Jan 11, 2011

Hope and Prayers For Queensland.

The luxury of being online and relaxing on a Tuesday evening after work doesn't extend to many people in Queensland today.
The sheer volume of water and the speed of its destruction isn't something I can fathom here in my dry loungeroom.  The uncertainty for the loved ones of the 72 people unaccounted for in the region must be excruciating.

I know that quite a few regular readers of Sydney Shop Girl live in Queensland.  Those that I know by name include:

  • Leanne at Deep Fried Fruit
  • Melissa at Suger Coat It
  • Lotus & Willow at Red Phoenix Emporium
  • the inimitable Faux Fuchsia
  • Nic at Nic's World
  • The Stylish Shoe Girl
  • Apologies if I forgot to mention anyone.

For all of you, I hope and pray that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Take care and God Bless.


  1. Hi SSG,
    Thanks for your supportive words.
    I don't know if you have seen any coverage of Brisbane City, but I work at Eagle Street Pier right on the river.
    All buildings were evacuated before lunch.
    Fortunately, I live in a Queenslander on a hill, so I am ok, but it is just devastating sitting here watching the live coverage and seeing photos etc that my friends are posting on Facebook.
    It's just terrible and unfortunately it isn't getting any better :(

  2. It is terrible. I can't imagine it. The sudden devastation is incomprehensible. I feel for everyone who have lost their livelihoods, homes and families. It is just so awful.

    Other Queensland bloggers I know are Nikki at Flair to Remember and Bern at So Now What?.

  3. Thoughts and prayers go out to all.....
    please keep us updated SSG.

  4. Absolutey agree SSG. Thinking of everyone in Queensland especially 'our bloggers' - such a terrible situation. x

  5. Thanks for the nice mention, I am in Paddington and live on a huge hill so I am ok. Leigh works in the city and as evacuated from his building this morning. This rain is just not letting up and it is scary how bad it is just a few streets away

  6. Thanks SSG - Willow and I are both dry and safe. We were evacuated from the city (well told to go home - it wasn't that dramatic really) and expect to be bunkering down in our homes for Wed and Thurs at least. We live in neighbouring suburbs and we both expect to stay dry but are concerned the power will go out and apparently the local supermarket has no bread, milk, tinned goods etc! Panic has set in! It is STILL raining (just got heavier as I type!). Will keep you posted on developments.


  7. Yes:)
    From Norway...hope you all are safe:)



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