Feb 19, 2011

You Can Bring A Man To Mr Porter But You Can't Make Him Shop. Breakfast At Glass Brasserie.

Sometimes, I have trouble getting out of my weekday routine on Saturday mornings.  I roll over to check the time, then my phone for text messages and then my inbox and then facebook.  The big difference on weekends is that I get to actually open the fun emails there and then.

Mr Porter is online and fully functional.  I did a quick scroll before deciding that an even like this needed to be experienced in the full glory of a 15 inch screen.  Mr SSG slept through the commotion before sensing that there really was no escape.  So he just opened one eye and offered  a few monosyllables where he thought they needed to go as I browsed the site asking him rhetorical questions about the merchandise.

I think the Mr Porter site looks fantastic.  It is very different to the 'must buy and must have' focus of NAP and also the heavy referencing to the latest runway shows.  Mr Porter is not so much 'anti fashion' but 'approachable (it's all relative) fashion'.  One of the cute ideas is that there are a series of 'ideal real men' wearing complete looks.  Instead of looking to the runway for inspiration, the site uses images of male icons to open an idea before supplying clothes from the current season collections.  The focus just isn't 'fashion' but lifestyle as well.  There are back stories about the models and I actually found these good reading too.

After some cajoling, Mr SSG decided that he most wanted Riz Ahmed's clothes to be a musician.  So I opened his section of the page.  Again, the approach to the choice of clothes featured on Mr Porter reflects the way many men shop.  Clicking on the 'shop' button reveals several options for the sweater, trousers, jacket and shoes all on the one page.  Items are grouped by type and price ranked.  The product information and editor's tips are of the same standard and usefulness as NAP's.

The price point ranges from just above high street to designer and there is actually a lot more in the lower price points.  Or perhaps mens clothes are just less expensive than women's.  But men buy less, where's the logic in that?  Plus, men's basics often have greater longevity and moves more slowly through its cycles.  So a man could wear something until it wears out and still be in the fashion loop. 

I'm loving the new features on Hipstamatic.  Also, the resolution is so much better, especially on iPhone 4 with its 5 megapixel camera.  Might need to get a zoom lens for it too, it's that good!

Enough ponderous thought for a day.  It makes me hungry.  Which leads nicely to brunch. 

Mr SSG and I went to Glass Brasserie at The Hilton on George Street.  It really is a beautiful space.  There is ample natural light pouring in from the mostly glass walls and the restuarant has a view of the QVB opposite the road.

I have a habit of starting with good intentions when faced with a hotel buffet breakfast.  Before veering off into carbohydrate overload territory.

The juice bar was amazing.  There were hard core shots which gave me flashbacks of my less than successful attempt at that one day Urban Remedy detox last year.  The prettier the colour of the drink, the harder it is to swallow.  Unless it's a cocktail.

There were also less threatening fruit juices.  Though the shoots of grass had me running scared.  Turns out it was only adding a touch of green to a benign mango juice.

Donuts for breakfast!!  Some of them are fruit filled....

Yes, I did get my pancakes. 

I don't know what I was thinking not asking for cream and ice cream.

Those shots returned to haunt me because Mr SSG wanted to try them.  I gamely agreed to go halves before seeking refuge in the dried fruit and coconut cup to the left of the photo.  It wasn't a happy escape.  The dried fruit tasted like fruit mince puree.

My reward for downing the shots?  Pastries and freshly squeezed watermelon juice.  The pastries were nice and flaky with plenty of filling.  The donuts have that lovely sourdough kind of batter in them.

Pleasantly full, we walked off breakfast by exploring the markets at The Rocks.  I had to take a photo of the very cute Victorian inspired ornaments strung across the roof tops.

I just love the bursts of colour popping out from the fashion stalls against the backdrop of the white stalls.

Unfortunately, operation new salt and pepper mill was not completed at Victoria's Basement.  I'm always a bit tentative walking the narrow aisles stacked high with breakable goods.  I'm much safer on line.

These are SSG Manor's new salt and pepper conduits.  They're the Fidji design by Peugeot.

I feel another heat wave coming on, Sydney.  Hope you're all bearing up.  Talk to you soon.

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  1. Yayayaayaya I love having breakfast 'out'. The shots look so lovely.. deceptive little buggers. At least you had watermelon juice and delicious pastries as a chaser ;)


  2. All the pics are really nice.. Lovely blogs..

  3. Hahaha what a fun post, I really liked the part about the scary juices! Making a good point about the menswear - I've often thought that if menswear fit me, I'd rather just wear mens clothing! A lot of it is really nice, too. Sadly however, wiht my 164 cm curvy hourglass body, it is totally out of the question! Have a great weekend!

  4. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    the Peugot peppermill (I have one) has the same - or even more - longlevity as men's clothes :-), so I'll never get/need a new fashionable one.
    Husband is a reluctant shopper too (I'm glad to say that Son and his fiancée are much more fashion-interested). When Husband orders through internet, there are seldom surprises (though this time we have to send back Chinos to Land's End: poorer quality, strange colour). Husband was utterly surprised that when he shops in fashionable Joop coat, very chic black wider brimmed hat and red cashmere scarf they treat him better...hahaha.
    The Glass Brasserie looks wonderful - and looking at the Brunch makes me hungry, though I'll start to cook dinner.

  5. Brunch looks fabulous...and I have not had mine yet...now what can possibly satisfy after looking at your delicious meal?

    You've packed a lot of fun into one day...

  6. Sounds like a great day.

    Have just purchased Hipstamatic (after discovering it here) and was inspired to write a post about it...

  7. I'm amused, we would have just missed each other in passing. I went to a wedding at the top of Observatory Hill, and we went via The Rocks :)


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