Feb 23, 2011

Listography - My 5 Ingredients For A Perfect Day.

Tonight, I thought I'd join in on Kate's (from Kate Takes 5)  Listography Topic of the Week

The theme is 'My 5 Ingredients For A Perfect Day'. *

The world isn't a very nice place at the moment.  The recent political turmoils and natural disasters  have shattered our planet, yet again.  Will the continuous stream of images of death and destruction provoke us into action?  Encourage us to lend a helping hand?  Reassure us that whatever we may complain about in our own lives really isn't the end of the world (it could be and often is much worse for other people)?  Is God trying to tell us something about ourselves, I wonder?

Big questions for which I have no good answers.

I think we all deserve a little wander into a happier, dreamier place than the real world.....

So, my perfect day would involve the following, in no particular order.

1.  Getting a little dressed up.

I'm really loving Invisible Zinc at the moment.  The Silk Shield foundation stick especially.  It glides on and blends so easily to a natural, matte finish.  I've even been able to apply it every day before work for the last 2 days!  That's some kind of record.

Stepping out with a few glam accessories always lends a special touch to the day.

2.  Adequate hydration.

Coffee to start the day.

Bubbles later on. 

And lots of water in between.

3.  A soak in the bath made with a LUSH bubble bar with some trashy magazines to keep me company.

4. Baking.

The scent of vanilla and butter, the feel of dough between my fingers.

5.  Sun, glorious sun!

*  Mr SSG isn't technically an ingredient, which is why he isn't part of the list. But he would be a crucial part of a perfect day.


  1. That sounds like the perfect day, I'm tempted to do a 'listography' myself now!

    Just replied to your email.


  2. Yee ha - SSG is officially on board.

    Gorgeous list. Love your day.

    Take care sunshine

  3. Where did you get that invisible zinc??? My lips burn like crazy whenever I walk outside the door, and the Warney stripe isn't doing me any favours! Great list! Can I eat whatever you bake? x

  4. Tai Tai: you can order online from their website. They ship internationally too.

    SSG xxx

  5. I should try invisible zinc, time to buy new sun tinted moisturiser, great lists btw.
    x Mrs.R

  6. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    even to read it makes my day brighter! The sun is shining here too - but in the morning we had minus 14° C. That Invisible Zinc looks very convincing - but one cannot get it here.

  7. Coffee would be on the top of my list as well:)

    Have a great day...

  8. Ooo - are those shoes for sale?
    Loving your list and your photos and your blog in general. Am off to lose myself in your archives.

  9. What a lovely list. Love those leopard shoes, fab! Like the fact you refer to Mr SSG too, that is sweet xx

  10. A lush bath with trashy magazines sounds sooo good! xx

  11. Coffee, Champagne and a bath....you read my mind!

  12. Gorgeous day SSG! I wonder what I'd put on my list-apart from Mr NQN of course :P

  13. Great list SSG! You've got me curious about Invisible Zinc. I shall have to try it out for myself soon.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


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