Feb 8, 2011

Making Like A Heron. SSG's Excellent Eco Adventures. Hello Alexa.

Wherever I am, the random and funny is sure to be not too far behind.  Or at least, that's the way I like to look at it. 

I was on my way to yoga last night when this appeared on my iPhone.

I've figured it definitely didn't come from my yoga school because they don't have wireless.  Something about keeping the mind focussed on the task at hand, I suspect.

It was a very intense class last night.  No time for pinching wifi for facebook updates....

I don't know how I managed it, but I twisted myself into something that looked like this.

It's called the heron pose.  There I was meekly following the standing pose and forward bend sequences and finally getting some appreciation of a firm back foot and bending from the waist (rather than scrunching and cheating with the neck and shoulders) when we veered off into the heron.  Which is meant to be good for stretching the hamstrings and invigorating the heart and abdominal organs.

In case you were wondering about my upper limbs and the crafty planning centre in my brain, they were not neglected yesterday.  In non yoga related activities (I don't think Mr Iyegnar would appreciate what I am about to tell you, so let's keep it on the blog).

Here are the fruits of my labour.

Can you spot the shopping, can you?  Mr SSG couldn't.  Because he was home late....

This parcel was first delivered to work.  The brown cardboard box was placed in the work recycling bin leaving just the familiar black box from N-*-P (in case Mr SSG's reading this) to come home with me.  Why lug a box across the car park when you can sling it over your shoulder in a discrete (red) bag/

I know we could talk about what's in the box right now but I did more eco friendly stuff yesterday too!  Aren't you just dying to see the photographic evidence?

The SSG Bunker, my home away from home....

My pink eco mug got christened at work.  Note the time on my trusty Ikea clock.  Just past 8 and I've already made my morning  cup of instant.  'Twas a good traffic day indeed.  Those eco cups really do keep your drinks warm for longer.  Plus they almost make instant taste like barista.  A canny investment the SSG School of Finance officially endorses to all its students.

Well, you know how I went to GF 2.0 last year?  Well, in 2012, I'm going to go one better and endeavour to get The Superbowl.  I have no idea how the game is played but the pre and half time shows are worth it on their own.  Then there's the celebrity presence in the stands and boxes and also on the field kicking a few lazy balls.

Time to 'fess up.

I have taken my Alexa Chung obsession to the next level with her namesake Mulberry bag.  I can't quite do her brogues or her shorts or her party dress looks but her bag is virtually goof proof.

Take care everyone.  I hope your week is going well.  I've got my tape of Glee to watch.  Can anyone raise me a fancy dinner out or after work event?  The weather is so lovely this evening, it makes everything more pleasant.


  1. I love a good parcel-sneak! Many a time I have done this, with no discovery, and then last week I got the third-degree about a bag I put away when moving two years ago and only just found! xx

  2. LOVE
    the bag!!! eep!!!
    I'm v v v good at hiding things from H. Always get stuff delivered to work, throw out unnecessary packaging - we sound like we've both got the same secret shopping squirrel moves down pat ;)
    Love shopping secrets!!!

  3. Hello SSG
    That Alexa is DIVINE. I am jealous eternally. You now have TWO and Mr Maus has a Mulberry wallet (who knew, the boy owns one pair of shoes). Looking forward to seeing it in action.

    Am going to Sydney tomorrow, going to MCA and AGNSW & helping Mr Maus move haus.

    Also if you ever have a garage sale or clothing sale, please let me know :) x

  4. Beautiful. Just divine. Love your secret squirrel tactics!

    Can I ask a question - or rather two? Your little clock - does it have an alarm? And does it tick loudly? I need a new one for my bedside table...

  5. Kitty: the clock has an alarm. Something to do with the orange hands on the clock. Only $4. It's not too noisy. Silent in fact. Will check this tomorrow...

    SSG xxx

  6. How exciting about the parcel sneak ;)

  7. "Don't inch our wifi" has made my day!

    Loving the bag.


  8. Hi
    Girl...you are lucky I want that bag so badly:)
    I will share some love onto your blog on Wednesday...

    Have a great day.

  9. There is something about a new bag which always makes me think I'm going to be more organized, more put together and definitely happier. I think with THAT bag, I would be.
    Congratulations, I'm sure the two of you will be very happy together!

  10. I think I need the clock. Was it an ikea purchase??


  11. Kitty: it's from Ikea!

    Cybill: we are Happiness Personified.

    SP: thank you! Will look out for it.

    SSG xxx

  12. They say confession is good for the soul SSG - LOVE your Alexa - just adore Mulberry... And your yoga pose looks extremely difficult. I am impressed. I may have a confession re NAP later on too!! XX

  13. Sarah: a NAP confessional! I like it alot.

    LL: you will, of course, get VIP privileges and prices. I'm just too much of a hoarder and errr lazy for it to happen soon!

    SSG xxx

  14. Hehe you know in my travels I've seen some very strange wireless usernames! :P


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