Feb 13, 2011

An Evening of Ikea and Zumbo. Workplace Order.

Thursday was one of those days where my time management skills seemed to be doing me proud.  I ran some errands after work (that involved going to Ikea and Coles, it was Thursday after all) and got home with plenty of time to spare before yoga that night.  Or so I thought.  It turned out that there was a misprint on the timetable and I actually missed the class.

In lieu of yoga then, I drove back home and improved my strength, flexibility and lateral thinking / interpretation of purely pictorial instructions by assembling some furniture from Ikea instead.

How could I say no to side tables that cost $9.99 each?  They also weigh about 3kg each which meant that I could carry the assembled tables from my car to the office without dislocating anything.

See what I mean about interpreting the instructions?  I got the top half of the picture but am not sure what I was meant to get out of the bottom couple of diagrams.  Use your hands and not your hips to assemble?  And smile lovingly at the same time?

Adriano Zumbo outside 'The Lab' in Rozelle.  There is a tiny space for patrons at the front and it's not the easiest place for bloggers to take photos.... but it is good fun.

Less ambiguous was the first episode of Adriano Zumbo's documentary on SBS.  Which I was watching as I contorted my mind and body for the higher purpose of putting together my side tables.  Without the need of a screw driver, hammer, drill or an emergency department visit, I might add.

Zumbo is a fly on the wall look at the creativity and energy behind one of the biggest names in macarons and baked goods in Sydney.  My personal favourite is still Belle Fleur for macarons but I have to admit that Adriano has a very unique and somewhat Willie Wonka-ish approach to creating new macaron flavours.

Macaron Day has a cult following in Sydney.  Patrons line up at the crack of dawn for the chance to buy hamburger flavoured macarons and other wild flavours.  And it is literally hamburger that you're getting.  Whole burgers are soaked in cream before being blended into the macaron batter.  Pigs blood, gold leaf and peach were other macaron flavours I remember.  The average customer looked to be spending around $200 each, just on macarons.  It was crazy to me but then crazy is a relative thing when it comes to spending  money on the things you enjoy.

At last.  I get to create an Ikea sculpture in SSG Manor.

The closing credits rolled at just about the same time as the last leg got screwed onto the second table.  Did you see the red box?  Yes, it's my very own Vegemite mug. 

Which I bought because of this little offer at Coles.

I knew if I waited long enough, the offer would be extended to regular Vegemite as well as the Cheesybite I'm not that keen on trying.

Here we are back in The Bunker at work.  The tables were a great fit and have already accumulated stuff on top of them.  I also found these great plastic crates with roller wheels on the bottom at Ikea.

Essential office supplies.  You never know when The Bunker literally could become a bunker.  Or if the canteen and gift shop ran out of food.

They are perfect for stowing away things if there aren't any cupboards or drawers available.

I'm determined to not lose my desk under a sea of journals this year so I've got these magazine holders all set up.  It looks like it's going to be a productive year at work for me.  Everything is so tidy and has its place.

Perhaps I should extend the sense of order to my wardrobe?  I feel a major wardrobe cull coming on.  But not today.  It's a lazy kind of day for napping and reading and surfing online.  I hope you're having a restful Sunday too. 

The plan is that next weekend is going to be more exciting than this one.  I'm already looking forward to pancakes for brunch next weekend.  Just have to find a place in the CBD.  Do you have any suggestions?  All I can think of at the moment is Pancakes at The Rocks and Maccas.  I'm serious.


  1. I LOVE the graffiti Zumbo is standing in front of, reminds me of graff from the late 90's. The rolly tubs on coasters are a brilliant idea. HOW EASY IS IT TO GET LOST IN IKEA!?!?!?! HA! Whenever H and I go there we walk out spending literally hundreds more than we planned on doing. Insane. Have a gorgeous valentine's day honey. ♥

  2. Merowyn: I'm such a die hard Ikea fan I just did an online survey for them that took around half an hour.... It always seems like saving in Ikea but I'm sure it's not.

    SSG xxx

  3. Wow you've been very productive! I am in dire need of a serious wardrobe cull. But I really just can't be bothered. I also have to do the kids'. Maybe in the next school holidays...

  4. I have been psyching myself up for a huge wardrobe clean out. I find I need to think about it for a few days first. I think tomorrow may be the day!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  5. The Distressed Mother & AFW: I think we need to make this a group project. If one of us starts then it'll inspire the rest of us.

    I've made a tentative effort and filled one bag so far...

    SSG xxx

  6. Does it have to be CBD for pancakes?? I love Bills in Surry Hills which is technically not CBD but their ricotta hotcakes are sensational... Maybe Glass Brasserie does pancakes? We went to Kazbah for a breakfast tagine this morning and it was sensational. They also do hotcakes. We went to Zumbo this morning to get some macarons and it was a 45 minute wait in the queue. I was there at 8:10am. There were 5 people ahead of me. Slow going. It's worth the wait though.

    My wardrobe is also in desperate need of a cull. will be doing that before we move for certain but unfortunately I don't have the energy to do it right now. To big a job...

    K xx

  7. Kitty: that's insane about the queue for macarons. Thanks for the suggestions for breakfast. Surry Hills sounds good.

    SSG xxx

  8. Just had another thought - I think the Park Hyatt (Harbour Kitchen and Bar) does pancakes too. And the view can't be beaten...

    K xx

  9. Group project sounds good! I need major motivation. Maybe embarrassing before and after photos? I also have tubs of clothes and bags stored under my bed that I should get rid of.
    You have one bag? I took out a pair of pants and that's as far as I got.

  10. I need to go to Zumbo on my sydney trip next month!

    I also have a snack store at work. But I must replenish. I laughed at your comment: 'Essential office supplies. You never know when The Bunker literally could become a bunker. Or if the canteen and gift shop ran out of food.'

    Your office looks nice :)

  11. I wished I liked Vegemite more but I do like Cheesymite quite a bit! Does that count?

  12. Congratulations for assembling the IKEA tables.. ! And I love your Vegemite mug but sadly NOT Vegemite.. obviously I am a Marmite girl from England!! XX


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