Jan 18, 2011

The Sun Always Rises. Life Went On Without Me.

While I've been caught up in a my own little world of nervous tension, I was amazed to discover that the world really did go on without my being entirely in the here and now.  I've been around but I've been so wound up about the new job, my mind found itself in a world of worst possible case scenarios and hypotheticals.  Needless to say, my first real day was not as bad as what I feared.

The sun rose this morning and the She Shed pot plants were still their reassuring green selves, fluttering in the breeze.

It's amazing how good for plants not drowning them is....

Good Living returned in its full pull out form in the SMH this morning.

The biggest story was that a new mega Chinese restuarant is opening in China Town.  It's called The Eight and will branch out into Modern Chinese.  I hear pate is involved and uber chic decor.  I think The Eight is calling my name for Chinese New Year this year.

Oh and celebrity land has really gone nuts in the last 24 hours or so.

The Golden Globes.  The Dress and The Look for me was Natalie Portman.

Image from Just Jared
Mr SSG highly recommends the NY Times gown report for those interested in GG looks.  In fact, it was Mr SSG who told me to seek out photos of Natalie Portman.  That rose detail and her matching lipstick. That baby bump.  I think the dress is Viktor  & Rolfe.  If I were Natalie and I was having a boy, I'd call him Viktor Rolfe.

Did you hear about Nicole and Keith?  They have a new daughter, Faith Margaret from their 'gestational carrier'.  A disturbing choice of words but it is very happy news.

My little corner of Sydney made it to the Channel 7 News!

Not that I was personally involved but that's my duplicated Iron Cove Bridge.  Above my outdoor pool (The Drummoyne Olympic Pool).

Nothing glamorous, mind you.  No stunning gowns in sight.  We were the talk of Sydney because of the ridiculous peak hour traffic and how there is now a concrete 'zipper' down the middle of the road that allows lanes to be created and rerouted according the traffic volume.  Can't imagine how a zipper is going to help things but there you have it.

Clothes have been less than exciting at the moment.  Just concentrating on getting out the door on time and arriving in one piece at work after trekking across the industrial wasteland that is the current staff car park.  My daily dose of quirk was provided instead by my etsy caffeine molecule necklace and my Kate Spade iPhone 4 cover.


  1. I am coveting (covetting ?sp) your mobile cover.

    I hope you had a brilliant first day. I too am loving Natalie Portman's glam pregnancy look.

    Take good care SSG.

  2. gestational carrier? Isn't that surrogate?

  3. The first day is never as bad as we imagine is it? I don't know why I never remember this but I just don't seem to! I start a new job in a few weeks and am already dreading it. But well done on surviving (and thriving I am sure)!

  4. Oh do hope all is going well SSG - know just what it is like being aprhensive about new situations / jobs... Am sure you will do wonderfully. x

  5. Hi girl:)
    I am sure you have nothing to be nervous about:)
    You will do just great in your new job:)

    And remember we have all been there at some point...

    Have a great day from a cloudy Oslo

  6. Natalie Portman is a class act.
    So glad the first day went well SSG.

  7. nice spathys- I grow them. Babies are the new black xx

  8. It sure is Viktor and Rolf!! Gorgeous dress. When is Nigella going to be here? Here's to more good days at work, the first day is always the hardest. I've been at the same place for 8 years, first days are a distant memory. If I did change jobs though I would be DYING of nerves.

  9. Hi SSG

    I am glad I discovered your blog. I have always loved your posts on the VF (I was on the beauty/makeup pages in the early 2000's). Thanks for putting in the effort and sharing snippets of you life with us. I would love to read about your experience re:moving to Sydney .... love what you are doing, keep it up!

  10. Anonymous: thank you for such a lovely message. You're welcome :-)

    Merowyn: Nigella will be in Melbourne March 12/13 I think. At a hideously expensive Master Class for the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show. I fear it will be booked out already...

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  11. I love Hollywood awards ceremonies but mainly for the red carpet! But Ricky Gervais made the actual ceremony more interesting! :)

  12. nicole's a bit posh to use the word surrogate i see!!

  13. Love the Kate Spade iphone case - my hot pink and white polka dot Kate Spade iphone case is one of my favourite purchases.
    You'll love the Kate Spade stores in the US, if you haven't already been to one!
    TheRe's one in the shopping mall attacHed to the Royal Hawaiian - another positive....


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