix + Kahlua = mocha brownies.  I soaked my brownies in Kahlua when they were still warm from the oven.  Half a cup to each batch of brownies.  That's not enough to intoxicate anyone at work, is it?  I will report back Tuesday night after work.

So, the first layer of trifle is ready to go, it's off to the fridge for the evening.  I'll show you how it all comes together tomorrow.

Cancun has been in the news a fair bit recently.  Progress has been made on a global carbon emissions policy that will see developing nations assisted by wealthier countries in working towards the goals set out at the conference.

Speaking of Cancun, doesn't the city conjure up images of beaches - and possibly an episode of Girls Gone Wild?  Reality television has come a long way, in some respects.

Which got me on to the matter of Bathers For the Beach.  All year round, I faithfully whip out something from my rotation of Speedo chlorine resistant racer back one pieces and two piecers (they are far too functional to be called bikinis) for my Sunday afternoon swim.  I haven't bought a new pair in 2 years thanks to the resilience of the fabric.

Sadly, they are not really lazing by the beach kind of swimmers.  This year, I plan to spend a good proportion of my time off in my bathers, pool side with my Kindle.  I've found new authors and novels like nobody's business and am relishing novel reading all over again.

But back to the bathers.

On first glance, the Victoria's Secret website may not be the logical place to start a search for bathers (after spending the day tasting brownies and having brunch at Adriano Zumbo's in Rozelle after yoga) but there is method to my madness.

The perenially chic Brasilian_Babe at Motherhood Career Fashion recently blogged about her picks for bathers this summer and quite a few VS pieces were mentioned.  I like to heed good advice when I see it so I had a browse.

I like that all you need to buy bathers online is a measuring tape and fairy dust optimism (that beach confidence will be bestowed upon you once you put those bikinis on).  There's no harsh reality of fluorescent changeroom lights, your lack of fake tan (mandatory for bikini shopping according to the glossips) and distant, genetically blessed sales assistants half your age who have never had the need to search hard for flattering bikini tops.

Victoria's Secret worked for me because tops (yes, by bra size - how ingenious) and bottoms can be bought separately.  The site is easy to use and the bathers are grouped by collections with inspiring names like Beach Sexy, Forever Sexy and Very Sexy and there is very precise engineering in the construction of each kind of top - not that any of the models actually needed any of it but still, it makes us mere mortal punters feel catered to.

Beach confidence guaranteed!!

Have a lovely evening everyone and I hope you're coping with the pace of Christmas functions.  They're coming thick and fast and I haven't even done half my present shopping yet.


  1. What a great idea to freeze older bananas - think I will pinch this tip. Great baking going on today at SSG Manor and good luck with the bathers search too! Show us what you eventually decide upon. x

  2. I love banana muffins - they are Mr Kitty's favourite! So easy to make. I freeze squishy bananas too - make the best muffins or banana bread. I bought a Jets by Jessika Allen and a Seafolly bathing suit this year and I have been immensely happy with both purchases!

  3. Ooh.. those brownies look so good. Plus, I'll be freezing bananas your way from now on. Just bought a pair of bathers online too (terrifying experience) and they are BRILLIANT. I'm a Seafolly convert now!

  4. i freeze bananas that have gotten too ripe and they are perfect to use in smoothies or juices!

    your muffins look so super delicious. you are quite a baker!

  5. I freeze bananas on a bamboo skewer for my nephew - just like an ice cream but healthy! That brownie trifle looks DEADLY. I want some!


  6. I love VS and was totally hopeful when I heard that they had a store at the airport. Sadly it's not their best stuff by a mile so I shall have to buy online too.

  7. Hmm, brownies, bananas and bathers all in one post! That's a great combo. I'm happy to take tips on bananas and brownies, but I'm avoiding the thought of buying bathes like the plague. Maybe I'll check out VS. Anything's got to be better than a changing room... (PS: Love your ribbons - I clearly haven't been around in a while. Apologies for that - my loss!)


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