Feb 15, 2011

Tentative Steps Into Fashion Journalism With the Dion Lee and Cue Collaboration.

I knew that I stepped out today in my interpretation of utilitarian chic for a reason.....

Dress: David Lawrence, pearl necklace by Mikimoto (from Mr SSG).

Wearing patent leather shoes 2 days in a row is sadism.  Is it just me or is patent more painful than normal leather?  Flats - Tory Burch, bag - my new BFF the Mulberry Alexa.

It was because I just knew I'd get this email from Cue.


Exciting news, readers.  Book reviews, embedded youtube clips and now fashion opinion - this blog really is pushing its boundaries!

This is my first stab at fashion journalism. Bear with me.  But it is such exciting news to me.  Ironically, as I write this post, someone from Clementon, New Jersey has landed on my blog as a result of a google search on 'Australian fashion bloggers'.  Clementon, New Jersey - good on you for getting here!  I don't know how I managed to turn up on your search but I hope you find what you're looking for.
Dion Lee, one of the most exciting Australian designers to emerge in the last few years (so exciting even main stream devotee SSG knows his name) has collaborated with Cue for a limited edition range to hit the stores in March.  As an uneducated fashion observer, I think of Dion Lee's style as a precise and geoemetric take on fashion classics.  He has a unique ability to turn wardrobe staples into wearable pieces of sculpture.  I like that his work is such a departure from other Australian designers. 

Dion Lee doesn't 'remind' me of other designers and he seems to design for people who possible go to work.  In fashion probably but do you know what I mean?  It's not all party dresses, bathers, 'things to wear on your weekend in the arty part of town' or 'edgy unflattering on the bodies of normal women'.  There's nothing wrong with any of these things but I think it is high time Australian fashion champions a talent that is a bit different from the others at Australian Fashion Week.

Back to Cue and Dion Lee.  The website I've linked to under the ad image gives you a sneak peak at what's on offer.  A Designers for Target collaboration this is not in terms of cut and versatility yet the prices are not that much higher than what Target was initally asking for with the Stella M range.  Jackets are upwards of $400 and the white shirt is $99.  There are leather pieces and that statement trench in the mix too.  I'm actually pretty interested in this range.  It looks true to Lee's design aesthetic and I do agree with the gushing promotional email that there are a few collector's pieces present.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until March for the first styles to drop.  I've not had much reason to go to Cue recently (does anyone else find that the fabrics all stretch like mad after a few wears?) but this is an exciting direction for the label.  Don't worry.  I'll be there in the first week.  Clutching my Nikon and a Max Brenner dark chocolate mocha as I battle my way to the changeroom....


  1. Wah! I saw some of the items in... oh Lord I can't remember where it was maybe one of the weekend newspaper mags, maybe on the internet?! I can't remember.. BUT they looked stunning. Can't wait to see the actual product!

  2. Some fabulous pieces in there. I hear you re designing work clobber. Veronika Maine is good for office wear too. I have a uniform now so don't have that problem anymore. I'm always trying to make a polo shirt and pants look that bit better though.
    TDM xx

  3. You are looking very chic as usual SSG.

    It astounds me some of the search phrases that lead back to my blog - "high heel bunny slippers" being one!

    Love K

  4. I have always been fond of Cue clothing, they've been around for a while haven't they? I think I remember buying stuff from them in the 80's.

  5. I love Cue's 100% cotton dresses, perfect for our humid summers and find they handwash extremely well.
    Yummy bag SSG.

  6. Love your get up and your gorgeous Alexa bag (bag envy!!) - will be down to check out Cue when the collection hits to be sure! X

  7. Sorry, I was trying to focus on the article but all I could focus on is the "Alexa"!! Love it. You lucky thing. Thanks for the heads up on Dion Lee. Isn't he fabulous.

  8. I love Cue.
    Your fashion journalism is good :)
    You should look at submitting some of it to Sydney Mag. You've got the style :)

  9. As a huge Tory Burch flats fans I will agree with you,the patent leather Revas are murder to break-in and never really that comfy compared to the classic leather Revas. Oh the price we pay for cuteness.


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