Feb 1, 2011

Trying To Be Mellowly Yellow.

My peace lily in the She Shed looked exactly the way I felt when I got home from work today.  I've spent the evening running fluids into it as fast as I could and I think it's going to live to see another summer's day.  Might have to give it a top up before I set out tomorrow morning.

The heat in Sydney is so oppressive at the moment.  The heat wraps around you like a heavy towel soaked in warm water.  The insides of unattended houses become kilns.  When their owners return home, everything indoors has a sun baked scent.  The towels in the bathroom feel like they've just come off the line.  The floor boards radiate warmth into the soles of your already warm feet.  The cold water is actually tepid.  For once, lovers of hot showers in all seasons (me) leave the hot water faucet turned off.

Adding to the drama, I got a steam burn on my right hand.  Nothing serious but gee they are painful.  I'm here by the grace of a couple of panadeine forte, at least an hour of soaking my hand in cool water and a thick layer of Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment.  Three cheers for prescription opiates and home remedies.

As I look back on my photos from the last few days, I've found a couple of themes - comfort food and the colour yellow.  It has been a time of healing and surrounding myself with as much of the normal and routine as possible.  All the yellow reminds me of cut and paste projects I used to do with mum when I was a child.  To keep me occupied on days when the weather kept me indoors, mum would give me a scrapbook, glue and scissors and full access to the 'old' magazines.  One of my favourite projects was 'colours'.  Where each page of the scrap book needed to be filled with pictures of a certain colour.  I remember the yellow page always featuring at least one Princess Diana or Caroline photo.

Have you tried making Nigella Lawson's Slow Roasted Garlic and Lemon Chicken?

It's so easy.  The only draw back is that you need around 3 hours to roast it.  First at a low temperature covered in foil and the for a bit to brown up topless.

The most fun part of the recipe for me was scattering unpeeled garlic cloves across the roasting tray.  How slovenly.  Neither peeling or crushing the garlic.

I followed the recipe to the letter and went for swim whilst the chicken was in its low temperature slow roasting, flavour intensification phase.  It's not every day you get a golden roasted chicken and a bit of late afternoon tan all from the one afternoon.  Should have gotten the tan The Day I Bumped Into Lara Bingle.

I also managed to transform the last of the week's bananas into cake.

The AWW cookbooks can always be relied upon for easy baking that doesn't require the sourcing of obscure European ingredients.  I made a ginger and banana cake complete with a glace ginger topped lemon frosting.  Gold and yellow together.  That has got to be a winning combination.

I've also renewed my love affair with Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise.

To make my own Japanese tuna mayonnaise.  Complete with canned corn.  I think the secret ingredients are a dash of white vinegar and onion powder (too hot to chop an onion).  This goes really well with a leafy green salad and Japanese sesame seed salad dressing (which I've been practically drinking this summer).

Okay, yellow can't just be about food.

Have you jumped on the Invisible Zinc wagon, yet?

I started with the sample on Nicole's AWW.

Then I discovered the website.  Where there were so many good offers and freebies that it would have been reckless to buy from anywhere else like priceline.  I ended up paying for a full sized Tinted Daywear moisturizer and a UV Silk Shield stick foundation and will also be getting a translucent loose powder and another couple of tinted skin care products.  Very exciting.  I think the time for a dusting of loose powder has returned.  It's common sense with the current sweltering heat.

I know the summer and a minor finger burn are small crosses to bear in the context of the world at the moment.  The political instability in Egypt, our own ongoing devastation at the hands of flood waters and the news that one or two football / soccer players in the British professional leagues will be earning $280 000 a week to play. Still, the real sensations of the heat and the discomfort have form and occupy my mind where it would otherwise be engaged in a state of high anxiety and worse case scenario hypothesizing.

Take care everyone, whatever extreme weather conditions you may be experiencing at the moment.


  1. your spathie whatsy peace lily is distressed- pls give it some liquid fertiliser pronto- it craves water and soluable nitrogen!!!!

    You seem chipper. Good. I am so hot too. x

  2. Hope life is treating you with a little more kindness this week. xx L
    P.S. re Tiffany and LV, we must be twins!

  3. it was about 40c here at 2pm and by 5pm it was 18c! stupid melbourne :)

    She Wore It Well Blog

  4. I am happy to say that there is no extremes here...
    Have a great day girl:)

  5. I loooooooooooooove Kewpie mayo!!

    The burn sounds painful :( :( :( Paw Paw ointment is V good. We use it on some of our patient's and we've found good results with it. You just have to make sure you clean it off properly.

    Love a good garlic and lemon chook, such a perfect comfort food.


  6. I make that Nigella chicken all the time. So yummy, so easy.

  7. Nigella's chicken looks like a winner...
    I hope that your plant has perked up.

  8. Oh poor plant! Can you bring them inside for the duration of the hot weather? Keeping them in the bathroom might be cooler than leaving them outside to swelter!

    I feel your pain about the steam burn! About five years ago, when Sydney was suffering through a similar scorcher between Christmas and New Years, I burned my hand on the grill. Not very smart but because of the heat in the air I couldn't leave the house for three days. I had to sit in aircon with my hand in ice, otherwise it throbbed. No good! I hope your burn heals quickly without blisters!

    I love Nigella's chicken! It's so delicious! When it's cool enough to run the oven I think I'll try and make it again! For the moment it will be BBQs (which Mr K calles "man cooking") and salads. And Frosty Fruits eaten in the pool!

    K xx

  9. PS: I'm a huge fan of loose powder. Makes me feel very glam!

  10. It has been a stinker here yesterday and Monday. Today is cooler but the house still remains warm.
    I hope you're doing well :)
    I really like your writing in this blog xx

  11. "Three cheers for prescription opiates and home remedies" LOL. You better believe it. And three cheers for yellow. And another three cheers for the tinted zinc. I used the sample from the WW and loved it! Thanks for the heads up about buying it online ...
    Cheers! (three in fact ...)


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