Jan 6, 2011

Mainstream Australian Fashion and I Part Ways. Late Sources Of Hair Inspiration.

I was brain storming budgetting ideas for 2011 over breakfast today.  The first step is to not renew my longstanding subscriptions to Australian InStyle or Shop 'Til You Drop.  I was flicking through the latest editions of both of these with my poached eggs and I've come to the conclusion that I've been cut adrift from popular fashion trends for at least the last 6 months - the fashion stories left me mostly queasy and wondering why perfectly beautiful models had to be made so unattractive by current fashion.  The celebrity spreads are always a little more 'approachable' as if their contracts probably stipulated that no drop crotch, technicolour pants paired with flowing blouses, the figure detracting layers up layer of beige, off white and light brown (all worn at once) or completely transparent clothes be called for their fittings.  No such luck the poor nameless models....

I know many people will disagree with me (otherwise the fashion would be different in these mainstream magazine) so I'm happy to just sit out the next few years of 'this minute, fashion.  I'm still alive and kicking but a tree or two was felled for my magazine subscriptions  Best to prevent further senseless deforestation sooner rather than later - and save a few dollars in the process.

I love being on holidays.  I can have hot breakfasts, ponder the paper and even watch some morning television.

There were a couple of last minute entrants in my search for a hair inspiration.  How's that for a reality TV show?  Real women choose which celebrity they want their hair to be like... and how those women look after they've been to the hairdresser.  I might twitter Simon Cowell about this.

Anne Hathaway.  How could I have overlooked her?  Possibly because she just does her thing with quiet elegance mostly out of the lenses of the paparazzi.  She's a fellow thick haired woman and we have a similar face shape.


And Alexa Chung.  


I ended up with the Alexa Anne.  It bears a striking resemblance to the hair of Jennifer Aniston circa Brad, Friends, Angelina being with Billy Bob and Courtney being married to David.  I think I could even go shorter next time, we'll wait and see.  So easy to say when you've been through it all.
Lipstick - Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle.  2011 is shaping up to be the year of the lippie after years of gloss.

I borrowed Alexa's red lipstick look for my epic hairdressing adventure.  For once in my life I'm not tied down to my hair looking exactly like the photo I show my hairdresser and I don't feel compelled to synchronize my hair length with prevailing female celebrities.  I think ending those magazine subscriptions was a natural progression on my road to dressing and cutting my hair in a way that is right for me and my life situation right now.  But it's nice to know someone out there in Hollywood land has been there before me.

I love it.  I can feel the air on my shoulders and I swear my head isn't as heavy (though this could be the spartan approach to bubbly starting from this week).

Thanks to everyone who made comments on my previous post.  Especially Bubbles who very cleverly wrote that getting the perfect flick in Victoria's Pob is actually much harder and time consuming than it appears.


I'm hearted that my new length still has the flexibility of being able to be styled in lots of different ways, or not at all (as is the case for me most mornings).

I did try to find Asian celebrities and models with hair the length I was thinking of going (that would be the most logical source for someone who is Asian themselves).  The problem was, I got so distracted by reading the text on the gossip websites with English language pages.  The scandal!  The mud slinging!  The paparazzi shots of actresses getting in from the night before.  The general look is that the actress pretends that she can't see the camera, she gracefully gets out of a very low lying sports car with fancy swinging doors and never closes her eyes or yawns, all whilst wearing very skinny jeans and lugging a massive handbag made of the skin of a crocodile who decided that their scales looked better in a psychedelic colour rather than what nature intended.  There was so much to read and look at, their hair seemed somehow irrelevant.  It was all glossy, wavy and pretty long from what I can recall.

It's raining  buckets in Sydney again.  Minor roof flooding, nothing to write home about in the context of Queensland.

I still can't get over how different it feels to shake my head, I can hear the air rustle through my hair.  I've been thinking this through way too much.


  1. You hair (and you!) look(s) gorgeous! And love the glamorous lippie. Glad you went for the chop. And you make me smile 'flicking through magazines with your poached eggs' X

  2. My pleasure! Great cut and a really manageable length. And like you said, you can always go shorter next time if you feel like it. Do you have layers in your hair? That'd make it heaps easier to style.

    Btw, I was reading your post with BuBba sitting next to me when he pointed at the screen and said "she she". He was pointing at the goldfish in your sidebar and trying to say fishie. Cute moment I had to share :)


  3. I love your hair! Gorgeous! And those lips :) Wow! You and Luscious Llama are in a lip-off now.

    I also like how you have humanised and pitied the humble fashion model: 'The celebrity spreads are always a little more 'approachable' as if their contracts probably stipulated that no drop crotch, technicolour pants paired with flowing blouses or completely transparent clothes be called for their fittings. No such luck the poor nameless models...'

    Maybe there needs to be some sort of charity set up for the poor nameless models. To raise awareness against drop crotch technicolour pants etc.

    Sorry you and Shop/Instyle are parting ways. I love those mags, but probably get just as much inspiration from fashion blogs.

  4. Hi girl...
    Wonderful writing as always:)

    I have been thinking about cutting my hair for a while, but have come to the conclusion that I simply can not bare it:)

    Have a great day

  5. I think it looks gorgeous. And very shiny....

  6. I wish I had your hair instead of the broom or bush like abomination that permanently sits on my head. Your new cut looks fantastic, and your red lippy looks lush. By the way, have you tried doing a search on google images for Lucy Liu? Heaps of great pics of how she styled her hair (similar cut to what you have now).


  7. Looks lighter SSG...and as they say...a change is as good as a rest!

  8. Enjoy your new haircut - freed from the tyranny of fashion mags:).

  9. Your hair looks great - and the lipstick is fab!

  10. Bravo! Love the new cut. I have decided my latest budgetry and moral cut is packaged drinks. I cannot believe the amount of waste they generate for one sitting! So am going to avoid takeaway tea, water and juice with the added bonus of saving dollars!


  11. Loving the new do. It really suits you. Now to convince you to try a fringe!!

    I too am finding I am less inspired than before by Instyle and STYD. I think the weird poses they make the poor models stand in probably doesn't help the clothes much - I find I am rarely to be found skipping down Pitt Street semi hunched over sporting jazz hands (or as others call them, spirit fingers). The poses don't do much to encourage the wearability of clothing in my opinion.

    I have also decided that now I am a Femme d'Uncertain age (i.e. a grown up) I am more confident in my own style and find I rely less on magazines telling me what I should purchase. I also buy less trend-based items and more choice, long term investments... Abd I don't care what colour is in season - I buy what I know suits me.

    I'm also investing in more home/decorating publications now that the house is really underway... I guess it's a cycle...

  12. SSG - love the new do! Fingers crossed that mine turns out half as nicely as yours.

    I have cancelled my subscriptions to Vogue, Harpers, Marie Claire and STYD. I just don't like the way that they style their clothes, and frankly have hardly bought anything based on what I've seen featured in them. Like others, I get more up to date info from fashion blogs and forums. Also, I have my own style that I'm pretty happy with, so I don't really need to be 'inspired' by current trends as dictated by a magazine editor. However, I do still subscribe to Grazia, mostly because it's cheap and features a good mix of celebrity news, fashion, food and travel. UK Elle usually seems to do it for me as well.

  13. Oh shucks, girls! Thanks so much. I'm blushing as red as the lipstick.

    Carly: I loved that comment about LL and I doing a lip-off. It may well happen. Shall we run it by LL?

    Miss Kitty and Z: glad I am not the only one feeling the way I do. I think once a person has developed self confidence in who they , what the like and how they look - you know what suits you and what you'll buy in a season. Regardless of the magazines. Still love reading them though :0)

    Oh - the shine of my hair was greatly aided by the use of flash on my compact camera.

    SSG xxx

  14. The hair do looks fab!! How much length did you lose as I don't think I have seen a before pic.

  15. Love the hair and totally agree about the fashion magazines and general disappointing nature of stuff floating around in the retail space at the moment!
    Also I love a strong lippy!

  16. Fabulous hair - what I would give for those thick shiny black locks (speaking from someone who is currently sporting thin, dull try-hard blonde locks...).


  17. Katie: my hair defines try hard. It was straightened and squid ink coloured AND cut.

    Cait: 3 cheers for strong lips.

    SSG xxx

  18. I go away for a few weeks and look what happens - SSG has a brave haircut! It looks totally divine. Feeling quite inspired actually....

  19. Australian DesignerAugust 3, 2012 at 5:46 PM

    Looking beautiful. I like your hair styles and lipsticks. Thanks for the post..:)



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