Jan 4, 2011

You Are My Sunshine On A Grey Summer's Day In Sydney.

The way I tell it, this morning went a little something like this.

Unfazed by it being the first real working day after 2 consecutive long weekends (of which I had to work one public holiday of each, not that I'm nit picking at all), I sweep into work after securing a prime spot in the shaded area of the car park at the end of a journey unmarred by peak hour traffic.  So far, it's all factual.

I walk to the locker area and drop my bag to the floor.  And then it goes all Hollywood rom com.

As I open the locker, a piece of paper flutters to my feet.  On it was written:

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine
You Make Me Happy, When The Sky Is Grey
You'll Never Know Dear, How Much I Love You
Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away!!

Or in the r'n'b format, how cool is this video from YouTube?

I realize now that perhaps the piece of paper was from someone's Christmas cracker but it was one of those slightly surreal moments life is apt to throw at you when you're getting to black and white about life.  It certainly made the rest of a rather wretched day more bearable and I found myself smiling even when I didn't really feel like it.

Equally surreal in a slightly different way was this week's NW magazine which I bought in a moment of quiet desperation yesterday evening (more later).  I only mention it because it is in the hazy background of my photograph.  As we wait for word of Princess Mary's twins (she was last spotted today at her local Marc Jacobs store in Denmark according to the news tonight, I am so going to follow her lead), the most newsworthy topic in glossip land was Heidi Montag's regret at her 10 plastic surgery procedures in 1 day.  Pretty sure I got that the right way round.  I think Heidi was just peachy pre the 10 ops in a day.  She looked her age, she looked like the laws of physics would treat her kindly every time she walked.

Oh yes, why was I in desperation yesterday evening?  The power went out in our suburb (and in a fair bit of North Western Sydney).  I had to make my cup of tea using the stove.  Then, just to make sure it wasn't just our house I went up the road to Coles, Mr SSG also wanted a packet of the plain potato chips on special at the front of aisle 3.  The unofficial centre of the community in times of need.  Sure enough. Coles was in black out mode too.  They had generator supplies of electricity to keep the rotisserie chickens warm and the milk cold (it was hidden behind special black out blinds) and the cash registers working.  There were actually a fair few people there.  Probably with the same intention as me. That was when I bought the Heidi Montag Regrets issue of NW.  To keep me amused in the evening light whilst waiting for our power to return.

In case you were wondering, the fridge defrost went like clock work.

I revised the relevant chapter in my housekeeping bible, Speed Cleaning by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming and had my chocolate bar from the turn down at the St Regis, Singapore for sustenance.  One of the excellent tips from Speed Cleaning is to wipe down the freezer area with a solution of sugar in warm water.  It really does seem to delay the ice forming.

If you have to do something like defrost the freezer on a public holiday, do it in style with pink fake crocs on your feet.

Luckily, the power came back on in time for dinner.  From the fridge and freezer, I managed to salvage the key ingredients for my Chicken Pasta bake.

It was especially yummy last night.  I think the weather made it so.

By the way, thank you everyone for your participation so far in The Giveaway.  Mr SSG is chuffed that people are requesting his special edition CBA banky bank by name.

There's still plenty of time, the link is on the right as is the email form.

Apparently, the giveaway is such big news it's on a website called lottos.com.au is very interested in it. Or perhaps that's the readers of lottos.com.au.

It's my last day of work in my current role for like ever.  I've always wanted to tack those 3 words on the end of a sentence.  Unfortunately it's a long shift but if I remember my Sunshine Note, I think I may very well survive.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. I cursed as I read your post this evening, I defrosted my freezer today (not because I am a domestic goddess but because the bloody door wouldn't close due to ice build-up, probably been like it for weeks for all I know) anyway I could really have used the sugar suggestion - due to impatience opted for ice pick type device instead and gouged great big holes in the freezer. I really need a man-servant to tend to these kind of bothersome chores...

    Your sunshine story is delightful by the way.


  2. Hi
    I truly believe this will be YOUR year...

    And well written as always...

    Have a great day.

  3. Hahahah speed cleaning! I want a book that does the cleaning for me.

    Good luck in your new role :)

    And also, I love that your morning was all rom com. Moments like those certainly make you smile :) What a lovely saying to fall from your locker!

  4. I love your sunshine note. It would have made me smile all day too. Hope the weather looks up a little - my sis is coming over to Sydney for 48 hours tomorrow... xx

  5. omg that is so cute!! nothing like that ever happens to me. I wonder if someone put it there for you to find.. maybe a secret admirer? ;)

    Oh and if you haven't already, don't forget to enter my Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven Giveaway :)

  6. I used to sing "You are my sunshine" to Farmboy when he was a baby and wouldn't sleep...

    Thanks for reminding me.

  7. What a serendipitous note to discover! At least today is a little more sunny, even if my office is channelling Antarctica.

    Good work on the defrosting - we did ours in early December and it's not something I am keen on repeating soon. It's a tedious tast I think. Chocolate is a good idea for sustenance. As is pasta bake.

  8. Thanks for the mention of lottos.com.au! Anything competition related our members will usually find!


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