Mar 5, 2011

A Beauty Product Quiz.

My Favourite Things has opened up this challenge to all her readers and it's great fun.  All you need to do is answer the following 5 questions about your skincare and beauty highs and lows. The quiz is the brainchild of Modly Chic.

It's girly, it's gossipy and I love it.  It's so wet and rainy here in Sydney at the moment, it's the perfect thing to be blogging about.  Unfortunately, I just can't limit myself to one answer for each question.

Here are my answers and I hope it will get you in the mood to 'fess up too.

1. What's your favorite drug store makeup product and your favorite higher-end product?

Drug store - Milani's blush in Luminous.  A budget friendly dupe of Nars' famous Orgasm blush.

And Rimmel's Full Volume lip gloss in Tease.  It's more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss and the colour goes with everything.

High end (cost wise).  This is all relative because I have a sneaking suspicion that we pay some seriously inflated prices for less widely available brands than in other countries.

I still can't find a cheaper substitute for MD Skincare's alpah beta daily wipes.  I now use them once a week.  I hear that there's an even stronger formulation available but this strength suits me just fine.

Shu false lashes.  They make everyone look very bewitching and totally Hollywood.

2. Is there one type of product that is your go-to, can't live without?

Does skincare and skincare with benefits count as one category?  Just say yes.  I'm one of those people that has around 5 minutes to do their face for work.  I rarely wear makeup to work because I don't really get around to touching it up during the day.

Kiehl's skincare just works for me - especially the new Acai cream and the Midnight Recovery Complex.

And the love affair with the Invisble Zinc tinted moisturizer and stick foundation continues.

3. What's the best hair product you've ever used?

Besides having it permanently straightened and henna-ed, Korean style?

Aesop for shampoo and conditioner.

And MoroccanOil as a leave in treatment.

4. Fess up, what's the worst beauty look you've tried to rock and look back at now with a little shame or apprehension that you actually did that?

Taking the 'inspired by nature' concept just a little too far by wearing eyeshadow inspired by peacocks .... to the shops.  There was teal, blue, silver sparkle courtesy of MAC pigments.  Might have to revisit those eyes whilst pairing it with PJs to watch the Mardi Gras tonight.

5. When it comes to beauty products we all use the same basic products. What do you use that helps show off your personal flair and personality?

Not really flare but lifestyle, I guess.  I'm a big fan of minimal effort whilst mixing the expensive and the frugal. 

Cue my routine for smooth winter hands that don't chap or get spontaneous paper cut like sores.  Before going to bed, apply your favourite hand cream then a layer of vaseline and slip on a pair of cotton gloves.

Does nanna style equate with flair?

I love soaps that smell of childhoods and bygone eras.

And Lucas' Pawpaw ointment.

Over to you. 


  1. Mmmmm I love AESOP!

    We use Paw Paw on some of our patient's wounds - with pretty good effect. It works particularly well for burns that are at the mid stage of healing (non oozing) and Dilantin rashes!!!

    Hope you're having a beautiful weekend.

  2. Hi SSG great answers!! However I'm not the one to credit for this great and entertaining quiz - although I wish I came up with it - it was launched by Katy Rose over at Modly Chic ( the FBFF bloggers social network - you can check it out here (, maybe you'd like to join? Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I LOVE that we get to learn all about other's favourite beauty products and am off to check out that blusher you mentioned! XX

  4. The peacock is so pretty but you had me laughing at the eyeshadow comparison!
    Looks like you had fun with this post.
    I'm off to the blogger who started this exercise...cheerio.

  5. I think you should re-do the peacock look and provide photos for us!


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