Jan 2, 2011

A Much Needed History Lesson. Things British.

I don't think I can add anything more about The King's Speech that hasn't already been written in its uniformly glowing reviews.

It is a film defined by the quality of the cast's performances.  For me, it felt like each actor was giving the performance of their lives.  There was depth, subtlety and perfect British (or Australian) diction in every word.  I enjoyed seeing actors in the cast who have fascinated me in their previous roles:

  • Guy Pearce as King Edward VIII (I've always had a crush on Guy)
  • Jennifer Ehle as Myrtle Logue (she will always be Eliza Bennett to me and full marks for the Australian accent)
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth (she truly is a brilliant actress, admired her ever since A Room With A View).

Not to mention Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth in the lead roles.
Monarchist or not, I don't think anyone watching this film can help but be moved by the themes and period of history it explores.

The film inspired me in some unexpected ways.  I'm shamefully ignorant of British history (considering I live in a Nation of the Commonwealth) but watching this film inspired me to do a wiki search of the members of the British Royal family.  I will be up to speed by Kate and William's wedding in April this year.

One of the central themes of the film was overcoming fear and believing in yourself.  Life may not give you what you expect but the best response is not to shirk that responsibility but instead rise to the occasion and do the best that you can.  Often we are our own biggest enemies and confounders.  We allow what we think other people are thinking of us to prevent us from achieving what we are meant to achieve.

I woke up with British Royalty on my mind.  Which was an obvious sign from above that I had to be at the QVB today.

To get my hands on these beautiful Correspondence Cards from The Metropolitan Museum of Art (one of my favourite places in the world).  They were half price.  The shell design is adapted from the work of an 18th century English goldsmith, Paul de Lamarie.  The original shells were intended as serving dishes.  Starting in 2011, I intend to correspond via note card.  Unless bills, cheques and direct debit arrangements are involved.  Which, unfortunately, is what most of my mail is about.

Yet another el cheapo maxi dress - ICE, necklace - Elk,

Okay, I there's something I need to tell you.  I can't keep my fingers from typing it in this post.  IorderedaMulberryBayswaterinoakfromNetAPorter.   Mr SSG, are you reading this?  Just disregard anything in this font that looks like a sentence without any spaces.....

No, that's not it.  No point writing about a NAP purchase if it hasn't actually been delivered.  Not like you can't go to the website yourself and have a look see there.

Or perhaps it was this?  I'm going to be defrosting my freezer tomorrow morning.  I officially turn of the power at 10.12pm tonight.  Definitely not that.

If I could tear myself away from my reflection in the wardrobe mirror in the spare room and put down my camera, perhaps it might come to me.

Okay, this is it.  I've just completed my shopping for the blog.  Tomorrow marks the start of my first every giveaway.  I've been testing out the entry process, organizing the gifts, commissioned the Official Giveaway Note Cards, booked in my time at the post office and practiced my autograph.

I'm all set.  I'll be honest, it's not in the league of an Oprah Giveaway but I really do hope that you all enter.  See you tomorrow, after I defrost the freezer.  Sadly, I wasn't joking about that.


  1. Hahahah about the fine print in your blog!
    I love that dress - you are looking good - and will consider going to an el cheapo store to buy myself one.
    My unit is hideously untidy and all I can do is click refresh on my browser :/
    Ooooh how exciting about the giveaway! You know what though? I met one of my giveaway winnners today and unfortunately before xmas, in my pre trip clean up, I threw out the bag which had the bubble wrapped panda spoon in it. So I had to give her an alternative giveaway item. :/

  2. Hi
    I have a giveaway on my "fashion" blog at the moment...
    They are really a lot of fun...

    Congrats on your first...and of course I will enter...

    Have a great day!

  3. Look forward to seeing your new NAP purchase. I have been lemming that same bag in the purple or leopard oak so I am looking forward to seeing your pics.

    Can't wait to have a peak and enter your giveaway too. I am also in the process of putting together a giveaway post to celebrate my 100th blog post... so I have been holding off posting until i've sorted that out *LOL* it's hard to not post :p

  4. Hehe I have to confess that when we looked at going to the movies this past week The King's Speech was the only thing that looks remotely interesting! :P

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed The King's Speech and would not be surprised if this movie receives many Oscar nominations.
    Ohh I like the maxi SSG.

  6. I have an ongoing crush on Colin Firth so The King's Speech will be a must see for me. Will wait until it is on DVD though (The one thing I really miss about living in the country is a nearby cinema...)

    Can't wait to see the new bag.

    Take good care.

  7. Oh I love your blog you do make me smile about the Bayswater bag SSG!! MUST see that film - it is on my list can't wait. Happy, happy 2011 to you and hopefully we may meet in non blogging world this year? x

  8. ha i like the fine print! i'm wanting that bag in chestnut ostrich but can't see it happening any time soon, having to pay for pesky things like food and school fees :)

  9. can't wait to see the Kings speech.

  10. Score on the Bayswater SSG!!! It will be my next purchase if the dollar gets slightly better.
    Simply ordered the King's Speech. Superb acting by the cast and had no idea Myrtel was Jennifer Ehle!!!
    I have just finished the biography of he Queen Mother by William Shawcross and have banged on about it on other blogs. Truly though it paints Elizabeth and Bertie as such a loving couple who were so loving to their daughters. What happened to Charles and the rest of them I do not know but the QUEEN grew up with hands on parents.

  11. Kate B: thanks for the book suggestion!

    christine: it's a must see.

    Jo: the chestnut ostrich sounds decadent...

    Semi Expat: hope we do meet in 2011 :-)

    SSG xxx


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