Jan 19, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

My response to the Stylish Blogger Award from Miss Kitty Cat and Blighty.  Thank you ladies, it's an honour.

I don't know if there's much you don't know about me by know.  There could well be heaps of things you rather you did not.  Anyway, here goes!

1.  I love quotes except I'm rubbish at remembering them.

So being able to take photos of them helps.

2.  I've been typing without a proper delete key for a week.  And I still make sense!

It got broken when I was trying to get a stray piece of rice cracker out from under it.  Pocket knives and Macbook keys DO NOT go together.

3.  I can't whistle.

4.  I'm diving board phobic.  I can't jump off them.

5.  I'm actually enjoying driving in Sydney.  It's only taken 4 years but I love the challenge of peak hour(s), the random chaos of the major motorways, ticking off all the suburbs I have know driven through or past and making sense of the traffic report on the radio.

6.  I've never eaten haggis.  That just sounded like a fun one to write.  Moving right along.

7.  I was once an impromptu hand model for a jeweler in Perth.  Mr SSG and I was looking around at engagement rings one Saturday.  Just as I was leaving after finding what I thought was 'The Ring', the owner of the store, Mr R swooped over the plush carpet and asked to borrow my hand.  It turns out he had just made a ring for a client featuring a massive yellow diamond (before Tiffany's got onto them) and needed to see what the finished product looked like in real life.  I must have looked like a low flight risk.....

And that's it!


  1. I have to laugh about you not remembering quotes as I'm the same. I'm also terrible at remembering jokes. When put on the spot I go completely blank. And yet I can identify designer shoes at 20 paces. Go figure! LOL Obviously I only have one side of my brain working.

  2. ooh I don't know about posting or typing sans delete...there's a reason for the award right there :)

  3. Agree with the quotes!
    There were excellent quotes written on the glass windows/walls at Luke Mangan's in Singapore which I took photos of...sounds familiar!
    I can't whistle either. I really wish I could do one of those killer whistles that you occasionally hear at a function/BBQ to get everyone to be quiet before someone makes a speech. Don't know when I'd ever use this skill though...

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is bad at quotes!

    Hostess, life is SO GOOD with a functioning delete key.

    SSG xxx


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