Jan 3, 2011

SSG's First Giveaway. 5 Gifts Based On A Few Of My Favourite Things.

That almost made me want to burst into song, Julie Andrews style.

Good morning!

I love public holiday Monday mornings.  They are the only ones I seem to bounce out of bed for.  With boundless energy to tackle household chores.  Seriously.  The big freezer defrost of 2011 went off without a hitch and we are now free to buy our first tub of ice cream for the year.  I've had a lovely hot shower and dipped my head (with a fine layer of Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask) over my face steamer for 10 minutes.  I'm all set to write my first ever giveaway post.

Oprah would be proud.  I've done the shopping.

What I lack in dollar value I have made up for with glossy paper bags.

The official winner's cards (from The Metropolitan Museum of Art) came in this box.

And look like this.  I've been practicing my legible printing (my cursive is a lost cause, just ask Mrs B my teacher in grade 6).

I don't think I've dressed up enough for this post but to add some formality to the post, I don't think you can go wrong with a photo of a double cuffed Herringbone shirt and a solid watch.

The prizes I've chosen for this giveaway were inspired by things I've blogged about a fair bit in 2010.  So yes, they seem 'all about me' but I wanted the prizes to tie in with the general feel of Sydney Shop Girl.  I hope there's something here for everyone.

I love a good hand cream.  Earlier on this year, I made a fantastic discovery that wearing vaseline and cotton gloves to bed every night made the dry cracked hands on my skin disappear.

Fortunately, the first giveaway is not a jar of Vaseline.

Rather, it's a gift box of 3 x 50g Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams.  Gardeners, La Source and Rosewater / Eau de Rose.  If this is your preferred prize, just write HANDCREAM (loving those caps)  in your entry.

You all know my love of a good bath bomb in a hotel bath....  So many bath tubs, so many LUSH bath products.

That was my LUSH lavender bath bomb in Melbourne, when I met Carly Findlay for the first time!!  And shopped.

Unfortunately, bath bombs don't mail well - especially when I'm doing the mailing.  Plus, bath time fragrance is such a personal matter.  So, we have one $20 LUSH gift voucher.  And you have to get bath bombs with it.  Just joking.  I'm just going to read the fine print on the voucher, but I think this one may have to be an Australian residents only gift.  Write LUSH in your entry if this is your preferred gift.

Don't worry, my battered Australia / baggy green-esque hat isn't part of the prize.  Speaking of cricket, I was reading a lovely story about the Barmy Army in today's paper.  That was a hard sentence for an Australian to write, let me tell you. It was an article about the Barmy Army members who did the Bridge Climb in Sydney the other day.  They were singing Barmy Army songs at the top of their lungs all the way through.  But that's not the beautiful part.  It turns out that the Bridge Climb was a fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation and $40 000 was donated to the fund by the Barmy Army.  It was such a lovely article to read in amongst all the stuff slamming the Australian team.

I'd better start being more succinct.  I have 3 more prizes to announce.  It's the attention, I'm loving it.

Necklaces from Cotton On.

By now, my love of a good necklace would not have gone unnoticed by regular readers.  Their ability to lift a boring outfit.

Necklaces from Red Phoenix Emporium.

I've also embraced decluttering, at the insistence of Faux Fuchsia.

So decluttering + jewelry = Diva's large jewelry roll.

Diva has revolutionized my jewelry organization system..  Everything is so easy to find!!
Your prize will be the exact same roll, minus my bits and bobs.

Write DIVA in your entry for your chance to win this prize.

Max Brenner and I had many an adventure together in 2010.

He steered me away from these leopard peep toed Louboutins earlier last year (but wasn't there when I bought the Louboutin Dorepis later on).

So I have a tin of Max Brenner European Style Thick Hot Chocolate mix as my next prize.  Its only connection to Louboutin is that I walked past the Sydney store holding it over the weekend.  Sorry to disappoint.  Write CHOCOLATE in your entry for this prize.

Lucky last prize.  Who could forget the moment I laid eyes on my favourite soap at the European deli in Concord earlier this year?

Special soap really can make your day.  No matter how bad the day's been, there is nothing like a hot shower and the scent of your favourite soap to cheer you up.

Or getting your nails done.

The last prize is 2 of my favourite soaps and a nail file.  Enter SOAP for this prize.

My excitement was getting to Mr SSG today.  He was feeling a little left out and wanted to contribute a lucky extra prize.

In the spirit of thrift, he is gifting this Commonwealth Bank piggy bank, or should that be banky bank?

The lucky winner of this prize will have the wisdom of Mr SSG with them wherever they may be in the world.

And to think, up until now, only one person has ever had 24 hour access to his wisdom.  Mr SSG will randomly allocate this to one of the 5 gifts on the day I mail them out.  Thank you, Mr SSG.

And that is just about it.

Ah, the procedural notes.  Here they are.

Here's how to enter in 3 easy steps or 2 if you're already an official follower:
  1. follow this blog (quite a few of you can go straight to step 2)
  2. email me using the link on the right
  3. in your email, tell me:
  • how you found Sydney Shop Girl
  • your follower name (or real name if you're feeling daring and think it will look better on the address label)
  • postal address
  • any preference for which item you'd like to receive - HANDCREAM, LUSH, DIVA, CHOCOLATE and SOAP.
    Entry is open to all readers, worldwide.
    The deadline is midday (AEDST) Thursday January 13th 2011.  Hope it's okay that I'm asking for your address with your entry.  It's just that I'm working on a tight schedule and need to have your prizes in the post before I leave on my road trip.

    Good luck and enter, enter, enter!!


    1. Great looking French manicure SSG!
      You must wear rubber gloves when actioning domestics!

      I am not entering your giveaways (they look great) as I am in declutter mode myself
      I visit often...

      Happy New Year!

    2. Hostess: Happy New Year. Best of luck with the declutter. I'm sort of in the middle of one myself...

      SSG xxx

    3. Happy new year!

      I so totally agree with you on public holiday Mondays. There's a big difference in having to get up early Monday morning for work or lectures as opposed to doing it voluntarily for whatever you have planned for the day. The choice is pure luxury!

      I'd love to enter the giveaway, I'm a sucker for handcreams and that box looks seriously cute. However, I think shipping something to Norway would probably cost a small fortune, so I think it's better left to those of your readers that don't live as far away as me. :)

    4. Sniff: I'm entering you anyway! It's really no trouble at all.

      SSG xxx

    5. Fab giveaway! I am trying to declutter, but with two children it is soo hard. Must send them off somewhere so I can throw their things away without the hysterics "but mum, that's my rock that I found in the yard, you can't just throw it in the bin".

    6. I entered :)

      What a lovely giveaway! You are truly generous.

    7. Yes like Carly said...
      You are very kind!

      I will enter...

      Have a great day.

    8. Well, how exciting and how generous of you SSG and what a lovely way to start 2011... I will definitely enter just going to think about the prizes and which one I would love if I was a lucky winner.. x

    9. This is my favourite giveaway ever. So personalised and witty. now to decide between the chocolate and the bank... Hmmm.

      Happy new Year!

    10. Hooray for giveaways! I love Mr SSG's words of wisdom, a very valuable prize indeed! I hope we get to hear more from Mr SSG in 2011! I am off to enter the giveaway... so hard to decide...I am loving your jewellery organisation but I am not sure that it would go far to solve the problem of all my shoe boxes of Red Phoenix necklaces!! I think I am voting for the Lush goodies :) Was I not paying attention - where is the road trip to?


    11. Oh..thanks for entering me anyway! How exciting! I'll send you an e-mail. :)

    12. Such a generous giveaway SSG and the consideration in choosing the gifts is obvious.
      I would love to enter and shall dash off an email. The Commonwealth money box brings back memories for I was given one upon my parents opening my first ever account waaaay back in the sixties!

    13. Great giveaway SSG and I giggled when you said Fortunately the first giveaway is not Vaseline! :P

    14. Thank you so much SSG!! Lovely package arrived wrapt with care and even a gorgeous card. Love Chocolate and looking forward to a luxurious cuppa. Keep up the goodwork x

    15. Kerry: my pleasure!

      Take care

      SSG xxx


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