Feb 12, 2011

Living Strong With Lance Armstrong. I'm Not Quite Elle Macpherson.

Good Morning!

There's nothing like a bit of running in the morning rain to make you so grateful to make it home to crack open a long neck of beer and to soak under a hot shower.  In that order.

Might need to explain all of that.  I'm embarking on a little weekend research project.  Operation hair product build up.  Which is where Lance Armstrong comes into today's celebrity studded post.  I was sitting up googling solutions to 'hair product build up' when I found this information about beer on the Live Strong website. 

Never hurts to have some beer goggles on hand in the shower.  Just in case the beer gets into your eyes.  Also, am I the only person on earth who opens beer with her trusty can opener rather than a standard bottle opener?

Stout is meant to be the best beer for the job but I couldn't resist using a long neck of Lucky Buddha beer.  After rubbing the belly of your beer bottle, pop the top open with whatever you have handy and then pour the contents over your damp hair.  In the shower and with a warm beer (to prevent brain freeze).  Leave for a few minutes then shampoo out.

It wasn't as bad as it might sound, having a hot shower with beer in your hair.  Probably because it was first thing in the morning in a well ventilated bathroom, it actually smelled rather pleasant.  Like having a bakery in my hair.

So, what's the verdict?  Even with a lager, there was a definite difference to my hair.  It does look shinier, feels softer and less sticky.  I didn't use conditioner after shampooing (wouldn't want to add more build up right away) which is why my hair felt a little dry.  I've just put in some MoroccanOil and blow dried it.

Overall, I'm impressed.  I was meant to be going on to malt vinegar or dishwashing liquid if this failed but I think I'm fine where I am now, thank you very much.  I know the easy option would be to go and buy a cleansing shampoo but I can't seem to find one anywhere and I've already got too many bottles of half used shampoos as it is.

Must remember to find some stout at Dan Murphy's.  I can just imagine how that conversation with the sales staff is going to go...

If there is an upside to rainy Saturday mornings, it's being able to light a favourite candle and letting scent waft around you whilst you potter.  I'm housebound today for work so I've all the time in the world to watch the news, try and finish a book that's not going anywhere fast (Port Mortuary, I will finish it before getting on to my newer books) and catch up on The Good Wife (thank you Channel Ten website with your archive of recent episodes).

The breaking news about Egypt and President Murabak's departure is both exciting and unsettling.  I hope that the new governing body will rule the nation with the people at their hearts rather than less noble causes.  The footage of the elated crowds on the streets with their fireworks and flags was moving.  I understand though that internet and other communication from Egypt has mysteriously malfunctioned for civilians...

What I ordered.

The celebrity references continue today.  It's been 3 days with my Invisible Zinc products and things are going well.  I checked in the mirror this morning and no, I've not morphed into Elle yet but that was  rather hopeful.

I'm just going to skip over the Liz Hurley and Shane Warne photo opportunities.  I think Liz and Shane are doing their bit to lift morale in the UK and Australia.  With all the terrible news that's usually on the front page, it's been a nice (but mindless) diversion having their summer holiday happy snaps making the front page and the 6pm news.  Onya, Harnie!  I'm not hear to try and find any hidden meaning in anything you've been up to.

What I received for free with my order on www.invisiblezinc.com

I've been using the tinted moisturizer over my usual face cream and then a dusting of the Invisible Staying Powder over the top.

There have been no break outs and the colour really does last the day, even in the heat and humidity.  I haven't found the combination drying at all.  The TM provides a little coverage and the powder does give a soft finish.  It's not matte or cakey.  The overall look is great for work because it's quick and looks natural even if you've not had the time to sit and blend, blend, blend.  I'm pretty happy with the result and the price was fair for the two products.  I'll post about the stick foundation when I've used it for a few days.

Well, that's it from me today.  I hope you're having a lovely weekend and thanks again for being such caring and giving readers.  Writing this blog has helped me understand just how healing the ability to write and share this writing can be.

Take care.


  1. Great post, made me laugh and take notice of what was happening in the world today and think about a beer!

  2. Dear SSG,
    Don't you just love how the Aussies have decided to call the new 'IT' couple Shurley?
    Gosh it made me laugh this morning cos I don think there a bit daggy and a bit OTT loving the media attention. Trust some Aussie wag to put them in their place.
    As a runner I just thought I would share with you my big breakthrough. I ran 10 kms today!!!!
    Sure its inside and more of a shuffle than even a jog but I am wearing my Liz Hurley inspired
    white jeans with the belt tightened.
    Whoo Hoo.
    Take care and have a lovely weekend

  3. Gosh SSG. I hadn't read or seen the news today, so this is the first I have heard of the news from Egypt! We went to Egypt this year and the protests began a couple of days after we returned.I was very impressed by the people we met in Egypt - kind, hard working, intelligent, family loving people with a wonderful sense of humour and fun.Egypt is an incredible place to explore, the food is delicious, and the history is fascinating, and Egypt smells gorgeous - like spices with lots of cinnamon! I hope this change is everything the people want, and that peace prevails.

  4. I was very relieved when I heard the news of Egypt this morning. I'm so happy the people finally got what they wanted without having to resort to even bigger protests.

    And I had no idea about beer being a good build up remover for hair. Must keep that one in mind as I am sure MrBB won't even notice if one of his beers goes missing. But if you ever decide to try out something new, have a look at L'Occitane Lavender Clarifying shampoo. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. BEER!!! I'm going to have to try this, do you think it would be ok in over bleached blonde hair?!

    I woke up to the news in Egypt this morning. I hope there is some resolution and peace there now.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend darling.

  6. Beer? Who would have thunk it? Might have to steal one of MrK's Hahn Premiums to give this a go....

    Very relieved about the situation in Egypt, hope the chaos reverts to quiet and normality soon.

    Interesting that you are liking the invisible zinc. I tried it a few years ago but I think the formula was different then. It was very thick and made me very shiny. Zit city. I might get myself to DJs to check it out again. I'm a devotee of loose powder though - my weapon of choice is NARS. It's the best I have found.

    The rain has made for a very homey day for the Kitties. Lots of cooking for the freezer... I think Imight make some more muffins...

    Hope your weekend is great, despite being home bound!

    K xx

  7. I have tried the dishwashing liquid. It is very effective. It also lightens a hair colour that has come out too dark.

    I think the Elle transformation may yet happen....

    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. Take good care.


  8. SSG, thanks for the tip on using beer to remove product build-up! It sounds less harsh than the dishwashing liquid method....you also made me curious about the Invisible Zink products. Not that I need them on a daily basis living in the Northern hemisphere, but I go to Greece for 3-4 weeks every year, and it's hard to find products with high SPF that doesn't leave your face shiny. I'm also happy for Egypt and hope that things will quiet down for the people there soon. Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Hi SSG!
    Your first paragraph had all kinds of thoughts running through my head!

    What an interesting discovery, must try this soon!

    Thanks for the tip on the zinc, being prone to the dreaded melanoma, I need all the help I can get from under the brim of my massive hat!

    Secretly, I am intrigued with the media-spotting of Shane and Liz - more Liz than Shane - being a HUGE leopard print fan, was loving her leopard print dress she wore to lunch the other day.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Well that figures. During my uni days I had the best hair. Very shiny if I say so myself. It must have been the beer flying around at some of the parties (aka "Keg Parties"), I went to. It was wild back then but that would explain the fab shiny hair! LOL
    I can only imagine what Mr RHOS would say if he found me in the shower with goggles on and pouring beer over my head! LOL. I think he'd have me committed. And he would say it was a crime against Beer. So I hope you advised Mr SSG what you were doing before hand. The things we do.

  11. Loved this post girl, and thanks for sharing on such a personal level as you do:)

    Have a great weekend...

  12. Bush Belles: thank you. Nothing like beer and current affairs in the one post.

    Kate B: CONGRATS!! That's awesome. Hope you carb loaded afterward as a reward. Shurley... Hmmm....

    Kate: how awesome to have been to Egypt. Thank you for sharing your memories with the blog.

    BB: thanks for the shampoo rec. Though I do like the feeling of cracking open a beer to do my hair...

    Merowyn: I don't know. Perhaps try a really pale ale?

    AFW: I will remember the dishwashing liquid as a back up. I'm just very disillusioned with hair care products at the moment. That's why I'm going off on this household item tangent.

    MFT: definitely give the IZ a go. Can you find it where you are? They do shop internationally.

    The Stylish Shoe Girl: I'll have to find pics of the leopard print dress online.

    The Real Housewife of Sydney: you have the volume of evidence I need to continue sourcing stout for my hair...

    SP: Have a great weekend!

    SSG xxx


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