Jan 5, 2011

Trumpets and Violins. At the Hair Crossroads.

I know today was the first day back at work for many of you, but it was (well is, I've got a few hours to go) my last day today.

Christmas 2010 at the Ion Orchard, Singapore.

I thought I'd be upbeat at the thought of some time off before I start in the deep end with my new job but I've been a bit sad today.  Hence the trumpet above, which often sounds melancholy and wistful.  The picture was from Singers, November 2010.  The Stylish Shoe Girl is doing a fabulous series of posts about Singapore at the moment on her blog and she got me thinking about my photos of that humid Christmas wonderland of tinsel, more is more street decoration and air conditioned shopping palaces....

Then the violins started in my head.  I got my exit sheet signed off at the library and had a good chin wag with the librarian.  I spoke to some of my favourite colleagues for the last time, I cleared out my locker and area of the office, got my last cup of coffee from the cafe.....  So many lasts.

Then I had a comfort dinner of Nigella's North Indian Curry and my last few Kahlua Brownies - with extra dark chocolate chunks.  I feel slightly better.  Might be the massive sugar rush.  Do you reckon a freezer bag clearly labelled Chocolate Brownies With Kahlua looks unprofessional in the workplace.  Just as well it's my last day.....

I don't have any definite plans for my time off but I think a lot of time is going to be spent trying not to get too overwhelmed at the thought of starting my new job.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Challenges keep life interesting.  If all else fails, just take a deep breath.

And workshopping new hairdo options.

I just sensed that the tone of this post got distinctly more up beat.  Hair?  Hairdresser?  Celebrity inspiration?  Just what a girly girl blogger needs in times of uncertainty and wistfulness.

I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow.  And I want a complete change of style.  Not much I can reasonably do with the colour.  But I've decided that I want to lose some serious length.  I had a chat to Mr SSG and he was supportive, philosphically saying it will grow back.  For once, I agree.  For many years of my life, I've had nightmares of being robbed of my locks.  That overnight, whilst asleep, an intruder would steal into my bedroom and chop of my hair.  I might have been projecting that scary scene from Flowers in the Attic where Cathy had hot tar poured all over her head....

I have a short list (boom tish)...

Mrs Beckham's various 'dos. 
Possibly too high maintenence?

Katie Holmes?

Since she's married Tom, she's been a bit school marmish but I do like this hair on her.

I do like Nicole's hair.
But can I wear a fringe?

I've got a few hours to think about it.  I might just wimp out and get the same old, same old but who knows?
Is anyone else at the Hair Crossroads?


  1. How wistful.
    I hope your last day went well. I think the brownies are totally professional.
    Good luck with the new hair! I hope to see the new style :)

  2. Constant hair dilemma's here - is anyone actually happy with the hair-lot they have drawn in life? Go Nicole - very sexy.


  3. Hi SSG!
    Thanks for mentioning me, wow!!
    I just tried emailing you twice, I am such a technology-moron, I hope at least one email got to you?

  4. I wear a fringe. Much cheaper than botox as a way to combat incipient forehead wrinkles. Plus if you pop the rest in a pony tail and straighten the fringe you look super groomed and it takes about 3 minutes.

    Have a wonderful rest before you start your first boss job. You deserve it!!


  5. Third Avenue Style: glad I'm not alone.

    The Stylish Shoe Girl: just sent you a comment, hope it works?

    AFW: YES!! Sounds genius.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. Nicole. Definitely Nicole. Tres chic, won't date. Katie is too whimsical and 90's, Posh is too sharp and a little 2009... But the Nicole will just not date.

    Congrats on your last day. I think the haircut is a good way to start a new.

  7. Hi girl...
    Down in sunny Australia...
    Here the snow is really falling at the moment...

    Love the guitar...always loved guitars for some reason...an the bob: I have thought about it a million times...but never had the guts:)

    Have a great day.

  8. Yes, I think you could wear a fringe and a shorter style feels so much lighter too.. Ask the HD's advice and go with it.. As you say - what is the worst ? IT will always grow back. And hope you are not feeling too sad about leaving your last job. Onwards and upwards! x

  9. A bob is a timeless style SSG and as you say, if you decide it's not for you then the beauty of hair is that it does grow back.
    Best wishes for the new job.

  10. Thank you, SP, Semi Expat and Anne-Marie for your kind words. I am feeling better already. And excited about my future hair!

    SSG xxx

  11. I am at a crossroads but compensated by changing my colour. I like Katie's hair - it would be more versatile with the layers and the others look too school marmish. You could do Nicole's and then Katie's next time.

  12. SSG - go the Nicole. Don't fear the fringe, either - I have learnt that they can easily be tamed with cheap supermarket hairspray (so much better than the $20 a can stuff in my opinion!)

  13. Best wishes for the new year to you also darling! Good luck with the new job and do enjoy the time off. I completely logged off from the world for 12 days during my trip and it was one of the best things I ever did!

    M xoxo

  14. Let's see a picture of the new style!
    Good luck on the new job...change is often like a breath of fresh air.

  15. As a long-time owner of long hair this post excites me no end! Have gone for the serious chop about twice in the last 20 years, and yes, it does grow back! Both decisions were fuelled by pregnancy or breastfeeding hormones, but no matter...I looked chic(or perhaps mumsy!!!). Almost went for the POB a few years back, but some well meaning friends talked me out of the chair. I think you would really suit the posh or nicole do, good luck!

  16. I'm always at a hair crossroads! but with fine, poker straight hair, it doesn't leave me a lot of options besides, well, straight. Love Nicole's hair and Katie's is awfully cute too.
    Bittersweet leaving a job for a new one (which I've done more times than I can count) but I always think of it as a fresh start and the excitement of it does get me through it :)

  17. Don't be fooled by Nicole & Posh's hair do's! I had my hair cut to Nicole's length (and later Posh length) thinking that it would be easier to maintain than longer hair but I was so wrong. It takes ages to get the flick right and it's so difficult to get it to just curl under at the back. Even though it's high maintenance, I did love the cut for a while but I'm growing my hair out now.

    Thanks for the link to TheStylishShoeGirl - love reading about all the great places you girls have been to and I'm yet to get to :)


  18. Congratulations SSG on such a mile stone! Well done.
    I take it the Bayswater might be a little 'go me' type present? If so why not and what a wonderful choice!
    I third or fourth the Nicole. Much more flexible and classic than the pog *shudder* Katie’s hair.
    Kate Bx

  19. I had long hair for ages... like a decade and got the chop. It's worth it and it definitely grows back. If you're truely unsure, try out some wigs :)

  20. Awesome post. Thanks for the good tips about hair style.


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