Jan 22, 2011

Sydney, May I Tell You How Beautiful You Are In the Late Summer?

Didn't today just make you feel live and proud to be living in Sydney, Sydney readers?  Despite Sydney having just been named as the most un-liveable Australian city.

Even from behind the swinging doors of our public transport, the water was a glorious turquoise blue, the trees a deep green and the clouds that cotton wool fluffy, happy white.

Thankfully, the sky writer didn't stop at this.

Either a car fanatic out there was asking for Honda's hand in marriage or there was an event sponsored by Honda going on somewhere in Sydney today.

It was a day of errands for me, but pleasant ones.  The glorious weather made it easier to get through them all.

My first stop was the city.

The faded and bleached pictures you get from Hipstamatic are so perfect for summer photos, don't you think?

Where my fellow Sydney siders were already out and about embracing late summer.

By accepting the challenge of simultaneously playing chess against the one grand master.

Congregating in the cool of the high ceilinged QVB.

Getting the feeling that Easter seems to have arrived a little earlier than usual.  It was the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns at Coles that first did it to me and now look, the George St banners are all about the bunny.
The Easter Bunny - Sydney Techno Rave Style.
What was I in the city for again?

Ah yes, Jamie Oliver's latest cook book.

Image courtesy of www.foodiegossip,blogspot.com
Jamie's 30 Minute Meals is currently screening on the Lifestyle channel here in Australia and I'm hooked.  I've always enjoyed watching Jamie cook but this is the first book of his recipes that I've wanted to buy.  The lay out of the book aims to help you keep to the 30 minute time frame to get a full meal on the table.  Jamie focuses a great deal on maximal impact with minimal time and  he has put together menus with a wide range of flavours.

Tragically, the book was sold out at Books Kinokuniya.

I did find Julia Child's definitive French cookbook though.  I left it on its shelf.  Far too complicated for me and I was having palpitations at the amount of butter required in many of the recipes.

Operation 'Bring the She Shed To Work Because the Reverse Is Very Unlikely To Happen' went off without a hitch today.

Anticipating a less than hospitable environment at work, I got these Water Storage Crystals to add to my potting mix.

In an ideal world, the crystals are left to soak in some water before being mulched into potting mix.  Today was the ideal world and those crystals ended up looking awfully like a granita.

Just as well the jug was outside in the She Shed not the fridge or else the morning may have ended on a less than happy note.

My ever reliable Ikea plants made themselves at home in the car.

Unfortunately, neither of these pot plants possessed any road map reading skills.

But refrained from being back seat drivers.  We all got to my new office in one piece.  The office is now complete.

I was going to show you this photo on Australia Day (but I'll be working), but how cool is this replica Harbour Bridge?

It is one of the many interesting sights on my drive to work.  My work car park is off Governor Macquarie Drive in the middle of several stables and a horse racing track.  I reckon it's position A (outside of the real Harbour Bridge) this Australia Day.  It's not going to be so bad being at work on Wednesday after all.  Be warned, Sydney, I heard that we're heading up to 42C on January 26.


  1. Hi girl...
    You are very lucky to live in such a great city:)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh please don't tell me that its LATE Summer already??? Feel like we have not even begun here in Melbourne although we DID get no. 3 best city to live in (Adelaide and Canberra beat us??**!!)Glad you had a good Saturday and Sydney was shining! And thanks yes, got to 102 when I was not looking - a lovely bday pressie. Was at work today so will enjoy Sunday. Think we are going to be warm... mmmmmm 29 degrees. xxxx

  3. I certainly don't miss the traffic but Sydney isn't that bad! I can't believe it is almost Feb which means summer is almost over :(

  4. Love the glimpses of your city, always a treat for this Colorado girl. :)

  5. I bought the Julia Child cookbook and have used it a little bit. The butter issue got me too. There is just huge amounts in the food. I must admit to having decreased the butter amount in a few recipes (I know, sacrilege to mess with Julia) and they were completely fine.

    I love Sydney. Your photos looked gorgeous!

    Hope work goes well this week.

    Love AFW

  6. I love living in Sydney despite what that article had to say. And I saw that Honda sign as well :p but from Clontarf beach, Bubba noticed them first and asked me what those weird looking clouds were, *LOL*

    By the way, I would love to read a review of yours on Jamie's 30 minute meals book. I heard on TV a couple of weeks ago that people were complaining about the meals taking more like an hour to make and having to spend a few grand worth of money in kitchen equipment to be able to make them fast enough so I wasn't sure what to make of it...

    Anyway, hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend SSG!

  7. Oh I've missed your blog while I was away on camp.
    You made me laugh AGAIN and I loved the nostalgic looking pictures :)

  8. I for one LOVE Sydney and wish I could visit it more often. Hamish is a fan of J. Oliver he says 'Jamie is a great home cook Merowyn, the stuff he does translates perfectly for home cooking' then he makes me record the stuff on Foxtel. It's soothing knowing what chefs a chef actually regards as 'good' especially for the home cook!

  9. I know you've got one but I have regifted you a Stylish blogger award. Pls keep those plants well fertilised with something that has a tonne'o'nitrogen xxx

  10. Ruby's Raiser: the funny thing is, I do envy your beautiful state and its natural wonder.

    FF: will look into the nitrogen. I am on my way to collect life experiences and thoughts for your award! Thank you! xxx

    SSG xxx

  11. Sydney truly is a beautiful city. I've visited once before, and hopefully it won't be too long before I can come back again. I loved it!

  12. The Book Depository has the book available! Usually takes a week or so for delivery.


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