Feb 18, 2011

Red Beads and Red Meat. Role Reversals. Resilience.

Friday nights.  I never get tired of them. 

The food's more fun on Fridays too.  It's perfectly okay to have whole wheat Grain Waves as a healthy pre dinner snack.  They're not fancy enough to be called an entree.  Friday's aren't about delusions of grandeur.

So I took this literally and cracked open a rare can of coke zero and lazed on the sofa in between handfuls of Grain Waves.  If you haven't tasted the cheddar cheese variety, they taste like a cross between weetbix and tasty cheese CCs.  Virtuous junkfood.

Another good thing about Fridays is an occasional segment called 'Mr SSG Cooks.... Steak'.  Customary roles in SSG Manor are reversed for the evening as Mr SSG mans the kitchen and I woman the loungeroom, the remote and my laptop simultaneously.

Do you remember meeting our automatic salt and pepper mill in May last year?

It was gifted to me from Mr SSG from the people at Arnhem Investment Management who in turn occasionally read this blog.  

Well, it's not working anymore.  I had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Usually a sceptic, Mr SSG agrees.  He took it apart, replaced the batteries, cleaned out the grinding plates and gave it a bit of an adjustment but nothing has worked.  SSG Manor is now officially bereft of a functioning salt and pepper mill.  The SSGs have no choice but to go out and buy a new set.  That's right, both of us.  Because tomorrow is Date Day in the City. 

Necklace - Dick and Dora, his and her's steak.  Mine's the herb encrusted one.

I'm getting ahead of myself.  Steak night.  Red meat (and red necklaces) can always be relied upon to recharge flattened internal batteries after a long week.  I could just feel the colour return to my face with each forkful.

Then it was time to return colour and bounce to my hair.  Again. 

I'm beginning to think that I'll have to rinse my hair in beer every second night for the rest of my life.  Every shampoo I've tried is making my hair sticky these days.  I did try dishwashing liquid the other night and that was a capital F Fail for me.  So I've had to go back to the beers.  Tonight it was a stout.  I had no idea that Guiness cans have a jiggly metal thing inside them before tonight.  And also that Guinness is the same colour as soya sauce and smells rather similar as well.  I will report back tomorrow. 

One of my favourite documentaries, the Life At ... series premiered this week.  The series is an Australian 7 Up and is being produced in parallel to a longitudinal study on children and the way their physical and social environments impact upon their development.  It's fascinating.  There are so many points raised in the series that come back to the common theme of a strong bond between a child and their parents being one of the most important things that prediced the well being of the child, even in some very difficult circumstances. 

This year's episodes are titled Life At 5 , with the first episode being about resilience.  It's the third series and the 11 families have changed with time.  Some change has been very positive, others have been very traumatic.  Whatever happens though, life has to go on.  Parents still need to wake up and do what it takes to raise their children.  At times it looks too much like tears and extreme fatigue but more often, it's about selfless love and hope for the future.


  1. I try to cut down on red meat for the health benefit, but sometimes there's just nothing better than a tender beef steak and a couple of glasses of good red wine:)

  2. Does Mr SSG make a mess when he cooks? The Farmer is hopeless. he only cooks steak but the kitchen winds up looking like he slaughtered the cow in there first.

    Enjoy your salt and pepper grinder mission.


  3. MyFavouriteThings: I agree.

    AFW: Mr SSG is the tidier of the couple. I think this bodes well for the future should the arrival of children see him in charge of the kitchen more. But don't tell him about this, it's going to be a lovely surprise...

    SSG xxx

  4. SSG, I wonder why shampoo is making your hair sticky? Are there any hairdressers in blogworld who could suggest the cause of this problem? Could this be a chemical reaction to a product the hairdresser has used on your hair? My hair has undergone many cruel tortures at the hair salon, all in the hope of making it look how I want it to look!

  5. I'm kicking myself for missing the Life At doco, GAH! I knew it was on just didn't set the IQ. Have you tried a shampoo from your hairdressers? I finally took my hairdresser's advice and invested in Wella blonding shampoo and I haven't looked back. My hair is in the best condition it's been since before I started bleaching the beejeebus out of it!

    Hope you have a gorgeous date day shnooks! ♥


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